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@litowinter ・・・ Movie of the Day - 死開啲啦 Get Outta Here Laughter with Tears, a total reflection of the current situation of Hong Kong 既然女主角 @jarielui 大力推介, 當然要入場一試龍與鳳。 離開影院時,是笑中有淚的, 一幕又一幕的劇情, 彷彿將生活中面對的種種一次過放大呈現眼前, 不禁令人反思一下現狀, 狠狠地將觀眾帶回現實, 展示各階層背後辛酸。 惟有些話題只輕輕帶過, 未有進而探討, 有點美中不足。

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Support movie with local taste @bravospictures with @repostapp ・・・ 【好齊人呀】《死開啲啦》團隊努力為電影宣傳,人類朋友殭屍朋友敬請鎖定各大報章雜誌! 10月8日 大家Like屍| 監製 x 導演 再爆本土電影新話題| ( ) 殺出創意血路

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Keanu’s latest movie

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We saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" yesterday. My wife had been looking forward to this movie, probably because there hasn't been a good movie showing for quite some time. The summer releases were overall quite disappointing with Batman being the one exception.

We watched the movie at The Grand Cinema in The Elements Plaza. It's probably the best cinema in Hong Kong. The seats, the screens, and especially the audio are all top notch.

The movie was believable (to me) albeit a little slow in the beginning. I almost fell asleep, partly because I'm fighting an infection at the moment and therefore feeling tired generally. The only things that didn't agree with me were that the people of this earth would change their ways and begin to look after the planet they inhabit, and Keanu's Mandarin dialog. For an advanced alien being, his Mandarin was way too accented. He sounded like a beginner, one who had done his homework, but sounded like a beginner nonetheless. More than a few people in our cinema snickered at his Mandarin. The strangest thing was that he comes across to me as someone with Chinese blood in him. That's weird!

But it was a reasonable movie, much better than most of the Summer releases.

P.S. At least one aspect of the alien technology seems to have come from my favourite sci-fi television series Stargate SG-1. Does anyone remember the dreaded "replicators"?