Will London have me?

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I have just one goal this week, one thing that must be completed before the holiday weekend begins. I must complete and dispatch my application to study a (Postgraduate Diploma or MA) degree in Musical Theatre at the University of London.

Henry (the director of "They’re Playing Our Song (2007)") gave me a list of institutions that he thought would have something to offer me in my quest to improve my acting skills. I checked all of their web sites and only two offered subject courses which I felt would be appropriate to my current needs. After further consideration, I decided to apply to the University of London.

There is no guarantee that I'll be accepted. In fact, it might be a long shot but I have to try anyway. I have no other degrees. All I have is 19 years of experience, acceptable acting and singing abilities, and a desire to learn. Combined with the fact that I would be a foreigner and a 'senior' student, this will hopefully be enough to get me into the course.

I won't know if I get accepted for at least a month. I'll let you know what happens ;-)

For those concerned, rest assured that I will continue to work with TVB. It is simply my hope that I'll be able to expand my horizons and branch out into movies and musical theatre, especially musical theatre. Acting and singing on stage is just so incredible!

Update (April 4, 2007)

The application was completed and handed over to the local FedEx people this afternoon at 5.30pm. Now I need to relax (my vocal chords are still inflamed; my doctor said that I really must shut up for at least a few days) and prepare just in case they consider my application and request an audition.

Update (April 24, 2007)

I have received an invitation to an audition to be held in London on June 23. It's going to be tough but I'll do my best. Six weeks to go…