Where can you buy/sell LDs in Hong Kong?

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I have quite a collection of LDs (LaserDiscs); over 600 of them. I'm considering letting them go although I'll keep them if I can think of a way to get my friend's 35kg professional LD player from Sydney to Hong Kong.

Does anyone know of a place that buys and sells LDs?


Our neighbour (who at one stage had over 1000 LD discs) has informed me that there's a repair service in Shatin that repairs LD players. Our Pioneer player is beyond repair because the carriage is warped, but the Sony MD-1 might still be serviceable, just not by Sony. I'll take the Sony to the repair service and with any luck have a useable LD Player very soon.


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  1. Douglas says:

    You can go to monkok Prosperity Bldg Basement, there have many Blu-Ray, HD, and LD to sell.

    Maybe u can go there have a try.


  2. BORNINHK says:

    Why needing a professional LD-player? What's wrong with a normal

  3. 河國榮 says:

    hello BorninHK,

    there's nothing wrong with a 'normal' LD player. it's just that both of our players are (apparently) beyond repair and this one friend is the only person I know who has an LD player and is willing to part with it. it just happens to be a professional model, and consequently very heavy. it'll be interesting trying to bring it back to Hong Kong.

    Gregory aka Ho Kwok Wing

  4. Johnny says:

    Hey Gregory,

    I'm happy to assist with bringing up some of the LDs from Sydney as I'm going back to Hong Kong during Easter.


  5. Peter says:

    Hi Gregory,

    Once you get your LD player working, suggest you try converting your LD collection to DVD. all you need is a video capture card on your laptopPC and connect the LD player to it and installed the sofrware and play the LD and it capture and convert it to DVD format. similar to converting VHS to DVD as LD is analogue same as VHS.

    or get a stand alone DVD recorder with analogue inputs for video & audio and connect both together and there you have it.

    here is a forum link for ideas on how to do it
    or USB capture device http://www.altoedge.com/usbcapture/index.html

    Peter a fan & fellow aussie :)

  6. Roger says:

    Hey Gregory,

    I say if you can, keep the LD's! its a old skool format and probably wont worth much if you do happen to sell them. Get the players fixed.

  7. Eric mok says:

    Do you remember your music teacher, Mr. Joe Lo? I'm his music student. I remember, he told me you were studied MIDI from him, right? How are you now? Not in TV? What are you doing now? Doctor?

  8. Sam says:

    you might want to post them on the web first?

  9. Mic Mac says:

    There are 2nd hand LD players out there. I had seen it many times. Years back I heard Director Ko Chi Sum on radio saying he can't find a working player to play LDs....so I always keep a watchful eye on this.
    When I see one in 2nd hand shops (e.g. Salvary Army family store) I will let you know.
    You can't sell LD for any return. I saw them lying around in Alp Liu Street or 2nd hand shops getting dust. Even if you donate to charity groups I don't think they are happy to handle them.

    Wait for my good news.

    Michael, your Mac friend

  10. Michael says:

    I found a Pioneer CLD95 at this shop at Alp Liu Street, Kowloon.
    (The site is in Chinese and it was putting up a complain. Well, there were more negative report to this shop before. So, test before you buy, and buy at your own risk. )

    They asked a price of 9xx. The shopkeeper suggested I can talk the price down.

    Checking the web, this model is quite a high end model.....well, as long as it works. (grin)

    Michael, your Mac friend

  11. 河國榮 says:


    thank you for your desire to help.

    someone suggested auction.yahoo.com.hk and I found a Pioneer CDL-D970 there for a "Buy Now" price of HK$298. the remote cost another $50 (I unfortunately and ignorantly dumped the one we had) but the LD player works perfectly and we've been enjoying our collection of LDs, most of which we haven't viewed yet even though we've had them for years!


  12. Tommy Li says: