A wet day in HK

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It feels like we're living in a cloud. The floor takes a long time to dry after being mopped, and envelopes of just-delivered mail are dampish and soft. In Hong Kong, this weather phenomenon doesn't usually occur until the beginning of Spring. In fact, it is normally the accepted indication that Spring has begun. But we're still in Winter and this 'cloud' weather is already here. It's not normal.

For the past few weeks, the weather has wavered between being cool and extremely dry, to being damp as it is today. It's the perfect weather for colds and flu, and many of my acquaintances have already come down with something. I myself caught a slight case of the flu from our Indonesian maid. She was coughing pretty badly for a few days, although the doctor-prescribed medicine did help to relieve the coughing a little. My flu begin with a slight burning pain in my throat. Thankfully, it never developed into a full-blown sort throat. I had a runny nose for a few days, waking up with flam in my chest. I almost never coughed, and my throat never lost its layer of protective mucus. I'm almost completely recovered now, just in time for a quick performance I have to give during the Chinese New Year a week or so away.

Others are not so lucky, and many people fear the flu, especially after the SARS outbreak a couple of years ago. Flu vaccinations are being advertised and people are preparing themselves. As has been the case for the last couple of years, the doctors and scientists are hoping that the forecast Asia Flu epidemic doesn't happen soon.


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  1. sapphire says:

    Since you’re ”閉關” (don’t know what is閉關?) recently, I’ve time to go back to read your old articles. I think this one must be your first post, eh? Okay, let me be the first one comment on your first post. 祝你個日誌客似雲來!(嘻嘻…) This one already posted
    6 month ago. I bet you forgot what’s it all about. Catch me if you can. ;-)

    For the soaky weather, you reminded me of the old days when we lived in HK. We had exactly the same problem as you mentioned in your post. By that time we lived on top of a small hill in Kowloon side. (Wondxxxxxx Villas. TVB 戴誌X and 李龍X also lived there many years ago. I saw them at the Club House periodically.) We were on 13th floor and our block was facing Victoria Harbor. So the wind was gusty during the typhoon season, also very soaky and foggy in spring. Dehumidifier was a MUST for that period of time. Ironically, now we need humidifier instead because the relative humidity is quite low here. You live in suburb; I guess you need dehumidifier as well.

    Just for curiosity, do you have a lot of opportunities to taste the Indonesian dishes from your Indonesian maid? Are they hot and spicy like Thai dishes?

  2. 河國榮 says:


    I'll have to write about the wet weather we've had sometime. it's been a *very* wet year.

    I had a reporter friend who lived in the mid levels. he had three dehumidifiers on almost all day. he practically lived in the clouds.

    our helper doesn't cook a lot of Indonesian dishes. my wife has tried a couple and doesn't like the food. it's very different.

    our helper is leaving us soon to go back and look after her mother. we'll miss her. she's planning on getting married and if we're lucky, we'll be there to see her ceremony. she's shy about it though because she lives in a very old traditional village. she's worried that we'll be unimpressed by her surroundings. if we go, I'll take plenty of photographs ;-)