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We saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" yesterday. My wife had been looking forward to this movie, probably because there hasn't been a good movie showing for quite some time. The summer releases were overall quite disappointing with Batman being the one exception.

We watched the movie at The Grand Cinema in The Elements Plaza. It's probably the best cinema in Hong Kong. The seats, the screens, and especially the audio are all top notch.

The movie was believable (to me) albeit a little slow in the beginning. I almost fell asleep, partly because I'm fighting an infection at the moment and therefore feeling tired generally. The only things that didn't agree with me were that the people of this earth would change their ways and begin to look after the planet they inhabit, and Keanu's Mandarin dialog. For an advanced alien being, his Mandarin was way too accented. He sounded like a beginner, one who had done his homework, but sounded like a beginner nonetheless. More than a few people in our cinema snickered at his Mandarin. The strangest thing was that he comes across to me as someone with Chinese blood in him. That's weird!

But it was a reasonable movie, much better than most of the Summer releases.

P.S. At least one aspect of the alien technology seems to have come from my favourite sci-fi television series Stargate SG-1. Does anyone remember the dreaded "replicators"?


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14 Responses to “Keanu’s latest movie”
  1. Samuel says:

    He is 1/16 Chinese I believe.

  2. Bridget Jones says:

    That's one Bridget is looking forward to see!

    You guys didn't enjoy Body of Lies, or Daniel Craig in the New 007?

  3. Jade says:

    Hehe maybe you should watch 'Australia' to support your fellow Aussies! I thoroughly enjoyed that movie! Of course being an Aussie myself! :)
    The ads for Keanu Reeves movie did not appeal to me...

  4. tom says:

    u are the best 外國actor in h.k.
    I hope u can make more good show,film and tv show to hk.
    I adore u very much,it is because u never give up to follow your dream.
    u will be sucess to your dream and from the bottom of my heart u already sucess,I think most of the hk people will agree.
    your chinese are very good too.
    your dream will come true.
    maybe my english is so poor,but i hope u can know what I mean.
    God bless you~~~

  5. Irene says:

    I have to throw in my vote for "Australia" too; I went to see it twice. It's not just because I'm Australian but because it was a really good film. Hugh Jackman's Drover also helps :)

    I might go see Keanu's movie, if only to hear his mandarin. It's not out in Australia yet... Has anyone seen Cate Blanchett's newest film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"? It seems interesting.

  6. Haley says:

    Reeves' mother is English, and his father is American of Hawaiian-Chinese descent.

  7. Monica says:

    Hello Gregory!I am your fans from China.Today I saw one of your TVplay some years ago called Lady Flower Fist.I very appreciate your action in this play,and also in other plays.When I came in your blog I herad your song Should I.Your voice is very charming!I know my English is not well but I believe you can understand what I said.So see you !

  8. ahhmui says:

    glad to hear that keanu's latest movie is ok. it has been a while since i've seen a movie that has blown me away and the summer movies like you said where "eh".

    i love sg1! i'm more interested in seeing this movie now that you mentioned that one of the ideas in it may have come from the replicators storyline. i was sad when sg1 finished. hope you've been able to catch the sg1 mini movies that came out after the show finished.

  9. Sebastian Yeung says:

    I saw Australia and thought it was horrible. Very unfocused. Tried to be "epic" and "grand" but covered too many topics and tried too many things. By the time it ended most people were laughing it up and grateful the movie FINALLY ended. Sure I'm not Australian but regardless I thought the director had a lot of trouble deciding what he wanted in a movie.

    I'm glad to hear you like SG-1. Just so you know they film it right here in my hometown of Vancouver. Perhaps one of these days you can pay a visit to the set.

    Take care!

  10. 河國榮 says:

    Visiting the SG-1 set? That'd be cool, but I doubt that it's there anymore.

    P.S. There are quite a few great series made in Canada; eg, Smallville.

  11. Ben Wong says:

    Merry Christmas 國榮!!
    Yes, your Mandarin is way better than Keanu, kick ass man! You!

  12. jamky says:

    you are my favourite actor in hk !!!
    i want to see you in TV programme!!!
    merry xmas!!! i love you !!!

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  14. ahhmui says:

    I don't know if you saw it - but they had SG1 and SGA Get In The Gate promotion a while back (to win a chance to have a mini background part on the show) and the commercial was funny...

    I love Smallville but you know I kind of preferred the earlier seasons I think.