Just finished filming: TVB’s 刑事情報科.

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I've just finished filming 刑事情報科 at TVB. My role was a police inspector in a special branch of the police force which specialises in getting information about suspects. There were several groups in our department. My group was responsible for tracking people and getting photographs of their activities. Overall, the story was pretty good.

Two months of filming, I had just one day of on-location shooting and fourteen days of studio shooting. Because the police station set is so large, it takes up the whole studio and whenever it's set up, we have to try to film as many scenes as possible. The later days of studio filming were quite challenging, more often than not shooting from 7 at night until 5 in the morning. I'd get back home at around 5.30 to 6 in the morning and then wait until my wife got up for work so that I wouldn't disturb her sleep. Staying up all night really hurts and you spend much of the next day walking around like a zombie; limbs feeling loose and numb and a brain that doesn't want to work.

Most of my parts in the TVB series are very small, just a few scenes, so it's rare that I get to spend so much time with other cast members. This time was different and it was great. We the cast spent a lot of time working and waiting together.

Some people have emailed and asked me with which other actors at TVB am I most familiar. Those would be the actors I 'grew up with' at TVB. You probably don't know most of them. They include 林家棟, 黃德斌, 麥嘉倫, 游飆 and 王維德, all dedicated people. There are many other wonderful people at TVB that I respect and enjoy working with. In fact, there are too many to list. TVB has given me a lot in the last eighteen years. The opportunity to know and work with these people is just one of the things they've given me and I'm grateful for that.


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  1. shaw says:

    Hi, Greg. Though I don't know the exact date, let me say "happy birthday" to you.

    I know 黃德斌. He appears in many TVB series. When rewatching the old series 我本善良 (1990), I noticed him as an assasin. While you, Greg, the first time I know is in a classic series about 陈梦吉。Your character name, as usual, is Mr. Robinson. You are right, 黃德斌 is one of the actor you grew up with at TVB.

    One question: while filming 刑事情報科, did you have chance to work with Maggie Shiu 邵美琪?

  2. 河國榮 says:

    hi Shaw.

    did I work with Maggie? unfortunately, no. our story lines didn't intercept.

    my birthday's on April 30 ;-)

  3. sapphire says:

    你網頁個鐘快了一小時呀,現在應該是香港早上十一點幾, 不是十二點幾呀。

  4. 蝦米 says:

    Hello, 國榮
    我是TVB fans, 都有30多年了, 亦看過不少有你演出的劇集, 但到今時今日我對三色台拍出來劇集已經大減興趣了, 原因真係有好多, 我真不知道該由那裡講起, 國榮, 你對日韓劇或台灣拍的電視劇有甚麼評語呢? 有好多人誤會睇偶像劇的人因為要睇自已的偶像, 我不排除有這類捧場客, 但以我個人來說這並不是主要原因, 我知道日韓劇劇情大多以愛情為主, 而我又是女性, 理所當然我們會是最容易討好的, 相反未必另男性觀眾受落, 但又有甚麼問題呢, 這個世界不是男便是女的. 為何韓劇會在中港台迼成一捲韓風? 電視台高層可有認真探討一下這個問題? 國榮,我為何會在你網頁上寫了這些, 因為見到你剛拍完刑事情報科, 好老實講, 套劇好不好看真的要看過才可下定論, 但論吸引力似乎並未能令我有好大期待, 希望國榮你不要介意我講的說話, 為何今時今日的我對無線會如此失望呢? 反觀日韓劇, 從90年代日本開始有偶像劇, 到現今韓劇的反攻, 十幾年了, 我這個TVB fans 終於都醒了, 我愛韓劇原因, 劇本雖然不是太有創意, 可以話橋段大同少異, 但劇情每每能令我感動, 因為它太過生活化了, 而無線劇集就太脫離現實了, 我希望無線編劇,導演可以反省一下, 角色及劇情要生活化一點, 那些佈景也太豪華了, 好多無謂劇情(早午晚餐,生果糖水消夜)請省掉一些吧! 男女主角質素(外形及演技)在下降中, 這樣下去, 香港演員怎能同日,韓,台藝人比下去. 我真替他們擔心呢?! 我就講到這裡吧!

  5. Edward Ng says:

    my birthday's on April 30 ;-)


    講開一 d 戲牽涉法律問題,最近我睇"大鬧廣昌隆"既重播大結局,發覺結局既法律觀點有少少問題,請問河生收到戲本會唔會與編劇、監制、...研究下呢?




