Interview on 萬王之王, RTHK Radio 2 (20061116)

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Last week was busy; well not quite, but still interesting anyway. In addition to the interview with Alyson at RTHK Radio 3, I also talked with Shirley 曾淑儀 and Lu from the 「萬王之王」 King of Kings show on RTHK Radio 2.

When Shirley heard about my singing studies in L.A., she liked the idea of interviewing me but wanted to make it special. What she came up with was really fun. 「洋人中文歌」 is a three-part series; approximately fifteen minutes per part; with yours truly teaching (we're truly stretching the meaning of this word) listeners to sing ;-)  Shirley and Lu were wonderful and lots of fun. I think you'll enjoy the series.

The series will begin tomorrow; Thursday, November 16, 2006. I'm not sure of the exact time of my interview but the King of Kings show runs from 5pm to 7pm (i.e., UTC 9.00am), Monday to Friday. The second and third parts will be broadcast next Thursday (November 23) and the Thursday after that (November 30) respectively.

If you miss the show, the archives will be available from the King of Kings archive pages: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Interesting and perhaps confusing; I don't really sing very much Chinese during the interviews, but we explain that later on in the series. And for all of you who care, I promise to sing more Cantonese in the future.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it with Shirley and Lu.


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5 Responses to “Interview on 萬王之王, RTHK Radio 2 (20061116)”
  1. Daniel Leung says:


    你好嗎? 我叫做DANIEL, 是由細看你做的節目大的支持者,我好鐘意睇你做電視劇,我很細時看你做節目時, 有種感覺是為何一個外國人會講廣東話這麼好, 之後都有留意你做的節目, 而且我好欣賞你的做人方式,你不但好有愛心收養一些小動物,還有你專業既演技,簡直佩服!



    有什麼方法可令自己的英文水平好點, 請求你可幫幫我



  2. Bob says:


    You are so intelligent! You had a doctor degree and to all the caucasians, Chinese for sure is one of the hardest languages in the world.
    Actually, what brought you to Hong Kong? And why you are so interested in Chinese? Especially like Cantonese. It is So hard compared to Mandarin.

    I am listening to your songs. English one and then the Mandarin one. OH MY GOD. you blow me away! I bet your Chinese is way better than mine, especially Mandarin. What a Shame to me. To be honest, i am so proud there is such a Aussie in Hk so appreicated of the Chinese cultue.

    Good Job!!! You are a mircle in HK. HAHA

  3. 蝦米 says:

    woo...以後可以每天都聽到你的聲音, 好耶!!!!!

  4. Alex says:

    That's so cool!!
    I am a regular listener of that show(although I did mention before that I can't at the moment coz my school in the UK likes to block everything on the internet)
    However, I will listen to the archive as soon as I come back~~
    I am looking forward to listen to this coz I am one of those people that love singing and will never get bored of singing!!
    BTW, it is the "King Of the King" brought me to this blog

  5. Lynn says:

    Mr. Ho,

    I saw you tonight at New Town Plaza walking with a cane. I wanted to walk up to you to say hi, but then I didn't do so for two reasons: first, it appeared that you were in a hurry; second, I found out that I was a bit too shy to approach you as a fan :)