It’s noisy but who cares!

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My wife and I are at the Robin Gibb concert in the HK Exhibition Centre. We arrived half an hour late much to my wife's chagrin. I planned on parking beneath the new extension but after half an hour of queueing in traffic finally arrived at a full car park. We had to swing around and park in the car park next to the hotel and walk over instead. Whoever designed this exhibition centre should be shot. They should have planned for large numbers of people parking here. It is after all an exhibition centre.

So we finally made it to the concert, albeit late.

My impressions? This place wasn't designed for concerts. The sound properties are terrible. Add to that the loud volumes that the speakers have to produce and substandard sound mixing and you end up with a lot of noise where Robin's voice is sometimes hardly discernable.

Robin's voice is raspy and the chorus is sometimes off key. The music is over-bearing and the orchestral music arranger succumbed to the common temptation and musical sin of using as many instruments as much of the time as possible.

The floor of the hall is flat so people at the back have a hard time seeing Robin on stage, and because all sound is produced by the speakers in front, people sitting in the front section are getting blasted as if they were in a rock concert.

But the songs are great, and the Bee Gee fans? Well they're having a fantastic time!

Time to sign off and listen to the music ;-)