Eager to be my best

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During "They’re Playing Our Song (2007)" rehearsals, Henry spent a lot of time talking to Sompor, explaining the character to her, extracting the acting talent from inside her and helping her to be the best she could be. It was worth the effort. Sompor was great on stage.

I'm eager to share a similar experience. If you're a director who sees potential in my acting abilities and would be willing to spend time working with me to help me be the best I can be for the production, please send me an email; <gregory at hokwokwing dot hk>. I'm interested as an actor and possibly co-investor in two areas: quality movies, and Broadway musical stage productions; English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Preparing for the future

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"Sleep! I can't sleep". That opening line from Act 2 Scene 1 of "They're Playing Our Song" applies perfectly to my situation at this exact moment.

My brain has been working non-stop for the last ten weeks and even now that the show is over, it refuses to slow down. The melodies from the show are still in my head as are occasional excerpts from the scenes, but more and more, my brain is trying to plan my future direction.

"They're Playing Our Song" was the greatest thing I've done in my life.

I worked hard for ten weeks and I'm not going to stop now. I like where I am. I like how trim I am and how fit I am, and I want to do another musical. I have decided to attend dancing lessons locally, and also return to L.A. to get more vocal coaching with Peisha. I may also attend acting school in Europe during the latter half of this year. When the next musical comes along, I want to be two grades better than I was for "They're Playing Our Song".

I have enrolled in four different dance classes in a 黃大仙 dance centre as recommended by a valued experienced friend. My lessons will begin in late April. Two of the classes are not strictly dancing but my friend's intention for the moment is that I learn to understand my body, that I discover my centre (important for balance and lots of other things when dancing) and that I learn the basics of dance. Five classes a week; it sounds exhausting but I doubt that it'll be as hard as the rehearsal schedule we had for "They're Playing Our Song" ;-)   I'll still need to continue with weight-lifting, vocal training and acting exercises so my overall schedule will actually be quite busy.

It is my hope that my vocal chords will fully recover soon and that I'll be able to see Peisha before the dance lessons begin. My current plan is two weeks of daily vocal lessons. Of course, I'll have to see if TVB has anything planned for me first. If they do, I'll change my schedule and work around them.

The singing and dancing of stage musicals have now become an important part of my life. I love the Broadway musicals and I want to do another one; a bigger one, in Cantonese; in Cantonese because a bigger musical production costs a lot to produce and Hong Kong people appear to be frightened of English productions (unless they're imported and marketed extremely well). The only way to increase the odds of making money on the production (I can't afford to do another free one) is to do it in Cantonese, so Cantonese it will probably be (not a problem for me ;-)

Today on Broadway, black actors and actresses are getting leading roles which were originally written for Caucasians. I used to think it was a little odd, but now I'm hoping for the equivalent thing to happen here in Hong Kong; a single Caucasian in an otherwise all-Chinese production! With luck, planning and hard work, you'll see me doing great work on stage again in approximately 18 months.

If you have any favourite Broadway (or London West End) musicals that you'd like to see us (me) perform in Hong Kong and that haven't been performed in the last ten years, please leave a comment.