903 radio interview tonight

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To help get the word out about our play, our marketing person arranged for me to have an interview with the 叱咤 903 radio station, but the interview is part of a program called 「有耳喱民」 in which they talk about weird behaviour and ghost stories. I was a little hesitant about it but the producers and hosts (亞喱, 詹志民 and 有耳非文) made me feel at home as soon as I arrived. Knowing 有耳非文 from way back in 1997 when we performed 「上海之夜」 together helped a lot too because I suddenly had a 'friend' with me, and so the interview turned out to be a very fun one.

The interview will be broadcast tonight at 12 midnight. If you don't have Hong Kong radio access, you can listen to it via their web link. I think you'll enjoy it ;-)

Unforeseen responsibilities

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I'm tired, very tired.

I've suddenly found myself with much more responsibility than I'd foreseen.

A few weeks ago, we realised that tickets were not selling as well as we'd like. Our marketing was not working. In some areas, it was simply non-existent. At least one good friend of mine didn't know about the play until I called them.

We had done a few interviews with newspapers and magazines but the affect on ticket sales was not ideal. We had to do more, and I decided to fund the design and publishing of our ads, the ones I showed you in my previous article. Those ads worked but we're still not doing well enough to sit back and relax.

Part of the challenge we face is that the play is in English. There have been many inquiries about tickets but as soon as many of those inquirers realise that the play is in English, they hang up. We have Chinese subtitles but people are still scared of English. Even three of my wife's relatives declined our complementary invitation to see the show because it's in English.

Another part of the challenge is the Arts Festival. It's taken and flooded all of the marketing opportunities. I personally called SCMP this morning to ask about doing an interview and the person there was very frank with me. Somewhat apologetically, he explained that even if they were able to arrange an interview, it wouldn't get published because all of the available space had already been allocated to the Arts Festival.

So getting the word out about our play has been and continues to be difficult.

One important truth about this play is that it would definitely be desirable to have more than a few English-comfortable people in the audience, people who will understand without delay the funny punch lines in the play, people who will laugh intermittently and consequently add to the atmosphere of the play. So it is that I have spent most of my brain power over the last 24 hours trying to arrange more exposure in the English world of Hong Kong.

We did a live interview on RTHK 3's "Morning Brew" program this morning. I think the interview was great. Natalie, the radio host, had done her homework and she was excellent with the questions and the comments. Henry and Sompor were also very good in front of the mike and it was a comfortable interview overall. Hopefully, it will help to spread the word out to the English population of Hong Kong.

A short telephone interview that I did with SCMP will be published in Sunday's issue. Again, I hope it will get noticed and help build the noise about our play.

One of our ads will appear in this Friday's issue of HK Magazine, a magazine read by many of Hong Kong's English-comfortable people.

But I still can't rest, so I went back to TVB today. 20 years of working with TVB has given me a little respect at TVB and I needed it today. The producer of 娛樂直播 had one empty interview slot in next Tuesday's program and immediately decided to put me in there. That was nice ;-)   東張西望 is also considering filming our final rehearsal and interviewing us on Friday.

On the English side, I'm still hoping for more exposure. I'm now working closely with our marketing person. We'll try to contact a few more English radio and television people to arrange interviews. Until the show ends, I must not give up hope.

Many weeks ago, a good friend upon learning of my part in the play commented that it was a very serious situation for me. If the play fails, it will reflect directly on me; not on the director, not on Sompor, just on me!

I have taken on a lot of various responsibilities for the sake of the play and I've taken them on with every ounce of energy I have. I've done much more than would normally be required of an actor. I have never put so much effort, time and heart into anything in my entire life. I can only hope and trust that it will not be in vain.

4 days to go…

Poster files for download (March 14)

If you know of somewhere to place one of our posters to advertise our play, please download and print one of these files. These (8MB hi-q RGB jpeg) files can be used to print any size up to at least A3 (and they look great coming off my Epson Stylus Pro 3850 ;-)

They're Playing Our Song 2007 Poster — English
They're Playing Our Song 2007 Poster — Chinese