    英文我睇得明,抱歉本人對書寫一些以英文"technical term/formal writing"會比較困難。

  6. Vince says:

    Hey Greg, how does it feel to play the role of a police inspector again? LOL. Are you going to wear a police uniform this time? I can't wait to see you on the screen again (as a cop!). I'm back from the UK for my Easter break (my last holiday in my education life, then I need to head back to finish my MSc) and the air pollution is still a major problem in HK. I live right across 'your island' (South Horizons) but it's so blurry. I hope that people will take some actions before it's too late.

    Sleep tight dude, the birds are waiting for you. =)

  7. ricky says:

    Hi greg

    how are you? I can't wait to see the new show once it's on. I love any dramas which cover police work such as detective investigation files, csi, without a trace, so i know this will be a favourite of mine (i'll need to ask carmen's uncle at tvb to get the show for me as i don't have tvb in london) I saw you once as a police inspector in a show about the SDU (which is my favourite branch of the HK police) it stared donnie yen and seem really good but i only saw 2 episodes as it was on at 3am, if you remember the show could you put the chinese name on the site? anyway good luck and keep up the good work, maybe i'll see you in november when i get back to HK


  8. wcoco says:

    some tvb dramas have great story lines, but the ending are usually disappointing. you can feel that they're just trying to wrap things up in a hurry.

    the most memorable 'small part' that you played is a scene from 'healing hands 3'. you were singing a song and it's the 1st time i notice you have really good voice.

  9. Lulu says:

    Haha!! I am happy to see this blog! I never know you have a blog online and you update it so often, it's funny to see it! I always like you acting, your very proficient Cantonese amazed me! Keep up the good work!

  10. Littlestream says:

    My golly. One really needs to have a lot of passion in this line of work to be working at these hours and for a number of days at a go eh? Anyways, I think having fun with the other cast and crew make up for all the lost sleep, yah?

    I will be looking forward to this series. Our local cable screen dramas that are like one year old or more. Hence, I typcially need to rent the new ones.

    And awww....so sweet/considerate of you not to disrupt your wife's sleep. I've done shiftwork before, including the graveyard shift and I know, it's not fun.

    Oh, do you know when it will be screen? And thanks for sharing. :-)

  11. Paul says:

    Why is it that filming a TV drama in Hong Kong has actors working such crazy hours through the night? Is it because many of the participants also have day jobs that they can't get away from?

    Earlier, you had mentioned the uncertainty about when and what the next gig will be. Is the pay high enough for even those actors with smaller roles not to need other, steadier employment?

  12. Jasmaine says:

    Hi Greg,

    I am from Canada. I just read the article from "3 Weekly" (on line) about you. I have been visiting this web site for a while. Keep up with your good work!

    Happy Birthday on April 30!

    Take care.

  13. Ling says:

    Happy Birthday to you Greg, its nice to find this site and know more about you, I've always wanted to find out more about the handsome man who appeared in almost everyone of the TVB series I watch in the past year. I was just watching your performance in TVB's La Femme Desperado (女人唔易做), did you enjoy filming with Sheren Tang Shiu Man?

  14. 河國榮 says:


    are you sure about the time?


    we rarely talk to the producers, directors, etc about the series, especially me since my parts are normally very small. if we note obvious errors in the script's logic, we'll speak up and discuss changes if necessary. sometimes though, the logic is so flawed that it's not possible to fix without changing the whole script so it's ignored instead.


    I didn't have to wear a police uniform in the 刑事情報科 series. it was a welcome change.

    the air pollution here will not improve, not as long as there is so much industry and construction happening in China and India. apparently, we are under the edge of the Asian Brown Cloud.


    I'm not sure which TVB series you're referring to. how old is it? who else starred in it?

    Little Stream,

    I have no idea when the series will air. TVB sometimes waits a few months, and sometimes waits a couple of years. we never know.


    none of the main artists have day-time jobs. TVB is their life, their day and their night. they work crazy hours because that's what TVB requires in order to finish filming asap. it's a question of economics. the faster they can film the series, the less it will cost to film.

    most smaller artists have other jobs. many sell insurance.


    Tang Shiu Man is one of TVB's most talented actresses. she's a wonderful actress and very dedicated to her work.

    Ho Kwok Wing