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It's a fairly typical day here today in our home, except perhaps for the sun which for the first time in several weeks is shining down bright and hot; whoops! correction... the rain has just begun falling... again... oh well.

Outside, I can hear the chirping of one of our friendly neighbourhood tailorbirds. Occasionally, doves can be heard cooing to let their partners know of their whereabouts. There's also the low continuous rhythmic chanting of one of my wife's sisters as she prays to Buddha.

In the kitchen, there's a yellow electric Chinese medicine pot cooking Chinese medicine with steam coming out of the snout and a typical Chinese medicine aroma floating gently throughout the house. Another pot on the gas stove is cooking Chinese soup while yet another wok is cooking pieces of beef heart for our kids' dinner tonight.

Beethoven is lying on the floor next to me as I type this. David is just round the corner of the desk, never too far from me. Rachel and Charlie are on the floor in front of the bathroom doorway while the other kids are lying on the floor in the living area, all within eye sight of where I'm sitting at my desk.

The sound of the birds has gone away now, replaced by the sound of rain falling steadily onto what was only minutes ago very warm ground. A pup can be heard barking from across the forest that separates us from the ocean.

I was going to go out and see if I could 'hunt' down a few birds (with my camera of course) but the rain has put the breaks on that idea. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow...


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  1. Eva says:

    Hi, George,

    'Serendipity' 緣分 brought me to your blog today. After spending more than 4hrs on this blog, my heart is connected to your incredibly impressive work and writing. Even though I am not a fans of yours, I would really love to be your pen pal.

    Your typical day is a very joyful day to have. Your writing provided me a full picture of your family day, very peaceful, quite, nothing special, but extremely warm. It makes me miss those family time. How many kids do you have? You seems to be a family man. Do you think family man always loves to have kids? I always discuss this with my boyfriend. He is a white man and I am a Chinese girl. It is a little similar to your situation right? From your writing, I am assuming that your wife is Cantonese. My boyfriend is a big fans of Rock music. He has his band in here. Do you want to check it out? http://www.babyoilmusic.com. He is Alex. He is very passionate in music. However, he thinks by making his dream come true, he cannot have kids to block his ways.

    As you mention the yellow electric Chinese medicine pot, is anyone sick? If anyone is sick in your family, I wish he/she to get well soon. Lately, I have been getting this allergy, making my skin very itchy. Hence, have been going to Chinese doctor and taking this very bitter Chinese medicine. However, they don’t need to be boiled anymore, the medicine is in powder, much more convenient to use.

    I need to get back to work now. Looking forward to you respond soon. Wish you and your family Happy and Healthy!!


  2. 蝦米 says:

    是呀! 難得這幾天都有短暫時間可以看到太陽, 真是不能錯過呀! 雖然天氣未算太穩定,不過心情比起早前好好多了, 我還以為你一定沒有錯過這機會,趁有太陽帶著你的至愛跑上山頂,然後拍幾張靚相,可惜丫...! 不過沒關係嘛! 有句廣告是這樣說的"希望在明天"嘛!

  3. 蝦米 says:

    又是我! 剛剛忘了跟你講, 澳洲打入世界盃16強, 今屆他們有不錯表現,你會為他們打氣嗎? 澳洲fighting加油....!

  4. Fifi says:

    lol... eva, ho kwok wing's name is greg not george. and the kids greg is talking about are his dogs, i initially thought kids as in children too.

  5. Fiona says:

    kwok wing,

    sounds like you definitely live in a nice bushy area of hk with trees and fresh air, unlike most the average class cramped in tiny apartments some without even a balcony to get some sun or air. living in australia myself i always feel symphathetic towards the amount of space people have in hk whenever i go over to visit. i always wonder how people can own so many dogs in such small places at home.
    to me it is a real achievement that you can find time for your hobbies in such a fast paced and money driven city like hk. you really know how to enjoy life, chasing your dreams and learning so many of your interests by yourself.

  6. Chrissy says:

    Hi Greg,

    Interesting blog indeed.
    Actually bumped into you a few time so I guess you live not far from me...

    Keep up the good work. It's nice to see Caucasians speaking Cantonese knowing they're not a Plod, a priest or a bloody Jehovah's Witness numpty! LOL

    Have fun neighbour! ;)

  7. Eva says:

    Hi, all,

    I am so sorry, Greg, had your name wrong. Thanks everyone for fixing me. As you can tell, I do not know Greg too well. I just came across this site by accident and impressed by his writing and his life. It is funny, I also misunderstood that he has a lot of children eh.

    I am a Chinese Canadian, having a Caucasians boyfriend who are very passionate about his music. Tried to teach him how to speak Cantonese many many times. It is very hard for him to learn. He has been repeatedly asking me how to say some sentence and not able to remember even one. I think he gave up on it. Instead, he is improving my English in order to have better communication with him.

    OH, btw, I am a programmer who always open in meeting new pals. Blog is one of the media. Nice to meet you all!!


  8. mark says:

    Hi Eva,

    Sounds like teaching your Caucasians boyfriend Cantonese is even more difficult than teaching old dogs new tricks. Perhaps you should do it the pinyin way. It works for Greg as well as me!

  9. Raymond Hau says:

    I'm incredibly jealous that you live and work in Hong Kong but I have never more thought more of you other than 'one of those actors' in the media. Being Chinese but living abroad, my dosage of Chinese television are made up entirely of TVB re-runs, of which rarely enjoy watching nor rate highly - actors included.

