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現代電視FinTV 訪問已可以看

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早兩三個星期,我和太太在西貢市中的天后廟前擺檔賣太太的首飾。第一天,‘現代電視’來了跟我談話拍訪問。這個訪問已經可以看 :-)

現代電視:【創業者新路】TVB演員 河國榮

YouTube(可以點擊,在這兒看):【創業者新路】TVB演員 河國榮


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昨晚香港政府公報不發牌給香港電視 但偏偏不肯交代。對有心拍好電視節目的幕後幕前的工作人員,今天是一個黑日子。注意;NOW 只會買賣節目,不會拍什麼電視劇,而有線的資源有限,有心卻沒能力拍好的電視劇。亞視。。。不用說!


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We saw Iron Man 3 yesterday (here in Hong Kong). Loved it! But I left the theatre wondering "where were the Chinese actors highlighted in the recent Iron Man 3 news?"


'Iron Man 3' Criticized for Scaling Back Chinese Actors' Screen Time

Wishing Lady Gaga a quick and full recovery. I don't listen to her music but hold her in high esteem as a talented and professional performer.

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Because of Hip Injury

Jackie Chan Calls for Curbs on Political Freedom in Hong Kong


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I'm the spokesman for a wedding theme holiday resort in Dong Guan 東莞婚紗城. They had a special 100-couple wedding event on the weekend and I of course as spokesman performed. My wife videoed the performance. Here is part of it. I hope you like it.

If you can't see the embedded video, then click here instead: Gregory 河國榮 唱「為妳鍾情」

The mark of a great actor?

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I was watching a television program and they mentioned micro-expressions. Since watching that program, I've come to realise that micro-expressions could very well be one of the significant distinguishing qualities of a great actor, especially a screen actor where everything is up close and personal. Micro-expressions are extremely small expressions, perhaps lasting one fifth of a second or even less. Consciously, we don't notice them. Unconsciously, we do and we're very much affected by them.

Most actors can reproduce expressions, some better than others, but even the best expressions may not trigger an emotional response in the viewing audience. I remember one of our teachers at Lee Strasberg commenting how tears from actors in general didn't do anything for him. Without the underlying pain, crying was simply an indicator without compelling emotion.

Actors who can reproduce the emotions of their character's situation will unconsciously reproduce the micro-expressions that come with those emotions. Those micro-expressions will then be unconsciously broadcast to the audience, making their acting captivating to watch and enabling the audience to empathise with and feel for the character.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of emotional expression coming out of Hollywood's blockbusters today. Emotion seems to have taken a back seat to action (and the associated money-making franchises), and the English seem to be producing more emotionally sensitive movies and television programs than Hollywood. If Hollywood is not careful, a big chunk of the movie industry might just find a new home in England.

Anyway, today's point is that micro-expressions could very well be the mark of a great actor.