Interview for Jessica (2005/05/26)

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I was interviewed yesterday for the Jessica fashion magazine, even though I know absolutely nothing about fashion. Ask my wife.

They're doing a special set of articles about people living in Hong Kong and are interviewing fifty people for it. The articles will be published in the July issue.


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  1. Alison says:

    Hi Greg!

    Like most of the other people, I read your interview with Next Mag. last nite and got hold of your web address. I think you are very inspirational. I am gonna file the article away and share with my friends. I really admire your courage and persistence. More importantly, you are very kind and still very down to earth. After reading ur article abt the doggie, I think you are not just kind-hearted but also very rational. Anyways, I think a lot of the praises and so on have already been mentioned by other people, so I'm not gonna repeat them again. Just wanna let u know that, I think u r very adorable, talented, dedicated, kind and realistic. Pls. cheer up and never, never, never quit! U got loads of supporters everywhere (practically around the world)! I think what u r doing is sensible. Pursue ur interest/dream elsewhere (like performing on stage) and treat TVB just merely as a place where u can gain some exposure and a few dimes. We all know how TVB treats their artists... Is "perfume" still on? I am dying to hear u sing (& act, of course!). Lastly, I wld like to tell u that, despite u may not appear to have a smooth ride with ur career; God has already rewarded ur hard work with a good and understanding wife and your supportive parents. I think u shld be thankful (I know u already r) to ur wife and parents. Not that many wife &/or parents can be so understanding & supportive. Be happy! BTW, is "perfume" still on? Also, have u posted ur article on coffee already? Take care!

  2. Renee says:


    I read an article about you from a malaysia chinese newspaper and so i am droping by to say hi... I am not your fans but i do remember you in some of those TVB chinese drama...( over so many years.........)

    Keep up the good work....


  3. sapphire says:

    Hi Greg

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your interview in July.

    Hoping your puppy(Batty?)can find a sweet home soon.


  4. 河國榮 says:

    he doesn't have a name yet. we intentionally refused to name him to avoid creating a strong bond with him. my wife has even intentionally avoided him. she knows that if she were to spend some time with him that she'd like him too.

    something extraordinary here. before our dogs came into our lives, my wife (Bonnie) was scared of dogs. that's no longer true. she even understands them now. with exposure, people's views and understandings change. ignorance is possibly the worst sin of all. it's also very dangerous. that's a subject for another article sometime in the future.

  5. sapphire says:

    To Greg

    I don’t mean to offend you by giving this name to your pup ‘Batty’. I’m not his owner and I know nothing about his behavior at all. So who am I to justify he is batty or not, right?
    This is only my wild guess, because I saw his small picture once before with the word ‘Batty’ at the left-hand corner of your ‘yellow post’ on May 21. But I don’t know why this small picture suddenly disappears today. I was misled by that small pic.
    If my wild guess gives you any hard feelings, I do apologize for that.
    Bye now.


  6. 河國榮 says:

    no offense taken. Batty is dog#4. he's a mix german shepherd. I will be using his picture on my comments but am still fine-tuning the effect.

    IE is really hard to code for. it'd be great if everyone switched to a modern standards-based browser like Firefox but that won't happen very quickly.

  7. karen says:

    Hi Greg, I've been chased by dogs before, and I try every way to avoid them whenever I see them. I cross the streets immediately when i see a dog on the same side walk as me. I want to overcome my fear, because first of all, my bf loves dogs, and I can tell taht he really wants one. I want to know how your wife overcome her fear of dogs.

  8. Alison says:

    Coincidentally, I also has a phobia w/ dogs since I was young due to some bad experiences w/ them in my childhood. I was still paranoid w/ them until in my late 20's. I wld cry and jump up to a table or so when I saw a dog. The guy that I was dating about 10 yrs ago was a dog lover. Whenever I went to his house, I wld be surrounded by dogs and I wld scream and break down into tears. One fine day, he bought me a toy-size white pomeranian. She looked like a little mouse to me. Although she was (n still is) kinda cute, I was afraid of her. It was quite hilarious at first. I had to smuggle my doggie (Yoyo)to my bedroom (as my parents disapproved)and stay w/ her in my room. I kinda overcome my phobia gradually as I try to understand dogs more by reading some books abt their behaviour. Although I am still afraid of big dogs and very active little dogs, I am a lot better w/ dogs these days. In fact, I shocked the whole world by telling them that I am keeping a dog; as I am famous for my doggie-phobia. Anyways, I totally agree w/ Greg. Igonorance cld be our biggest enemy at times. Similar to Greg's earlier analogy abt pushing the door the wrong way, there are things that cannot be forced. I still remember when I was young, my family and friends tried hard to help me to overcome my fear for dogs. But nothing works. Only time and gradual understanding worked. Karen, although I am no expert on this subject, my word of advice is to try slowly. Try patting a tame dog's back first. That's what I did. One day, at my ex-BF's house, out of curiosity, I patted the back of his American Eskimo (a big but tame dog). I was amazed that it felt so soft and he didn't even move an inch. Since then, I try to interact w/ his dogs a bit more day by day; and the rest just came naturally. If I can, so can you!

