Instagram: / 呢首歌送俾我既香港 唔理事情…

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/ 呢首歌送俾我既香港 唔理事情有幾困難環境有幾亂 你都仲係我屋企 之前係而家係將來都係!!!

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2 Responses to “Instagram: / 呢首歌送俾我既香港 唔理事情…”
  1. Anna M. says:

    Dear Gregory,

    I stumbled onto TV Most's award distribution show by chance. It was witty and refreshing! Thoroughly enjoyed it. You (the whole package) were awesome! Your story compelled me to drop you a line. It blows my mind (in a wonderful sort of way) that you would leave everything you have known all your life and go to a foreign land to chase after your dream. I mean you are not fleeing from persecution or from poverty or in search of a better material life. You probably don't need people to tell you to keep going because you'll just do that anyway.

    So, best wishes and enjoy the process getting to where you want to be!

    Anna M. from Canada

    • Gregory 河國榮 says:

      thank you! it's always encouraging to get support, and support is important. sometimes we get tired and the encouragement helps us to push on.