And then there were eight.

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Last week, we had an appointment with friends for dinner in Sai Kung. We left home early expecting to arrive in Sai Kung with plenty of time to look for a metered parking space (very hard to come by in Hong Kong) only to find ourselves at the end of a queue of slow moving cars waiting their turn for the round-about. We were almost to the round-about when we noticed something unusual in the driveway to the left of us; a small white rabbit.

It was clearly out of place and confused, skipping up and down the driveway, absolutely unsure of where to go. I immediately steered the car into the driveway and got out of the car wondering how I was going to catch the rabbit. As I approached the rabbit, guards in charge of protecting this very expensive home were wondering why an unauthorised car had parked in their driveway. As one of the guards opened the gate to request ("command" might be a better word) that I leave, I pointed to the rabbit upon which he closed the gate and left us alone.

Our new rabbit friend

She's definitely cute; white all over with black bands around her eyes and two black spots on her back.

For a 750x500 version, click here.

The rabbit was injured looking as if it had been hit by a car. Catching it and picking it up was not a problem at all. I later realised that the rabbit was probably in shock at the time making it easier to catch. I placed him on newspapers behind the front passenger seat of our car and drove off to Sai Kung for dinner. That night after dinner, we took him home with us and placed him in a spare cage.

The next day, we fed and looked after him. His injuries were more obvious in the daylight. He had cuts, scratches and grazes down one side of his body, and an injured eye that was completely white and didn't look too healthy. One side of his head appeared swollen and slightly lop-sided as well. He obviously needed treatment and we didn't want to keep him unless we had to so we dropped him off at the SPCA. I made it a point to inform them at the SPCA that we'd look after the rabbit if nobody else adopted him.

After the SPCA's doctor had examined the rabbit, they called to tell me that he was going to be ok and didn't need any treatment although he might eventually need to have his eye removed. Where I had surmised that the rabbit's injuries had been caused by a car, the doctor thought he had probably been attacked by dogs. Unfortunately, the SPCA didn't think he was suitable for adoption because of the bad eye and the unattractive injuries so he'd be put down if we didn't take him back.

Rabbit injuries

Probably attacked by dogs, she had cuts, scratches and grazes down one side of her body, and an almost completely white injured eye. Today, one week after this photo was taken, most of the hair has grown back and the white is going out of her eye. However, we still can't be sure if she'll be able to keep the eye.

And the doctor told us one more thing. The rabbit was a girl! (Apparently, it's very difficult to differentiate girl rabbits from boy rabbits and usually requires close experienced examination.)

So we now have a girl rabbit staying with us. She might belong to someone in the neighbourhood where we found her so we're putting up advertisements in the local ParknShop but I think she'll probably be here for the long haul. One good thing about keeping her is that we now have sexual balance in our home. With four women, one man, seven male dogs and three female dogs, the males outnumbered the females. With the rabbit, males and females are now equally matched. That has to be a good thing right?

Today, one week after finding her, the rabbit's doing really well. The doctor had told me that she might not regrow hair in the injured area down the side of her body but in less than one week, she has already grown most of it back and she's quite pretty. Her pink nose is really cute and almost never stops moving. She's especially cute when she's washing her ears and face. It's the first time I've ever been this close to a rabbit and I'm enjoying the experience.

Our dogs are absolutely captivated by her. Unfortunately, it's more than curiosity. If she ever escaped from the cage, she'd almost certainly be killed by our dogs. I remember watching Beethoven sitting in front of the cage and watching her on the first day she stayed with us. Beethoven; normally very quiet and gentle; was shaking all over with the excitement and anticipation of being able to catch and kill the rabbit. It wasn't a pretty sight but there's very little you can do without time and training. Killing cute furry animals is part of their nature. Beethoven is getting used to the rabbit and behaving much better now but there's no way I'm letting the rabbit out of the cage any time soon. For extra safety, I'm the only one here allowed to open the cage.

Rabbit curiosity

All of our dogs were extremely captivated by the rabbit and very very curious. The dog in this picture is David, the oldest of four brothers and sisters found as pups in a bush near our home. He's very gentle, playful and loving, spending a large part of his free time lying on the floor next to my feet while I sit at the computer.