    So it's a shame that I only chanced upon your web blog in the most unlikely of places - the Apple support forums, where you were trying to troubleshoot the workings of Aperture and your Canon 350D.

    It's seems that from dismissing Hong Kong actors and the dramas they appear in, I have also missed a most pleasant candid blog on life with an ardent enthusiasm for photography.

    Keep up the good work as I will be checking back on a regular basis to see more photo diaries (and how I can improve with my 350D), if not for the frank commentaries.


    On a side note, how are you finding Aperture? I'm not entirely sure if I should stump up the extra cost when iPhoto combined with Photoshop could be a viable, if less coherent and long-winded solution to post-production.

  10. Vince says:


    It's another nice sunny day attracted birds, the weather has been mild for the past two weeks and it's getting hot again today. So has Aussi's performance attracted your attention to the WorldCup yet? (no pressure there =P ) U've got me to reflect why am I into WorldCup cuz I am not a football fan, not interested in england premier league or even the European Cup. I have some football players that I 'prefer' but definitely not a fan. However, when it gets to world cup I just enjoy watching it so much although I prefer to watch with with a few close friends instead of having a big gathering.

    One thing that surprises me is how people link world cup with gootball gambling. I have been having 3 weeks of workshops for my course from 9-5 and I was only able to watch one match a day. When I moan about it, my friends were like 'well u can save a bit of money from betting then'. I was quite shock to hear many of them said that cuz I never bet at all (my father works in the HKJC and he always tells me that it's never worth betting). It's all about money these days....

  11. MY says:

    Greg, do you cook at home?

  12. yinyin says:

    haha... havent been here for a while..... busy with school work.... haha one more week it is end of the term.~
    hm... it seem pollution has caused some severe consquence to HK's climate~
    Wel... ya like one mention before, our socceroos has made inot the 2nd round and will have a game with italy really shortly~
    Go aussie~ BTW, do you watch the world cup?

  13. firthette says:

    Hi Greg,
    Haven't left a comment in a while... anyways, I've just begun watching 男人之苦 and caught a glimpse of you in the first episode. Is your role here a cameo?

    Heard that its been continually raining in HK.... don't worry, its not all that better here in Sydney... raining every second day..

  14. 蝦米 says:

    雖然知道河生對足球興趣不大, 不過昨晚澳洲對意大利場比賽就輸了,不能入八強了, 不過都係我預料中事,希望他們來屆運氣及表現都可以好些少啦!
    天文台今天又掛起一號風球, 看來有太陽的日子不多了.要去影靚相就要快囉!

  15. Eva says:

    Thanks Mark for the suggestion!! However, the fact is I brought up with Cantonese, so I do not know any pinyin. I probably need to get some software or books which have pinyin to help him learn.

    The past weekend, I went to Hiking in one of the Niagara Escarpment, Decew Fall. Check it out in here: http://www.infoniagara.com/recreation/hiking/decew.html. We went with my chinese church friend and he was the only Caucasian. He felt a little left out, because he couldn't speak the language. Even though most of my chinese friends have been in Canada for a long time and be able to speak good English. It will take a long time.

    BTW, my hiking trip was really fun. We went with about 30 people walking throught the trail. Some of them were singing, some of them were chatting with each other, some of them are taking a pictures of everyone and also beautiful environment. They tool about 300 pictures, it is crazy. If I can, I would like to share the photo with you, but I don't want to send it to the public and I couldn't post them here. If you will be interest in seeing the pictures, send me email, I will reply you with the link =D

    I just sent my bro to airport this morning and he is going back to HK for 2 months, while I am stuck in Canada doing my coop work term. =( It is alright though, I got a lot of fun going on anyways. My friends are coming to the apartment that I moved into this Friday, having a little sharing time together. For Canada Day long weekend, I am heading up North to have Camping. Probably are going to do some fishing, swimming in the lake (Good that my allergy is gone now, so I can really enjoy it), WOW... so wild. LOL... kidding.

    As I remember, HK is long weekend too right? Hope everyone in HK have a great holiday!

  16. 蝦米 says:

    7.1又來了, 以往幾年我都有去, 哇..天氣真的好熱, 所以諗過今年不參加了, 但前個幾日有個動物地球電郵呼籲今個星期六去遊行支持活動, 無辦法啦, 幾熱都要去, 因近期發生太多,狗虐待事件了, 警方又拉不到人, 件事又好似不了了之, 所以希望大家行出來表達些意見, 使政府不要再忽視動物權益了.

  17. 蝦米 says:

    你係港台節目made in hong kong李志剛個訪好精彩, 尤其是你做印度人個角色好好笑呀! 最近你又做問,又上電台, 你覺唔覺你越來越受歡迎呀?

  18. taviA says:

    我都是澳洲的...在Queensland Gold Coast的...香港人~
    haha,,,nice to meet u ar~!!你好嗎???

  19. Meow says:

    Hi all: just bumped into this site by accident. I'll bookmark this site and definitely will revisit here real soon.


  20. william says:

    hi all, saw this blog while cheking my google mail. myself is a fan of blog, cause blog share a lot of experience. not matter pros and cons. is time again to learn new things. its make me learn a lot from the message from the blog, share a lot of news. and answer to the question. nice to hav fren around the world. but i feel that i am the only one who post this comment after 2 months from the last posr comment. by the way i am from Malaysia.

  21. 河國榮 says:

    yes. my role was a cameo appearance; just one scene in the whole series!!

    I can't remember what I did though. could you remind me?