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Ok. The blog is back on line on its new home in a new server.

I had to move the blog. There were one or two functions I needed which were once available on TypePad and then taken away; too complicated to discuss here except to say that if I didn't write anything for awhile, the main blog page would gradually shrink until nothing showed except for the sidebars. That won't happen now.

Additionally, I'll be setting up two new blogs. One will be specifically for bird watching so that those of you not interested in my bird photographs won't have to look at them; something akin to being forced to look at a friend's huge collection of baby photos. The other blog will be the story of our pets.

Both blogs are NOT online yet. In fact, I haven't even begun to design them. I've had trouble contributing to this blog recently (busy and sick) so I hope I can find the time to contribute to all three.

In the meantime, feel free to look around as usual and email me if you find any errors in the blog; eg, bad links or missing photographs.



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38 Responses to “The blog is back!”
  1. win says:

    glad you're back.. i've been checkin on updates everyday~
    hope you feel better soon~~ :D

  2. sapphire says:

    其實貓狗雀仔都係你日常生活的一部份,好像現在同一個網頁寫有關牠們的東西,我覺得無乜問題。如果特別開多兩個 blogs 去處理牠們,會否花上你更多寶貴時間?

  3. 蝦米 says:

    我是蝦米, 好開心你終於弄好你的網頁, 還記得我嗎? 應該不會吧! 因為我才第2次上來, 第1次留言給你, 可惜你的網頁正在修改, 沒關係! 我好喜歡你寫的大大小小事情的文章, 我希望你可出書, 我一定會支持你的, 還有你唱歌也不錯, 更能夠自彈自唱已經是非常難得, 比起現今香港樂壇那些"偶像歌星"真是..... 還有我發現你的fans也真多, 希望tvb的高層也上來看看, Mr.Rivers 真是一個多才多藝的演員. 請他們腦筋動一動吧, "鬼佬" 不是一定是警司,波士, 可以是其他人物, 像我公司就有"鬼佬"做Sales 兼送貨, 真不明白tvb那些編劇是麼搞的!

  4. Sandy says:

    wow, back la....miss you much.
    i totally agreed with sapphire. no need to open other blogs la...

  5. tonia says:

    agreed with Sapphire and Sandy,really no need to open other blogs la...

  6. Phoenix says:

    yup!! totally agree with sapphire!!!

    a u alrite? recover yet??
    i know hong kong is quite cold recently, take care!!!!

  7. Sabs says:

    So glad that the blog is online again. Missed your articles very much. Do take care of yourself!!!

  8. Ricco says:

    唔知道你搬左去邊呀,不過搬一搬都會搞唔少野 (講到好似搬屋咁),辛苦啦~

  9. Vince says:

    Hey Gregory, it's nice to see ya that you've actually got your own website to share your interests with us! In fact, it's updated very frequently too!

    I'm actually studying in the UK at the mo, so I am not aware of what shows are being aired but now I know what projects you are working on now.

    Talking about birds... it's fascinating in seeing how many different kinds of birds we've got in HK, it's incredible! I actually see a wider range in HK than in the UK, but maybe it's because I haven't been hanging out in the woods/national parks. I might do that in summer since I'll have a better chance. Anyway take care and don't get too stressed :)

  10. 木子 says:

    Hey Grey and your blog,

    Welcome back!
    I've been trying to read your blog but in vain :-( I've no idea what's going on and I thought that there must be sth wrong w/ my computer/server. It's good to know that you only moved your blog :-)
    I totally agree w/ the comments of not needing to open more blogs for different topics cuz we can always choose to read (you've got the index on the left-hand side of your blog). Frankly, I'm not a big fan of birds and other animals but I still find the pix nice to look at and the stories of your pets are pretty touching (I read some of them).
    Grey, I really enjoy reading your blog and I think the pals here are the same. Keeping up the good work (show-biz) and hope you'll get well soon!

