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Manufacturing leaving China?

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Didn't see that coming, but should have! Foxconn is apparently planning to build a new factory in Brazil to build Apple products. The Chinese source article sites transportation costs as the reason for the move, but one can not discount the possibility that labour costs in China have now escalated too much to be competitive with other developing nations.

In Hong Kong, we've been hearing about the increasing costs of labour and the associated labour-protective contracts that must be signed. Now, we're beginning to see real effects of this.

Improved antenna, 4-inch screen, NFC e-wallet rumored for Apple's iPhone 5

China Times also noted that strong demand for Apple products, particularly the iPhone and iPad, has prompted Apple's manufacturing partner, Foxconn, to plan a new facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was said that the new plant will be specifically to build Apple products, and production will start in 2013.

iPhone 5 第3季現身

此外,為了解決美洲市場運輸考量並分散生產據點,外電指出,鴻海計劃在巴西聖保羅(Sao Paulo)市北方約60公里處的 Jundiai 市再度興建廠房,專門為蘋果代工產品,並計劃於2013年開始投產。 目前富士康在 Jundiai 市擁有兩座廠房,分別為Sony、惠普(HP)組裝產品。