Interview on Teen Time, RTHK Radio 3 (20061114)

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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from one of my blog's readers by the name of Lenny Wu. He wrote:

I'm just wondering, can you contact this friend? She's a radio DJ for RTHK Radio 3. Her name is Alyson Hau. Here's her website. I dunno if you got anything to say for Teen Time. :) Teen Time is from 9-10pm. It would be nice to hear you speak English. :D

Well, I wrote to Alyson and she liked the idea, so we recorded the interview last week. It's in English so you can all hear my Aussie accent ;-) The interview is light but also serious near the end because I explain an idea of mine that might help many of the struggling actors and production people in the entertainment industry.

Alyson is amazing. She's young, talented, smart, beautiful, and she's fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Nothing's going to stop her getting where she wants to go.

Teen Time runs weekdays from 9 to 10pm Hong Kong time, i.e., 1pm UTC time. My interview will be in tonight's show, November 14. Mark your calendars.

If you miss the show tonight, you can listen to the archive which will be available after the broadcast.


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11 Responses to “Interview on Teen Time, RTHK Radio 3 (20061114)”
  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Greg,

    I'm so excited to have landed your blog through random browsing.

    I know you've probably heard this from 82408298404 ppl before, but I just wanted to say that you're a talented actor. Really hope to see you more often on TV in the future. =)

    And I just heard your songs, I think your cantonese is definitely better than mine! hehe

  2. Jack says:

    Sandy, Can I ask you why you need to comment on the fact you think Gregory's Cantonese is better than yours?

    What do you expect when a guy moves to Hong Kong and speaks/learns Cantonese for 20 years straight? Even though many white guys don't learn Cantonese in Hong Kong, did you expect Gregory to not speak fluently after 20 years of speaking?

    I've never seen a white guy go up to a Chinese immigrate to Australia and comment on his/her English skills?

    I just watched all the 再生緣 episodes and Gregory as Marco Polo was quite good. I wonder if you were wearing brown contact lenses, though the curly hair wig was good too. I must say this was by far the best series I've seen you in, I didn't like 酒店風雲 as all you said was "Martin". How disappointing to see such a minor role.

  3. Vincent says:

    Hey there, just listened to it. Didn't know that you're an Aussie before this :p. Btw, I'm from Malaysia.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi there~~
    You still have an Aussie accent?
    Shouldn't you pick up a Chinese accent or "Hong Kongese" accent (they are a bit different) because you've been here so long:D
    Anyway, I can't listen to your show till mid December when I come back to HK coz my school in the UK likes to block everything

  5. chloe says:

    Hey, I'm from Malaysia too. Is there any way i can listen to the Teen Time interview from internet? Anyway, i like ur acting.

  6. Lenny Wu says:

    Thanks for mentioning me :)
    Just in case for if you don't know(blog readers), I am from Ottawa, ON, Canada. :D
    I remember watching TVB dramas on videotape and seeing him on nearly every show.
    Miss Alyson Hau messaged me about it and I did listen to Teen Time. Experiencing problems trying to get the archive because I recently got the Macbook Pro w/ Intel Core 2 Duo(2.16GHz). Gregory should know alot about Apple Computers. :)
    Flip4Mac WMV aired the live stream of RTHK R3 and not the archived one.
    But I have Windows Media Player for Mac and got it working. Pretty weird. It's my first Intel Mac or dubbed, Mactel :)

    All I can say, what a great interview! :)

  7. Jane Lam says:

    I think Gregory's aussie accent is beautiful coz I'm from Australia too. Better than Amercian accent ^_^

  8. Vivien says:

    You know what, when I was in school, I worked for Teen Time!! I used to do movie reviews and school life interviews...anyway it was long time ago

  9. Tim says:

    Hi Greg, This is the first time i hear you speak in english, your aussie accent is great,(i am from australia) somehow I reckon the way you speak chinese sounds like you are a pom, i would have guessed u are from the UK by hearing your chinese, but wow! your aussie accent is definately there!! GO Aussies!

  10. Patrick says:

    Hi Greg,

    I saw you in Ocean Park last few days ago and I've taken a photo with you. I was so exciting at that time as that was the only time i could get such a close contact with an actor.

    After i went home, i got crazy searching your profile, your singing was beautiful, and i was also highly appreciate what you have done to save the little pets.

    And i have also read the article from 3-weekly. As what you said:


    I really impressed by what you've said. But please don't
    get mad when you work, sometimes, no need to 搏盡, but try your best! 盡力而為!

    Keep it on! My friend. There are a lot of people supporting you!

  11. Irene says:

    Hi Greg!

    I so wanted to hear your Aussie accent but it seems I stumbled upon your blog too late... I think the broadcast has been taken off the archives because I get a blnk screen when I click on the link.

    Oh well... Is you accent still strong after all the years in HK?

    I spent a year in Singapore and my Aussie accent kind of disappeared and I started speaking like my cousins did. Though, that may be because Perth accents aren't nearly as strong as in the Eastern states.

    I think I'm making good progress, I found your site yesterday and am already up to Nov 2006 :) Although, I am still having trouble with the posts in chinese, I'm still translating it into pinyin.