  11. dont says:


    靚仔1 靚仔2 靚仔3 靚仔4

  12. yinyin says:

    its been a while since i last vist the site....
    ya, preliminary year ( yr 11) is so busy man.. I hope the things i learn may be useful in the future, but i doubt maths... the most enjoyabel subject.... being ivory/
    any way.... oh... last saturday my parent was watching that show, miao tiao shu nu? I dont know its a show with four girls and that chan bo kuan. When i watch past the tv... i saw Mr Ho. The scene is like this, liek this old lady won the beer competition and all she ask for is to kiss the character performed in the show... It was funny... but kind of lame....
    Anyway, i loo foward for you new blogs. But take it easy~
    Regards Yin^_^

  13. 河國榮 says:

    Dont, which series did those screen shots come from? (btw, they're good ;-)

  14. 蝦米 says:

    相片好搞笑喎! 連Mr. Rivers都記不起是出自那套電視劇, Mr. Rivers 的 fans 果然厲害.
    榮少: 怪不得無線的導演每一套劇要找人演警司又或者是大使時,都要找你, 證明你成功了!

  15. yinyin says:

    this is the link for that show i was talking about:

    ya... this show is really lame. It's like the hong kong edition of home and away... soap operas....
    Hey Mr Ho, i just wondering do you watch teh Commonwealth games???
    regards YIn

  16. yinyin says:

    this is the link for that show i was talking about:

    ya... this show is really lame. It's like the hong kong edition of home and away... soap operas....
    Hey Mr Ho, i just wondering do you watch teh Commonwealth games???
    regards YIn

  17. 蝦米 says:

    Hello Mr. Rivers
    昨天發生警員槍擊事件, 真教人心寒, 兇徒居然都是警務人員, 兼有可能與5年前一名警員被殺案有關, 真是有點匪夷所思,有點像荷里活拍戲, 但如果屬實,5年前的命案終於找到兇手了,但是就要多賠一條性命, 真是好諷刺吧! 希望殉職警員能夠安息吧!

  18. sapphire says:


  19. Patrick says:

    Why did you move back to the old server?

    It's a good idea to design two new blogs. I have no interest at birds at all! I can only recognize three species of birds until now, sparrow, pigeon and 相思.

  20. Wendy says:

    Please take care Greg! If you're busy and sick, you should take more rest instead of spending more time on creating new blogs!!!!!

  21. mandy says:

    yeah I read the news about the police incident in HK, which was rather shocking and confusing! Because I study in the UK, and ain't aware of the news in HK, I wouldn't have found out about it if my sister didn't tell me to read the HK news. "無間道" was a good and sad movie, I couldn't believe it happened in real life!

  22. dont says:

    Re: Dont, which series did those screen shots come from? (btw, they're good ;-)

    提外話: 點解我條link加左target window係"_blank"都彈唔到新window, 乜仲係"_self" window o黎? 變咗link番自己o個page... 一.一||

  23. Elizabeth says:

    I missed something. Can someone show me the link to the police story (preferably in english, but chinese is fine as well). Thanks!

  24. sapphire says:

    >>Can someone show me the link to the police story>>

    News coverage in video of the police gunfire:

    For your bonus, Mr. Ho’s interview with ten dogs in his garden:


  25. Stephen says:

    hi...and welcome back, Greg. it's about time. for those who are looking news related to the police shooting in english, look here

    otherwise, google will be ur friend.

  26. mandy says:

    great tvb link there, sapphire, cheers!

  27. 蝦米 says:

    hello Mr. Rivers
    自從知道你有一個私人網頁後, 我用了幾天時間, 將05-06年, 差不多你所寫的文章都看過後, 第一件事馬上去試就是你介紹的醋 (“HEINZ” vinegar ),我家小狗..不對! 牠11歲了, 應該是老人家了, 可是脾氣差勁! 有時好聽話, 有時就好激氣,
    像最近牠總是在廳裡四處尿尿, 每次都在半夜又或者是我離家上班後, 想過要人贓並獲後, 教訓牠一頓都不成, 搞到我夜晚無覺好, 這兩晚用了你介紹的方法, 好有! 我好多謝你呀! 還有牠每次都不肯梳毛毛, 每次都對我wow wow 聲,

  28. 蝦米 says:

    hello Mr. Rivers
    自從知道你有一個私人網頁, 我用了幾天時間, 將05-06年, 差不多你所寫的文章都看過後, 第一件事馬上去試就是你介紹的醋 (“HEINZ” vinegar ),我家小狗..不對! 牠11歲了, 應該是老人家了, 可是脾氣差勁! 有時好聽話, 有時就好激氣,
    像最近牠總是在客廳裡四處尿尿, 每次都在半夜又或者是我離家上班後, 想過要"人"贓並獲後, 教訓牠一頓都不成, 害我晚上睡不好, 這兩晚用了你介紹的方法, 好有效呢! 所以我好多謝你呀! 還有牠每次都不肯梳毛毛, 每次都對我wow wow 聲, 希望用這方法同樣都有效啦!

