Goodbye dear friend

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My best friend has left us.

Yesterday while working in China, my wife called from the hospital to say that Beethoven was in a very bad way, and that he might not last much longer. Fortunately, our work in China had to stop earlier than planned, and I rushed back to Hong Kong to the hospital in Mong Kok.

Beethoven looked restful and relatively calm when I saw him. The hospital had increased his pain relief and he was feeling better. My wife had stayed with him all day and was extremely exhausted. I suggested that she return home while I stayed with Beethoven through the night. At the time, I felt he still had a chance of recovery.

For almost two hours, I lied on the floor next to him, looking into his eyes and reassuring him. His breathing was calm and relatively normal. It was a companionship, an experience that I'll treasure. But then at around 2:30 in the morning, he became restless and began complaining about pain again. The pain became so intolerable that without regard for his weak state, he stood up and vocalised his fear and distress, understanding that his condition was very very dire. I held him and tried to calm him while asking the doctor to increase his pain relief, but while the doctor was injecting more pain relief and a sedative to relax him, he suddenly had a heart attack and was no longer with us. The pain had simply been too much for him. He died at 3am.

I now know a lot about pancreatitis. I wish I didn't, but I do. Reflecting in the early hours this morning after saying our goodbyes, my wife and I came to realise that Beethoven may have been suffering from mild chronic pancreatitis for several months. But if vets find it difficult to spot and diagnose acute pancreatitis, how could normal people like ourselves diagnose mild chronic pancreatitis? It's an unfortunate calamity and I keep wishing that I could roll back time and make things right.

When Beethoven was a pup, he belonged to a neighbour. For whatever reason though, he chose to visit us daily and be with us. He chose us, and for that, I'll be eternally grateful. He was a wonderful friend and I'll never forget him.

R.I.P. 貝多芬.


(A very big 'thank you' to the doctors and staff at the Pets Central clinic in Mong Kok. You people were absolutely wonderful.)


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18 Responses to “Goodbye dear friend”
  1. peter suk sin chan says:

    It is sad to hear that your belove Dog had pass away. I had 6 times this experience within last 3 years. 6 of my Doggies son, daughter, and my Doggy grandaughter had pass away.

    It is sad that i cant do anything to help them , but i know they know i love them very much and i always try my best to give them a happy life when they are alive ....

    i am sure your dog will know that too, and it is great that you spent the last few hours with him together. I think this is what he wanted. Now he is no longer suffering and hope he will go to heaven

    best wishes to you

  2. Bevan says:

    My sincere condolences.
    I feel your pain and loss.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is so great that you were with him before he back to the dog heaven. He will feels your love and he is in peace now!
    Best wishes!

  4. Richard Lai says:

    Let's be happy that he is no longer in pain. Goodbye, Beethoven!

  5. Linda says:

    Beethoven, rest in peace!
    Let's be happy in another world.

  6. Elizabeth Shek says:

    I have the experience many times and I can feel your pain and loss . Beethoven no longer feeling pain now and wish him R.I.P. Sending prayers to you and your family !!!!

  7. Pamela Yu says:

    Like you, I am an animal lover. I have three dogs and four cats.

    Wish I could take care of All of them ! I feel Your Pain.

    I am so very sorry ... I hope there is a Heaven for Animals.

    Animals deserve all the Love and Care from us.

    Rest in Peace, BEETHOVEN

  8. Cindy Adams says:

    Dear Gregory,
    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. May Beethoven rest in peace. He will become your little guardian angel and watching over you & family, as always.

    My condolence,
    Cindy Adams

  9. Lian says:

    hi,i am Lian,i 'm 16 years old
    long time no see
    still remember u always show up at tvb when i was young
    sorry 4 my bad english~support u forever

    p.s R.I.P,Beethoven

  10. CINDY SZE says:


    Live Happily in heaven.
    Best Wishes

  11. nicky says:

    I'm sorry for your loss. May Beethoven rest in peace.

  12. KM says:

    His love will never leave your heart.
    His beauty will never leave your eyes.
    And you will smile with each memory of him.

  13. ordman says:

    I am sorry to hear that Beethoven has passed away. Hope that this will not affect your family too much.

  14. Keong says:

    Deepest Condolence to you Greg,

    One of my dog past away early this year also. She had a tumor in her stomach. The Dr said she was already very old (around 14 human years) and it is very risky to do operation.

    Take Care!

  15. rc says:

    sorry for your loss, I've had a dog pass away as well and can imagine what you guys are going through. May he rest in peace.

  16. Glen Warren says:

    I just want to cry now, and knowing I will have felt and will feel this pain again. Bye Beethoven, your loved ones will always love you.

  17. Ming Ming says:

    Ever heard of the Rainbow Bridge? They say that is where when an animal dies and it had been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

    " There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. "

    They say our beloved pets are there waiting for us, and when our time comes they will meet us at the bridge and cross over together.

  18. cherrie says:

    this post makes me very sad. it reminds me of my own loss more than a year ago, when floods submerged majority of metro manila and 9 of our dogs drowned :( a 10th dog died, because of an open wound that got infected after he swam in the flood to save himself. as the waters came almost immediately after we realized it's going to flood, and with heights that almost reached the 2nd floor of our house, we didn't have enough time to rescue all our dogs. 6 of them died inside their cages, while others drowned as they swim aimlessly in the waters :( it's still so painful to think until now, how such tragedy can really happen. but whenever i look at their pictures now, i just think that at least they had been happy and well-cared for when they were alive. i feel grateful to have known them, and think wherever they are now, they feel no pain anymore. they will be forever missed...