For a 750x500 version, click here.

I'm hoping that her eye will heal but there's still a very good chance that it's permanently damaged and will have to be removed. Even so, she's very cute.

We haven't named her yet. Any ideas?


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  1. Katrina says:

    She is so lucky that take care by you ^^ very kind

    so both of her eyes can' see well or just one?

    maybe name her " Panda Bun (bunnie)" haha^^

  2. sapphire says:

    Mr. Ho

    Just simply called her “Pinky” because her cute nose is pink in color.
    Lucky you, you’ve a colorful neighborhood too.:-)

  3. Cynthia says:

    Lucky rabbit that having you being her owner. You such a very good heart person. I'm so impressed.I live near by the park and lake. There have alot of wild rabbits around.When we take our dog to walk at the night time. We usual let her free and she always try to catch the rabbits. Thanks God she never catch one and we watched her very carefully,make sure she would not hurt any of them. They run really fast.My dog never can get close to them and that's good.It's denfinitely their nature. You can't let your dogs get too close to her for sure.Hum...about her name. What about * Cotton Ball * because her body are white. Just like a bun of cotton...:)

  4. Anna Fu says:

    Referred by an acquaintance to your site. Just want to say you have a huge fan here in NYC (also my husband is one too, and he wants to say "Hello, Fot Gok Ling See!" LOL!)! Plus, your Cantonese is way better than mine or his. We'll be sure to sharpen it by watching your work! Hehehe..

    Maybe you can simply name the bunny "Toto". Good luck to her!

  5. Kayin says:

    He he, she is pretty pretty! Call her Buttercup! I dunno why, but I think that name would suit her. LOL, I wonder what your rabbit thinks of your dogs, ha ha. Hope she can keep her eye ... If not, you should get her something to put over her eye ... But then it might make her look like a pirate ... *Buttercup*

  6. cindy says:

    wow, its so surreal reading your blog when I grew up watching you in tvb series!

    anyway, it was very nice of you to give the rabbit a home. I know it’s kind of a cliché if you name her Lucky but it works.

    good luck with her! i hope she befriends Beethoven before he eats her.


  7. anna says:

    i used to have 2 rabbits and i took them to the vet and was told they were both girls! imagine my surprise when a year later i found 2 additional baby rabbits running around in their hutch! so it turned out they weren't both girls after all ;)therefore YES it is absolutely hard to distinguish which sex a rabbit is!

    good on you for taking that precious little rabbit in - i'm sure you'll give it an excellent home!

    in terms of a suggested name...maybe Patch cos of the black patches around her eyes and body?

  8. Mike says:

    Mr Ho,

    You are such a kind person.

    The rabbit is really cute. Let say, I suggest this name for her, Dominique. What do you think?

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Jessica&Derik says:

    Hi nice pictures of the rabbit!

    Just a few things we wanna say :)
    1) Name your rabbit Charles Junior
    2) We've recently rewatched Healing hands three, we loved the part where you were singing, nice song... my boyfriend loves your acting and he just went screaming when he saw you on that series... it was all cool good job hope to see you in more television series.
    P.S Your chinese is better then mine..I can't even read chinese

    From: Aussies HK couple FANS

  10. Ian says:

    I hope the rabbit will get to keep her eye later.

    Names eh, what about Allie, or Natalie, Alice.?

  11. Teresa says:

    I adopted a rabit from SPCA (Singapore) and his name is Furry, because simply he is furry.

    I would love to have a cuddly bunny but Furry is not too friendly to me. I think it was due to the fact that he was abandoned and god knows what he has experienced roaming on the street!

    enough side tracking, great job taking in the little rabbit. hope with your love and care she will recover soon! what about calling her Cotton?