  29. Jerm says:

    Heya mate good to see ur blog is up n running again. Must of had a hectic time. That is bloody good thinking, setting up blogs for specific purposes, in your case bird watching.

    Yeah, I know how it feels when you wanna look at your friend's pictures and the paretns siblings and other pictures comes with the package deal.

    Top Stuff.

  30. Kayin says:

    Hey Greg!

    Just watched the Scoop clip of you and your doggies. ~Thanks sapphire for the link~

    Ooh, Greg, I just started watching Under the Canopy of Love! You know the one with Kevin and Bosco and Niki? Yes, I started watching that ... and I heard that La Femme Desperado (the one with Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng and Sheren Tang) will start airing on 17th April!

    Anyway, looking forward to your two new blogs, except I don't really think you need them. What are you going to put on them, anyway? Like, pictures and stuff? Hmm ... actually you might want to consider getting one of those online galleries ... such as Coppermine or something, where you can upload all your photos. The pictures are all categorised so you can have your pets' pictures together and other photos somewhere else.

    Anyways, have to go now. Bye bye!

  31. MY says:

    Greg, I'm really glad to see that your blog is back! Whew! I thought that you decided not to continue anymore. Kinda felt disappointed. (Oh no! How did I ever get hooked on reading this blog???!!!) Hehe. Seriously, I'm glad your back. :)

  32. Evelyn Cheung says:


    Don't give up your dream, 我屋企五個人, 全都有喜歡看你做戲, 也有留意你的演出, 很高興你做了個人網頁.. don't give up your dream, best wishes..

  33. Sam Chin Herrng says:

    Hi Gregory,
    I am a Chinese Malaysian and I find out your blog due to a sudden whim come to my mind that I would like to know more about you. I search your news from Google search and involuntary find out this interesting website. I could recognized you since more than 10 years from TVB series. As you are the only one Caucasian in TVB series all the years, hence, I knew your name - 河国荣 since I was a little kid. My family and I are enjoying your perform in the TVB series. Hope can often see your performance in the series. Do keep up your dream and do whatever things you like. All the best to you!

  34. lazy_nic19 says:

    Hey, bloke..!! How are you doing? Today I have just read your interview with 3Weekly magazine and that is awesome. I have watched your TV series since i was little. To be honest, it's proud to have a actor like you in HK and you are one of the actor who no one could forget of!! So....keep it up...and i am looking forward to listen to your single released!!.....ADD OIL!!

  35. lot says:

    Hi Greg

    I revisited your website today because I wanted to read the articles you wrote (I read some the other day). I found your song "The Nearness of You" and listened to it. You sang very well and your piano playing wasn't bad at all, considering that you hadn't learned to play for very long (three months, did you say?) I saw you so often in TVB drama series I almost forgot you weren't Chinese until I learned your English name and heard you sing in English. My husband is a fan of one of your TVB colleagues called Lee Kwok Lun. He plays villains most of the time. We like watching him play Sup Yat Gor in Gai Dai Foon Hey. If you know him or get to see him, I wonder if you could tell him he's got a fan in the UK? Please continue to write for your website. I'll come back to see if there's anything new that you've put on your website. Best of luck, Lot, the UK

  36. Perle says:

    "There were one or two functions I needed which were once available on TypePad and then taken away" ?

    I have interset to know for which blog you are now using... or do you have any suggestions?

  37. 河國榮 says:

    hi Perle. I'm now running the blog using MovableType v4 from a server service called LivingDot. MovableType had upgraded to v4.1 but I'm still using v4 because it would take a lot of work to update my site for v4.1; maybe later...