    Separately, I just listened to the replay of Greg's radio interview w/ RTHK and learned that the play "Perfume" was finished. It's a shame. Greg, pls. let us know if u were to perform on stage again. Anyways, any thoughts on posting ur singing on your website as suggested by one of the viewers? Also, I heard the DJ called u Charles at the program. Wld u prefer to be called Charles or Greg, or any other preferences? Take care and looking fwd to ur new postings. Gd day!

  9. cherrie says:

    just curious. are all your dogs german shepherds? we have many dogs as well. we have 3 dalmatians, 3 beagles, 3 japanese spitz, 1 half-terrier half- jap spitz, 1 half jap spitz- half pekingese, and 11 pekingese =)

  10. 河國榮 says:

    my wife never had a bad experience with dogs so it was easier for her to get used to them and eventually love them.

    if you've had a bad experience, it'll be much harder to learn to like dogs again. Alison's advice sounds pretty good but don't let anyone push you. the only one who can 'push' you is yourself although others can be supportive.

    Alison, my middle name is Charles. a lot of HK people cannot pronounce Gregory (two r's) so they call me Charles instead. I don't mind.

  11. 河國榮 says:

    we only have one pure-bread. every other dog is a mix-breed including Batty. I will eventually introduce all of them on the blog. you'll have to wait to see them ;-)

  12. cherrie says:

    can't wait to see your dogs! =)

  13. Vanesse says:

    Dear Greg,

    Will purchase Jessica's July edition for sure. I am starting to collect every interview of yours starting from your interview in Next Magazine.

    I was bit by my uncle's dog when I was very young, probably between the age of 7-9. Still have the bite mark on my hand, and I remember blood was all over my arm but I refused to go to hospital for needles and stitches. I was really afraid of stitching. So the adults put some Chinese medicine powder over my wound and the bleeding stopped at last. It happened because I was trying to pat the dog's head as a friendly signal, but the dog was thinking that I wanted to attack it so it bit me. There was no adult around. After I was bit by the dog, I did not want to tell the adults as I was afraid that they would blame me for touching the dog. There was no blood at first, so I went to watch TV, pretending nothing had happened. Several minutes later, my aunt was screaming because blood was running down my arm.

    Well I did not grow up in a sense to hate or afraid dogs, but I ended up getting a hamster as my pet. At first the hamster was very nervous when it came to my house and would bite people who tried to touch it. Several weeks later, it was not afraid anymore and would let me hold it in my palm.

    The hamster died after one year. I remember there was one day, it suddenly felt very ill. When I touched it, it was like boneless. At that night, I held it in my palm, it choked and blood stained my T-shirt. Then, it passed away.

    I cried and cried like the end of the world. It was my very best friend. Many mid-nights when I was doing homework and assignments, it was the only one who stayed with me and I did not feel so lonely.

    At last I put its body in a box and buried it in the backyard (got a backyard when I was living in Canada). I can never forget that scene. Tear ran down my face when I was digging the hole, and I said "goodbye" to it, with a feel of heart-breaking.

    When I read your interview in the Next Magazine, the writer wrote that your hen/rooster passed away and you were in sorrow. Although the writer could not understand why, I could.

  14. 河國榮 says:

    when approaching dogs that aren't your own, you have to take precautions, even if they appear to be friendly. of course, you wouldn't know this if you're just 7 years old.

    if you're going to pat a strange dog, slowly move your hand toward the dog's snout, all the while watching his mouth. if he curls his lips up or shows his front teeth or scrunches up his snout so that the skin appears wrinkly, he's giving you a warning and you should back off.

    instead of patting the dog on the head, you should try to pat the dog under the neck area. when you bring your hand down toward a dog's head, they assume that you have attack intentions. only really friendly dogs or dogs with no survival instinct will allow you to pat them on the head.

    there are other rules too, maybe things that I can discuss in a later article.

    and dogs have a spoken language. I wish I could learn it. that'd be pretty amazing, being able to communicate verbally with dogs.

  15. Alison says:

    Yeah! Can't wait to see ur dogs and getting to know them more. Pls. do take the time to post their pictures and a brief intro of ur dogs and other pets. BTW, how did u end up keeping hens/roosters? Do u still have some at home? What other pet-keeping experiences do u have? I am basically afraid of all sorts of animals; though I am getting better w/ dogs these days. I do share Vanesse's and your experience of seeing our pets going away. I used to have a yorkshire terrier. She is very cute and quiet (w/c is quite rare for her breed). I discovered she had a brain tumour and had gone blind in October (on the 10, to be exact)in 2002. As she had been suffering more and more as days gone by and there was nothing the vets could do (as I was told), I decided to bring her to the vet and let her go peacefully on the Silent Night (Dec. 24, 2002). That was the most painful decision that I had ever made. I still think of her a lot and can still feel her body's warmth. I am still keeping her ashes and a few locks of hair at home. I still miss her dearly...

    On a separate note, any chance of hearing u sing and maybe play a little guitar or piano any time soon, Greg?

  16. sapphire says:

    >>>Sapphire, remind me. I'll post a scan of the article *one month after* the release date of the magazine so that it doesn't >>>interfere with the sales of the magazine.
    很久沒有你消息,你好嗎?小狗Jason 俾新主人收養兩星期多,牠適應新生活嗎?
    明天就係八月啦!請問現在係適當時侯刊登七月份你在 Jessica Magazine 的訪問 scan copy 未呀? 謝謝!