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Instagram: 咁就睇曬乜乜乜了⋯好滾動⋯點解人…

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RTHK’s new resident

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Sometimes you get lucky…

After the interview at RTHK yesterday, I walked through the RTHK car park back to my car and was attracted by a dragonfly. I'm currently trying, although not overly conscientiously, to photograph one of these in flight. It's not easy but it is possible. It's a matter of watching their flight pattern and hoping that they pause near you long enough to direct the camera, focus, position the subject and shoot.

While trying (unsuccessfully) to photograph the dragonfly, and getting curious looks from other radio visitors and employees, I suddenly became aware of bird sounds that I hadn't heard before. I do a lot of digital hunting by ear now and I needed to see what kinds of birds were making these sounds. I walked on over to where the sounds were coming from.

Instead of a new variety of bird, I found a couple of very feisty magpie robins. They were making quite a ruckus and they usually only do this when there are young around. So I carefully peered around the trees and suddenly saw her; a baby magpie robin. The new sound I had heard was in fact the baby, calling her parents for food, quite loudly too. The parents were making a lot of noise because the baby was in a tree near the entrance to the car park where a crowd of ten or so people were standing, hoping to see a glimpse of a pop singer currently being interviewed in the station. Bird parents really get nervous when people get too close to their young.

Fortunately, I had my 350D ;-) with my new 70-300 DO IS lense. At least one of the photos was quite acceptable. I hope you enjoy it. My wife has already asked for a desktop version.

Baby Magpie Robin

I was lucky. She was perched nearby at eye level. It's very rare that you get to photograph a bird at eye level. You're usually photographing upward at them high up in the trees and the results are more often than not non-ideal.

For a 750x500 version, click here.

Mummy Magpie Robin

Daddy was in the same tree, well camouflaged by the branches. Mummy, seen here, was having a breakdown with all the people nearby. I was making it worse for her so I took my photos and left her alone.

By the looks of her, she's not young. She looks ragged and thin. Age… it gets to all of us eventually.

Interview for Made in HK, RTHK Radio 2 (20060630)

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I was interviewed yesterday at RTHK for 李志剛's Made in Hong Kong program. It was a fun interview. Originally purposed to discuss anti-discrimination matters, we didn't talk a lot about anti-discrimination because I haven't personally experienced very much discrimination in Hong Kong at all, more than likely because I've given a lot of effort to learning the local language. Communication is the key to a harmonic society.

If you missed the interview, it's available online at RTHK's Made in Hong Kong 李志剛, (20060630). The full show is 2 hours long. My interview is in the second hour. If you're using RealPlayer, the link for the second hour is Made in Hong Kong 李志剛 (20060630) Part II.

李志剛 is a rare, nice and funny guy!