Interview on RTHK 2 晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年1月

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Last week, RTHK 2 broadcast a multi-part (Cantonese) interview in the 「細味歷練」 segment of their morning program 「晨光第一線」.

The original recording was around 40 minutes long. Alyson 侯嘉明 did an excellent job of editing and splicing to produce the five segments.

Here it is for those of you who missed it.

晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年01月05日
晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年01月06日
晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年01月07日
晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年01月08日
晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年01月09日


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9 Responses to “Interview on RTHK 2 晨光第一線 細味歷練 2009年1月
  1. Milan says:

    What software do you use to open these files? Media Player didn't recognise it.

  2. 河國榮 says:

    hello Milan.

    they aren't Windows media files. QuickTime should definitely open the files, and so will iTunes (both available for Windows and Mac).

    VLC will also open them, and it too is available for both Windows and Mac.

    cheers, Gregory

  3. mark chan says:

    just listen to the comment cool :)

  4. Milan says:

    VLC is great. I just installed it did the trick. So happy I could understand your interview.

    PS: You inspired this guy to be like you - maybe you know him --

  5. ahhmui says:

    Oh great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Carmen says:

    Hi Gregory,

    I happened to chance upon your blog and was delighted to find out that you're (or perhaps it should be were) TVB's Cantonese-speaking Caucasian actor! While I grew up mostly in Australia, it was alongside with TVB.

    I've spent most of my Sunday morning reading your posts, and have thoroughly enjoyed them! The songs that you've also recorded are also incredible.

    Looking forward to more posts and songs!

  7. Athena says:

    Hi, Gregory. I know it's bizarre for a stranger to say hi to you. Actually, I've seen you many times in many tvb dramas since I was little. I really appreciate your performance and spoken Cantonese in foreigner's style. As I've just watched the movie,'Exdous' and the idea of finding more about you in the Internet come into my mind.
    I've just found that you're Aussie. I'm in Adelaide for studying my master's degree so I can't go back to HK for Chinese new year. Are you going to celebrate Chinese new year with your frds? Will you get more jobs this year? or thinking about retired? haha

  8. ParcOasis says:

    Hi Greg,

    Just wish to tell you that I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to your interview on RTHK; which led me to looking you up online. Very impressed about your frankness and your Chinese/Cantonese. Wish you best of luck in the Year of Ox. Ciao!

  9. wow says:

    I am from the Chinese mainland
    you did a very good job
    I wonder if you can read the simplified Chinese character ??