Caffeine free, for now

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I have been caffeine free for almost five days; no coffee, tea or caffeine-spiked softdrinks. The reason? I have a special performance tonight, a short one, but special nonetheless. It involves singing and Cantonese but it's definitely not what you would expect ;-)

If you want to catch my performance, watch tonight's China National Day show before the fireworks display.


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5 Responses to “Caffeine free, for now”
  1. karen says:

    the event is for ATV
    did you join ATV?

  2. 河國榮 says:

    hello Karen.

    yes the event this year is produced by ATV, but no, I haven't signed with them. They were simply nice enough to ask me to participate. Very cool of them.

  3. Glen says:

    As you can tell the country I live, how would I be able to see your performance? It is a pitty you did not get lead rolls at TVB, from their shows they seem pretty racist. Anyway good luck with what you are doing, and I hope not drinking caffeine is killing you.

  4. Jayson says:

    When I was young, hehe I have already been noticing your performance. It was very nice to see your face in live yesterday!!

  5. hulahooper91220125d says:

    hi there!
    i found your blog "randomly" (although you object to any random chances... so i guess this is meant!) and as I read on i seem to get to know you better n better n more 3D. you're interesting, thoughtful and you care about a lot of things and other people. you live with energy n enthusiasm. i just wanna tell you how lovely you are.