Instagram: 我們家本來已經是「老人院」;九個…

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我們家本來已經是「老人院」;九個狗狗之間有五個都已經過了14歲。但現在我們家突然變成「醫院」;六個狗狗病了。照片裡這個是最老的,患有耳子炎、腸胃炎、耳水不平衡。另外四個因為吃了贈給我們的狗糧就出現嚴重敏感和皮膚的問題。最後還有一個現在貧血,需要盡快查到原因。個個都有藥吃 :-( Our 'old peoples home' has suddenly turned into a hospital. 6 of our 9 dogs are sick. The one in the photo is our oldest. He has an ear infection, I.T. infection and a balance problem. Four of our other dogs developed a serious allergic problem after eating dog food that was given to us. Their skin is in very bad shape. And one other dog is anaemic with possible internal bleeding. We have to find the cause asap. They're all on medication. OUCH!!!

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