My promotion

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( Fiction; ie, it's imagined, made up, invented, sort of, and it's not about me! )

eight fifteen a.m. just enough time to say my prayers before going to the office, only if we cut across the lanes into the exit though. if we had to go all the way down to the bottom and back up the other side to get to the car park entrance, I'd be late for work. crossing the white lines may be illegal but I can afford the fines.

prayers are all done. time to get to the office. things have changed a lot recently. I thought I'd be retiring soon. had to get that big project all organised so that I'd have a decent salary to fall back on after retirement. if it wasn't for all those noisy buggers complaining about the way the project was set up for bidding, it would've been finished by now too. oh well, doesn't matter anymore now that I've got this big promotion coming up. I'd dreamed about it but just didn't think it'd actually happen, or come so soon. all that shoe polishing finally paid off.

some of the shareholders really don't want to see me promoted but it'll happen anyway. I've heard from top management that all eight hundred shareholders will be contacted directly and asked about their nomination intentions. if they don't nominate me, their personal business prospects will be dubious. I'd like to see their faces when they begin receiving those phone calls. aren't open ballots great?

nominations went through. not a single nomination for any other candidate. no way the promotion's going to anyone else now. still got to make it look official though so I'll have to look surprised and happy when I 'officially' hand in my nomination application, all prettied up in that nice blue box with a ribbon around it. my secretary did a good job with that. not bad at all. it'll look good on tele.

promotion's official. I begin work in the new position today. this'll be fun but I'll have to work out something to keep the nay-sayers and trouble-makers in line. I'm sure top management have their opinions and methods, and my friends should have more than a few suggestions that'll help too. at least I don't have to worry about my salary anymore. this position pays top dollar and the additional investments I'll be able to make will guarantee a comfortable retirement when I'm ready for it.

this'll be an interesting four years indeed.