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「香水」演出的報告 #1

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「香水」演出的報告 #1

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舞台劇 .
改編自 之同名小說
主演: #焦媛、河國榮
改編: 導演: .
2018年2月2-3日 晚上8點
2018年2月3-4日 下午3點
地點: 新翼演藝廳
票價:$320, $230, $150

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“Perfume” 「香水」 begins tomorrow!

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"Perfume" 「香水」 begins tomorrow. The first show will be a charity show and has been sold out. The other shows are still up for grabs if you're fast enough.

We moved into the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on Monday and have already had two rehearsals with the full stage and settings. We have another two rehearsals today and one more tomorrow before the premier show so the first show should be a very good show.

Perfume will be playing from May 5 until May 11 with two shows each on Saturday and Sunday.

Don't miss out.

Stage vrs TV

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I've just returned from another rehearsal for "Perfume" 香水 (which by the way is now being advertised with huge posters in many of the Hong Kong MTR stations). Five days away from the premier performance and we continue to improve our performances and the play as a whole.

That's the interesting thing about plays. Because you're working on the same thing every day, the dialog gets out of the way very early on and you become familiar with the 'life' within the dialog. The life can be intepreted in many ways and it's not uncommon for the intepretation to change with every rehearsal, or even while the play is actually running.

When I was working on "Magic is the Moonlight" 上海之夜, I remember changing the life and approach of one scene at least five times. As the actor becomes more familiar with the scene, the director begins to see alternative intepretations and opportunities to improve the scene. It's a truely evolutionary process.

The development and evolution of life within the play is probably one of the reasons that so many television and film actors try to get back to the stage between their television/film schedules. The constant attention to the same scenes allows the actor to develop their focus and acting skills and it benefits them in many ways.

This kind of development is not possible with television, especially the television series made at TVB. We, the actors, are never given the time to develop the scene. We do our homework and analyse and visualise the scene before we get to the studio but that doesn't do much to prepare us for the affects of the set and of the other actors. And it's never enough to allow us to evolve and develop the life between the dialog. The actors at the TVB are pretty damn good and they do extremely well under the circumstances; working 18 hours a day with little or no sleep every day for three to five months straight, sometimes getting the script on the day of filming. It would be interesting to see what they could do if given the opportunity to perform on the stage instead.

I think "Perfume" will be a great production. I was going to say "in its final version" but stage plays never stop evolving so there's never a final version.

In any case, I think it'll definitely be worth watching; even if I do say so myself.

‘Perfume’ coming soon

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The stage production "Perfume" that I am working on will be showing very soon, at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. If you can read Chinese, there is more information over at Spring Time Productions and at the "Perfume" site.

Perfume, playing soon

This will indeed be an interesting experience. It only occurred to me last week that this will be the first time in my eighteen years of acting that I've had a main cast role so this will be an important mile stone for me.

It will also be interesting because the whole play only involves four actors and a small stage surrounded on all sides by the audience. I think it'll be great and I'm getting more excited with each day that passes.

There are going to be nine shows. One show is already fully booked. If you'd like to see the play, be sure to get your tickets soon.

A busy week

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It was a busy week. I have been filming a television series 「隨時候命」 about the Hong Kong Government Flying Service (GFS) 政府飛行服務隊 and we actually get to sit in real helicopters like the one shown here. Even though I'm a senior pilot in the series, I don't actually get to fly. We filmed the flying scenes inside the GFS hangar using green backdrops for what we in the industry call chroma-key where they'll later replace the green background with actual sky. GFS's helicopters are incredibly nice pieces of engineering. The technology and materials used to build those copters is awe-inspiring.

(An interesting thing about the chroma-key: all of us with GFS roles have authentic GFS sweaters but we've never been able to wear them no matter how cold the weather became. Why? Because the sweaters are green!)

On location: An HKGFS helicopter pilot in TVB's 「隨時候命」

I spent two days at the GFS hangar this week, and two nights in the television studio filming the GFS offices. I spent another night on location out in a town called Tin Sui Wai filming for another television series called "Into thin air" 「人間蒸發」. That shoot didn't finish until 4am.

And finally, there was one night rehearsing for our new stage play "Perfume" 「香水」. With only twenty-something days remaining, we don't have a lot of time to perfect our performances but I think it'll be pretty good anyway.

The coming week should be slower. I'll be able to spend more time on the piano, improving my music abilities.

A busy week

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前晚可以看到 嘅 演唱會真開心。聽他唱就聽得出他很有心唱,很懷念哥哥。GREAT show!恭喜 Leo。

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