Test driving a Tesla Model S

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剛剛試駕這輛剛到香港全電力左軚 Tesla Model S 車。一個字,正! :-) We just test drove a new (left hand drive) all-electric Tesla Model S. Very nice!



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2 Responses to “Test driving a Tesla Model S”
  1. passerby says:

    I've subscribed to your site previous RSS feed, but didn't know that you've changed the link! Glad that I suddenly decided to check out some blogs and websites that I used to read/lurk regularly, and now I'm here at your new website :)

    BTW, You look very great in the pic from Taiwan's Want Daily!

    Hope you best in the future!

    • Gregory 河國榮 says:

      which link were you using previously? I'd like to forward/fix the link :-)