They’re Playing Our Song: Tickets now on sale!

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Tickets go on sale today!

You can buy tickets at any Urbtix outlet. (direct link to show listing)

Remember. The McAulay Studio is a small theatre. It only seats 90 people and we're only doing 10 shows, so if you want to see the show, don't wait too long to buy your tickets.

Note. The play is in English with Chinese subtitles.

Show times:
March 16-23 nightly at 8.00pm
March 17,18 extra matinée shows at 3.00pm


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7 Responses to “They’re Playing Our Song: Tickets now on sale!”
  1. shaw says:

    too bad I am not in HK to watch your show.

    I'm gonna posting the ticket link to other forum.

    Good luck with the show!

  2. Phoenix says:

    me tooo....wont able to watch it >_

  3. Mogwai says:

    How can there be any Chinese a play??
    Some staff are holding some boards with Chinese written on it and switch them as the play goes on? *chuckles*
    oh and...
    Kung Hey Fat Choy!

  4. Alan.J.Mac says:

    Hey Greg,

    I here wish you a prosperous and an awsome year ahead!! HAPPY PIGGY NEW YEAR to you!!! Muox...xox ^^


  5. charles says:

    i remember when i was a kid i always see ur face on tvb !!!! keep up the hard work ! cuz all the hard work will soon pay off !!!

  6. Christ Follower says:


  7. yanei says:

    I read kidults today and so that I know about 'They're Playing Our Song'!
    I really appreciate your passion on chasing your dream!
    also,i will ask all my friends to watch the show if they can!
    Never give up!we always support you! :)