  12. yinyin says:

    What is SPCA? Some type of organisation where you can adopt pets?
    haha, im so glad that Wing got a rabbit at home, coz i have eight rabbits at home. Wing, your house must be very very big right, otherwise how could you manage 10 dogs?
    Hm....all the pets in our family named after each family member, like my dog is called 皮皮,because when i was small and even now im very lazy and do housework when i was force to ( not good) therefore my parents called me 耐皮茵, some how my dog just named 皮皮, other pets are called 马鼻because my father is allegic to some werid stuff and he calls sneeze s, yeah, probably you could the rabbit some thing like that/
    And yeah 小白or 开心. These two names might sound out of date but i truly wishes that rabbit will became 肥肥白白 and 开开心心 with the caring of Wing and his family.
    Regards 茵茵

  13. sapphire says:

    除了昨天我改一個英文名"Pinky" 給你的白兔女外,我還有一個很好的中文名提議給她。她全身的毛都是 ”白雪雪”,不如叫她做 ”白雪公主” or Snow White 呀,自從 Disneyland 開張後,呢個名字很 hit ,天天有機會見報;反正你家中都有seven dwarfs (seven male dogs) 陪她。不過希望你的白兔女做了白雪公主後,不會被三百幾人投訴她就好了。(哈哈!)

  14. yinyin says:

    好呀!GOOD IDEA,不过谁是白马皇子呀?

  15. Kayin says:

    Ha ha! Yeah, I like Snow White too! It's very cute! (But I still like Buttercup). Mmm ... Prince Charming ah? How about adopting another rabbit, a boy one this time, then he and Snow White can live happily ever after! Aww how sweet! They might even have baby rabbits!

  16. Edwin says:

    You are such a kind person......
    Have you ever thought of having a male rabbit so that the girl rabbit will not be so lonely

  17. Diana says:

    ahh you're so kind.
    that rabbit is very lucky to have you as an owner. her...................................

  18. Diana says:

    okay, its me again... hehe
    name her "Charlie" x)

  19. Phybee says:

    You are a kind person really, but I don't recommend you to keep the rabbit since your dogs may eventually kill her one day. :-/

    I once took my husky for a walk. Suddenly we saw a white parrot, apparently was deserted by some cruel and heartless people. And my dog rushed to it and killed it by biting its neck. It was terrible. She ran so quickly that I didn't even have the chance to stop her. Though I was surprised that my dog was such a skillful killer that the parrot died without bleeding.

    Yes you can protect the rabbit by keeping her in a cage. However, she loss the freedom that she deserves. Plus, she was once attacked by dogs. She must be afraid of animals that bigger than her. I don't think it's good for her to live surrounded by seven big dogs. So, I do suggest you to think twice :) ...

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Phybee unfortunately. Think of the trauma of being around with 7 dogs when you were attacked by them before :( Even 1 dog is enough to give anyone the shivers if they were attacked by them before.

    I hope the eye does get better.

  21. Winnie says:


    It's so true that it's difficult to determine the gender of a rabbit...

    How about keeping her in a separate room from all the dogs? somewhere she can't see the dog...

    You are so kind to take in the rabbit while she will otherwise be put down, but I do agree with Phybee as well because of the trama that the poor rabbit has gone through with dogs...

    Good luck for you and the rabbit! :)

  22. sapphire says:

    Mr. Ho

    I agree with what you’ve done right now is the best way to protect your rabbit until she has a new home.
    It’s not a good idea to send her back to Humane Society because her life might end up there with a sad story. We all know that there are tons of abundant animals waiting to be adopted in Humane Society.
    Also it’s not sensible to set her free in the wilderness because she is not wildlife. Even wildlife has to face the cruel reality of “survival of the fittest.” I’ve seen such cruel reality here very often because the backyard of our house is facing a golf course, where is the home for many kinds of wildlife at nighttime. So, let us pray for her health and new life.

  23. sapphire says:

    Mr. Ho
    Last week I took a photo of how a wild rabbit running for his/her life when a deer’s approaching. Fortunately the deer didn’t attack the rabbit at last. The deer was very friendly. I’ve linked my online photo album here. Be my guest.

  24. Jacob says:

    G'day mate!
    I never knew you were an Aussie bloke. Fair dinkim.
    You know, if only I knew you were an Aussie, I'd probably approach you in the canteen at lunch, and I'd probably stop my Pommy boss from joking about a fellow aussie. (The gwai lo who likes to call other white guys gwai lo's) Too bad now, 'cause I don't work in TVB city now.
    Hey I love your work, and I think it's cool that you can play all these differing types of roles in those series.
    And geez whiz, your chinese is probably better then mine, even though you're a white guy and I'm the yellow guy...
    Oh well, hopefully can meet you again one day.

  25. Kayin says:

    Hmm, Phybee's right actually ... And I doubt you'd be able to train all seven of your dogs to not eat up the little rabbit ... And you can't lock her up all the time ... Maybe you should give it to someone you really trust, and visit her whenever you're free (and bring her a carrot!)

    Jacob, you worked in TVB City before? Just curious.

  26. Elizabeth says:

    The picture of the rabbit's bad eye gives me shivers done my spine every time I scroll past it to get to the comments. Brr....

  27. 河國榮 says:

    hi everyone.

    we decided to name her Rose because I name all of our pets with 'human' names and her nose is pink like a rose. she's doing well. we're still not sure about the bad eye. I have to watch it carefully because if it begins to rot, it could cause other 'collateral' damage and that wouldn't be nice.

    Katrina, she can see with her right eye. I've discovered through observation that she often uses her nose to find food while using her eyes to watch for predators. I guess this is the way of rabbits in the wild.

    Kayin, I like Buttercup but as a rule, I always use 'human' names for our pets.

    Cindy, initially, I wanted to call pup #11 Lucky but my wife didn't like it and it's not a 'human' name (I'll try not to say that again).

    Teresa, I have discovered that even though I can pick up Rose and hold her close, she doesn't like it; as least not yet. I soon found that every time I put my hand inside the cage near her, she'd bite my hand. for now, I don't try to pick her up any more and she's no longer afraid of my hand because it always contains something for her to eat. nowadays (Aussie talk), she pops out of her box every time I open the cage to see what goodies I might be bringing her.

    Sapphire, somehow, I don't think Snow White is a good idea. apart from the bad publicity surrounding Snow White in the news recently, it's also a name that might one day be 'out of fashion'.

    Edwin, I'd like to get Rose a mate but it would definitely have to be a girl. we don't want baby bunnies jumping around!


    if we can find another owner for Rose, someone who already has rabbits, I will seriously consider giving her away. for now though, she's staying here and I'll always try to be extra careful to prevent her from escaping the cage.

    your story about the parrot is unfortunately very familiar to me. the same thing happened one day while taking our dogs for a walk except that it was a small cat hidden inside the road-side grass. the dogs could smell her but we couldn't see her until it was too late. very heart breaking.

    'freedom'? rabbits are not native to Hong Kong. if we released her, she'd be dead pretty quick, probably found and eaten by the many hawks (eagles?) that we have here in Hong Kong. fortunately (or unfortunately?), she's not afraid of our dogs so I wonder if she was actually attacked by a dog.

    Jacob, who are you? ;-)
    actually, I call other white guys 鬼佬 too. unfortunately, many people think it means 'red devil' when in actual fact, it refers to our white skin and means 'ghost person'. I see nothing demeaning about the term although I do take care when using it around other people just in case someone take offense.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Am I missing something? What is the Snow White bad publicity story about?

  29. Kayin says:

    Well I'm glad you liked Buttercup anyway! Oh your next entry is all Chinese ... right ... wish me good luck trying to read it, LOL.

  30. Christine says:

    My boyfriend once got me a girl rabbit which turned out to be a boy rabbit. We only found out when he started to do his thing when another rabbit was around! It was not a pretty scene!

  31. Ian says:

    You know what, Mr. Greg? I was thinking about that name, Rose, in my mind, but, it sounds classy and lady so, i didn't voice it out, instead i suggested names like Allie, Natalie or Alice instead, lol..

  32. tinggy says:

    Hi Mr. Ho~

    Poor little rabbit. You must be sad to see it wounded :( . I hope it is alright now.

    Oh by the way, I have always loved your performance! And I'm very surprised you know the chinese language so well! Keep up the good job!

  33. SelinaVe says:

    O...My god....

    You are a nice person who have a warmest heart~

    I am so appreciate for your attitude and keep up your good job~

    BTW, I am the foster parent for 4 lovely cats too...cheers up~

  34. Teresa says:

    I never had rabbit before. But the kittens in New York is very fierce. They play everything in the house and one slept on my face. I do not know what the difference of cats are between in Hong Kong and New York.