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我有份拍的「情迷黑森林」在下個星期一在香港開始播。現在我坐著公司車到萬豪酒店去,為這個劇集做宣傳。我有點兒開心因為有機會再見劇集的顧問厨師阿 Thomas 。劇集內的朱古力和蛋糕大多數都是由他親手做的。

這個劇集是我在 Los Angeles 讀演戲之後第一個機會試我學了的演戲方法,所以我對我在這個劇集內的表現好有興趣。



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38 Responses to “「情迷黑森林」宣傳
  1. sapphire says:


    影帶睇,到時可以睇下你 LA “學成歸來”後的 Breakthrough 啦。

    那個劇集拍完每場戲時,你們 artists 有無機會分享那些美味蛋糕及朱古力?
    或是要把它們留作下場戲做道具?個劇集名好 yummy呀!如果是黑森林蛋糕
    再加多一杯意大利的 Illy Espresso就 perfect 啦.
    Morning is not perfect without coffee eh?


  2. Jess says:

    I can't wait to see it =)

  3. Sapphire says:


    呢個世界好似有 Copy Right 這東西? 我的作品好似跟原來的有多少.....
    今次真係好心無好報,早知不 FYI 你,多謝都無聲……..Just kidding!


  4. Christine says:

    Is Thomas the chubby guy with glasses? I've seen him several times on tele and in magazines. He is undoubtedly the best pastry chef in HK!

  5. Christine says:

    BTW, what is your character in 「情迷黑森林」?

  6. 河國榮 says:


    thank you for the heads up regarding the bad post. sorry for not thanking you.


    Thomas is a big guy. he's probably the one you're referring to. he's amazing with chocolate and it's always great to see him. I'll be posting a photo of him here soon.

    in the series, I'm a master chef myself. I don't like to say too much because I think it ruins the story for people watching the series.

  7. Alison says:

    Glad that u fixed it so that we can post our comments again. At first, I thought it was my computer's problem. Whew! Thx to Sapphire as well.

    For this kind of press conference, r only reporters allowed to attend? Can we, as a passerby, sit in? (I guess not, eh?!)

    Btw, I am also interested to know, do u guys get to eat the goodies after the shooting? Or the dessert won't be fit to eat after all that filming?

    I normally don't watch TVB's soaps (to be exact, I don't really watch too much of TVB's programs) these days. Well, I'll watch it this time; largely 'cos I want to c ur performance and partly 'cos of the cakes! I like watcching programs/drama abt cooking.

    Can't wait to c u in the series. Let's discuss abt it more later. Gd day ne!

  8. Sapphire says:

    To Alison,

    Not a problem!


  9. Jomay says:

    Hmm... I see that you are playing the evil Caucasian again >: D

    Just curious - how many times have you played "Mr. Robinson" before? It seems to me that all Caucasian characters on TVB shows have that name =_=

  10. Arthur Heng says:

    Good luck and have fun!

  11. 河國榮 says:

    hi guys.

    many of the plainer cakes were not edible because they had to last for several days or even weeks. even with a refrigerator to keep them cool between scenes, an ordinary cake would simply not last long enough for filming purposes.

    most of the incredibly decorated cakes were real and edible, usually made on the premises in the studio by Thomas who worked like a dog to perfect every cake he made, including the pirate ship cake which you'll see if you watch the series.

    some of the cakes didn't need to be kept and were edible. if our scenes were the last for the night and we waited around, we could sometimes leave the studio with a cake or at least part of a cake. I left one night with half a cake; half yoghurt and half something else. it was incredible, possibly one of the nicest cakes I've eaten in a long time, and easily twice as good as the regular cakes available in budget-minded hotel buffets throughout Hong Kong.

    gaining weight while filming was a threat but a small one. we didn't get to eat as much cake as you might think.

    actually, in this series, I'm Sean Paul; again. I was Paul in the Teresa Teng Forever stage musical in 2002, Paul in many TVB soaps, and Paul again in the just-finished Perfume play. whenever it comes to French men, TVB only remembers the name of Paul.

  12. Alison says:

    Thx, Greg, for quenching our curiosity about the cakes.

    I like ur last comment abt naming. So now we got it. U will always be Paul when the character is a French and Robinson when u r British!

    I will definitely tune in on Monday for the series.

    Stay cool! (Pizza for dinner tonite?) :-p

  13. Felix says:

    wow.hope i can see too

  14. Jomay says:

    Thanks Greg/Robinson/Paul : D

  15. cherrie says:

    ehm, is this the series yummy yummy?

  16. Vanesse says:

    Dear Greg,

    When I saw you in the ad of 「情迷黑森林」,I was very happy. I will definitely record every episode and watch it when I return home. (Sometimes I work until quite late)

    I keep laughing when you said "TVB only remembers the name of Paul.". In fact, I find that most HK script writers always name French characters "Jean Paul". It seems like this is the only name for French guys. My feeling is: lazy. Just spend a little bit of time to do a research on French names, please!

