Leo Koo, a ‘True Music’ experience

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My wife and I went to Leo Koo's (古巨基) concert tonight at the Hong Kong Colosseum. We were given the tickets by a friend of mine, and were very surprised to find ourselves sitting in the second row. My wife commented that she probably wouldn't need to wear her glasses. That's how close we were.

Leo's a music man. He's loved singing for a long time, so much so that even after becoming quite successful as an actor for China-produced television serials, he chose to give up the television work and resume his singing. Tonight simply proved that he made the right choice.

The concert was great. Leo really knew how to make the music live. There's a difference between a singer who can keep key and a singer who knows how to make use of volume, emphasis and timing to bring a song alive, and Leo did everything right.

It became obvious that music itself was an important part of this concert. The arrangements and band were excellent and the volume wasn't too loud. There was even a whole segment where the backing singers came up on stage and sung alongside Leo. I've never seen this in Hong Kong and it was executed extremely well. The singers obviously had a lot of fun too.

The dancing was appropriate. The dancers employed for Hong Kong's concerts are always top notch but the arrangement can sometimes go overboard or become inappropriate for family viewing. That didn't happen tonight. All of the dances were related to Leo's own personality and nothing too spicy happened during the dances.

Leo's waited 11 years for this concert. He had the opportunity to open a concert eight years ago when one of his songs became a big hit here in Hong Kong. After considering the number of hit songs he had on hand and his experience, Leo passed up the invitation. In some ways, he regrets it because it took another 8 years before that opportunity re-introduced itself. I on the other hand think everything worked out well for him. He's more famous and popular now than he ever was, and he's a very strong singer and performer. With the bad economic times of 1997 and SARS behind us, his career can only soar from this point on.

He's going to be one of the greatest singers that Hong Kong has ever seen. Just wait and see.