A 7-day diet

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I have just completed a 7-day diet, apparently designed to take 7 to 10 pounds off, although not permanently. No real diet is easy but this one wasn't bad. While it didn't take 7 pounds off, it did take a few off and I felt better overall. Unfortunately, today was the 7th day and being Sunday, I was unable to adhere to the diet while my wife and I had a day in the shopping centre.

The mainstay of the diet is a soup made up principally of tomatoes, cabbage, onion and celery. Whenever you're hungry, you eat and drink this soup. It's supposed to burn off the fat. I'm not sure whether it actually burns fat but I can assure you that you'll make frequent trips to the bathroom to release the extra urine.

The big thing about the diet is that there are no 'filler' foods. There is no bread, rice, spaghetti or anything similar. It's all fruit, vegetables and meat; nothing else. It really makes a difference. You feel better, and in my case, you actually lose weight.

My goal should then be to eat as little 'filler' as possible. It won't be easy though. Every restaurant serves food built around filler, and much is it is very tasty, especially the breads I just discovered in a bakery near home.

Apparently, the designers of the diet recommend against eating the diet for more than one week at a time. Once a month is ok, so at least until next month, I'll try to avoid the filler foods and see how it goes.


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  1. Kate (f/the usa) says:

    Hello, Mr.Rivers!

    My family & I have seen u in TVB series 4 a long time, & we always wonder how u started acting in HK. Now we know! I'm glad u have this site so that your fans can know what your life is like! ...actually, my mother wants to try this diet, but she was wondering is there a specific way that one has to cook this soup? and what kind of onion to use? ...anyway, keep up the great work! u R a talented actor & i was really happy to see u get to play a regular character in Lost in Love and even be a couple with Louisa in the end!! =) wish u all the best!

  2. 河國榮 says:

    hi Kate.

    actually, the soup was simply boiled for a while until the flavour came out. since you're drinking the fluid, and because it is in fact 'soup', it's ok if the flavour gets boiled out of the vegetables.

    common onions will do.

    do you know the Chinese name of the series "Lost in Love" ?

  3. kate says:


    Thank u for your reply! Just one more question, what kind of meat to use? Or any kind will do?

    Actually, I can't read Chinese, but u can see the Chinese title on this picture I found posted w/a review of the series:

  4. 河國榮 says:

    I enjoyed filming that series. working with Sou Yuk Wa was great. she's a great actress.

  5. Irene (from Aust!!!) says:


    I started reading your latest post about Cantonese Opera and then decided to start from the beginning. Don't worry, I didn't laugh at your performance :)

    I went on this diet a while back. It was so hard for me because even though my mum (who is quite fond of you by the way) went on it too for moral support, my sister would constantly tease me and wave those filler foods in my face.

    Asian bread is good, They have so much variety. Here in Perth, there aren't any of the sweet breads.

    When I found out that you were an Aussie, I was very 'Whoa!' and couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at seeing an Aussie achieve success in the HK entertainment industry.