Interview in this week’s 東周刊 East Weekly (20080422)

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Just over a week ago, Ken Leung, an editor from Eastweek 東周刊, along with three other associates, came to my home and interviewed me for the magazine. That interview was published today in this week's issue. Unfortunately, Eastweek is not available online so you'll only be able to see the interview if you can buy the magazine.


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8 Responses to “Interview in this week’s 東周刊 East Weekly (20080422)”
  1. helenyeung says:

    Hi, glad to see your news again, really hope to see your interview right now, but I'm not in Hong Kong now. If you can scan into your blog, it will be too nice... :)

  2. yinyin says:

    hhaha i will buy it as soon as it is available in australia!

  3. Inferno says:

    It seems to be getting lazy after quitting TVB. We are not 八卦 about your personal life, but at least let your fans know what you up to these days. :)

  4. Anne says:

    Hey, you are back and glad to hear you are being featured in East Weekly. I m not living in HK but will try to grab a copy here just to ensure I do not miss out anything about you. Bye, I got to finish my work before my boss comes after me. bye, take care

  5. cathryn says:

    Hi Greg and family,
    I was away for sometime and thus could not be able to be in front of the computer, and I missed your previous mail which about your departure to another country. I am feeling delight to hear from you again. Thank you. I wish you all the successes. You are not only an artist in the showbiz, but you are also an artist in life. My best wishes to you, your family and Fat Goh, (Chow Yun Fat) I do not know how to use the Chinese program on my computer until I have somebody to teach me. Please continue to write because your readers will never feel tired to read every word you will write. Once again, best of all and say Hello to Chow Yun Fat. Keep well. I am looking forward to reading your mail again.


  6. Ko Bo Bo says:

    haha...lucky me got the copy hot from the's exciting to see your pictures and news on magazine. The little grasshoper star is on familiar..everything's great!!

  7. Amy says:

    Not known that you have quit TVB until reading the news today from the Oriental Daily Online that you had a trip in Mexico with Chow Yun Fat.

    I will ask my family to send me the article regarding your interview by East Weekly.

    Hope to see you more of your acting / performance in the TV.

  8. Betty says:

    Do whatever you likw to do ... as I said . GOAHEAD MY FRIEND !!!!
    Did your wife getting better now ?
    Best wishes to you and your family ....