Instagram: 今天在灣仔補習英文,不過先到鰂魚…

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今天在灣仔補習英文,不過先到鰂魚涌取些東西。東西取好以後,我在想可以搭電車到灣仔。因為很久沒搭過所以有點興奮。可是想不起因為佔領活動而沒有電車到灣仔,唯有搭巴士 I'm tutoring English in Wan Chai today but first needed to pick up a few things in 鰂魚涌. Having picked up the things, I was rather excited at being able to take the tram to Wan Chai. It's been a long time since I've ridden the tram. Unfortunately because of the Occupy Central movement, there are no trams to Wan Chai at the moment and I had to take the bus instead.

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