    At last, I feel very happy that you were applying what you learnt into your actings. I can't wait to see. I respect you so much because you really work hard for your job. It's a sign of respect.

    I think people who do not know how to respect their job will never go too far.

  17. sapphire says:

    小狗#11找到牠的 lucky star 沒有?

  18. SUNNY says:


  19. Faye says:

    Hi Mr Rivers,

    How are you? This is my first time here because I just learnt your Blog from Next Magazine. I'm a Macau-Portuguese and I'm now living in LA. Since my childwood was in Macau,so I know Chinese too. Actually my Mom is 100% Chinese but my Dad is Macau-Portuguese.I grew up together with TVB soaps here. My Mon said that watching TVB programs can improve our Chinese. Do you think so? Your Blog is great! And your articles coverd a lot of topics.I like it. I'll come back again.That's for sure.See ya!

    PS Keep up your good work, and you'll find your silver lining soon.
    PPS Can I use Chinese next time because I want to practise my Chinese typing as well when I visit your blog?

  20. 河國榮 says:


    I think my role in 「情迷黑森林」 is pretty good, but the overall result is never as we remember it during filming so I'll have to see the actual broadcast to see how well I did.

    I've dubbed a lot of Michael Wong's parts over the years, including TV and movies. he's a busy and popular man so he's not always available to dub his roles. I'm not sure if I dubbed the role you're referring to though. maybe. maybe not.


    'yummy yummy'? not sure. maybe.


    more pup info coming soon.


    you can type Chinese anytime you wish. I'm lazy so I'm not writing in Chinese but I can read almost all of it perfectly. from time to time though, I will be posting Chinese articles for both myself and for my readers.

  21. Christine says:

    I'm sure I've come accross several "Pierres" in TVB series too? *LOL*

    Did you and your "padawans" actually cook in 「情迷黑森林」or were they all done by stunts/Thomas?

  22. Pegasus@Taipei says:

    I like your comments regarding "Paul"!

    後來發現 回台北前在香港機場抓起的那一份壹週刊中


  23. cherrie says:

    may i know what is the english title of 情迷黑森林? it's easier if i said the english title because sometimes when the owner of the store where i rent tvb series is not around, i will have difficulty searching for the series because the assistant don't know chinese. thanks!
    by the way, i saw some clips from this series, you have long hair here! =)
    i often remember you as 'robinson'. and whenever my brother will see you on-screen, he always ask me, 'so what is mr. robinson's role now?' =)

  24. 河國榮 says:

    "The Gateau Affairs" is the English name. I found it on TVB's site.

  25. Vanesse says:

    Dear Greg,

    Can you remember when was 情迷黑森林 filmed? I am just curious.

    I saw 文頌嫻 in 情迷黑森林 and I am a bit wondered. I haven't seen her in TVB's episodes for long time.

    She is a good actress.

  26. Ailie says:

    Hi Greg,

    Suggest them some names other than Paul next time. :)

    I have been in Germany for almost 3 years and know lots of French... but no Paul... not even Jean Paul or Sean Paul... mostly Nicolas, Guillaume (not sure if it spells like this...), David (spoke as "Da-vi"), Jerome, etc etc... French names can be interesting!

  27. 河國榮 says:

    Cherrie, 'yummy yummy" might be shown later this year. nobody's really sure just yet.

    Vanesse, it was filmed from September to November of 2004. 文頌嫻 was great to work with.

  28. cherrie says:

    thanks a lot! i will sure watch the series! =) and the cakes look very yummy! =)

  29. Hester says:

    Hi Greg,

    Do u have a big part in "The Gateau Affairs" ?

    The series don't look that interesting, but if u have lots of screentime in there I might give it a try. :)


  30. 河國榮 says:

    Hester, I get more screen time beginning with episode#11 ;-)

  31. Hester says:

    Ok, I'll wait until epi 11 come out. The series only just recently came out in M'sia. I think only 3 or 4 episodes has been released.

    Anyway, just want to tell u that I've been a fan of yours for ages (but not those superfans who look up every details of her idol, so, I only know of this blog last month :p). I watched "Her Fatal Ways IV" just because I see your picture in the poster. :)
    Glad u got a fairly large role in "A Handful Of Love".


  32. your super fans says:

    Hello sir
    I am your super fans.I read a lot of your drama.Your performance is outstanding.I like to watch your TV programme.My english is bad.May you type chinese?Thanks a lot
    P.S 情迷黑森林is a good especially your performance is excellence.
    I will support your forever

  33. Maggie says:


  34. GOO says:





  35. mary tang says:


  36. LieKen says:


    因如不是你 他可能也不可演出這劇!


  37. 河國榮 says:

    Mary and LieKen,

    Brian doesn't have a home page yet. He's working on it.

    I asked him for his email contact and then forgot it!!! I called him again. Here's his email address: bowaikit at gmail dot com.

    It's good to know that he has fans. He's a nice guy and a hard worker.

  38. LieKen says: