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Question of the day.

If you had the opportunity to see me perform, which songs would you hope to hear me sing? If you're reading this on my personal blog or on the AliveNotDead site, leave a comment. Otherwise, you can email your wish list to me at hokwokwing dot hk or me at gregory dot hk. Please include the song's name and the artist's name where applicable.

English, Mandarin and Cantonese songs are obviously fine. If you have a favourite Italian, Spanish or Japanese song, you could send those to me as well. No promises though ;-)


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36 Responses to “Song requests”
  1. tommy says:

    Could you please sing this one of Teresa Deng

  2. Sherman Kwok says:

    Hi, I would like to hear you to sing "追憶" by Ah Lam

  3. Julie says:

    "Music of the Night" out of the phantom of the opera, I think you have the perfect voice for this song.

  4. rayman says:

    Maroon 5, this love.

  5. LAM HAR PAK says:


  6. John says:

    I remember years ago you sang a Jacky Cheung song on a TVB fundraising event/night/show. I've never known the name of the song but it's the one that's kinda acapella and you did an awesome job. A repeat of that would be great.

    If you're not into repeating then "Your name is my surname" or whatever it's called by Jacky Cheung would rock my world.

  7. anf says:

    For maximum effect it would be cool to see you singing Leslie's 大熱 or Softhard's 廣播道fans殺人事件.
    Also, Easons's classics like K歌之王, 明年今日 or 浮誇 would be nice too

  8. yinyin says:

    what abt Josh Groban's You raise me up?
    Or may u can sing Leslie's song~ ^_^
    cant wait!!!

  9. Julie says:

    Yeah, 心酸的情歌 is a very good choice indeed!

  10. Keong says:

    Memory (babara streisand)

    I hornestly love you (olivia newton john)

    I started a joke (bee gees)

    Have i told you lately (rod steward)

  11. e_go says:

    Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    Unintended by Muse

    Any Leslie's song

  12. Pamela Yu says:

    How about 不了情的主提曲 (I am not sure if I write this correctly. I left HK for ages)

    Thanks. Pamela

  13. Mandy says:

    Everything by Michael Buble

  14. Mandy says:

    I meant the song "Everything" by Michael Buble. Although it would be nice if you would sing all the songs by Michael Buble =) Thank you.

  15. Jenny says:


  16. Mark Chan says:

    hi greg,

    my request will be quite hard
    順子的"回家", coz i love this song, sometimes it makes me think of my mom and the good old boys days ;)

  17. Relax says:

    Crawling - Linkin park

    P.S. I will cry if you reject my request


  18. happylcs56 says:

    Michael learns to rock - The Ghost of You

  19. Joz Tse says:

    Here is Chinese lyric~~

    And a midi~~

    Maybe this is a little bit diffcult in the chorus~~
    Anyway, I am looking forward to see your performance;-)

  20. Pamela Yu says:

    How about some JOHNNY MATHIS's songs ? Thanks

  21. Kevinho' says:

    Maybe Hacken Lee's 我不會唱歌

  22. 普通人 says:

    Alan Tam's 午夜麗人

  23. Ben Wong says:

    A few year back I have head you sing 孤枕難眠 in Times Square, and I reckon your tone when singing a Mandarin song is more accurate than a Cantonese one. Or maybe is just that particular song......??

    How about singing a more recent Mandarin hit? A Jay Chou's one perhaps? Maybe earn you a few Mandarin speaking fans.

  24. cindy says:

    "MONICA" , "暴風一族" ,也許 "無心睡眠"也不錯. HI, 我是台灣的觀眾, 說到港劇就會想到您。

  25. 河國榮 says:

    Times Square... the second reference to that performance! and both of you remember the songs I performed!!!

    that was a rather strange incident. I was asked to go along to support the charity, but when we arrived, I discovered that the organiser hadn't been made aware that we were coming. I think it was actually one of the people with me that encouraged the organiser to let me perform. 加油站 was the 張學友 'a cappella' song that I sang (and referred to in an earlier comment), and the organiser was very delighted. 孤枕難眠 was the other song I performed.

    孤枕難眠 was one of my favourite songs. unfortunately, I tend to favour songs that most people haven't heard (including 該不該, 我把你藏在歌裡, etc) and I'm very surprised that you remember the name of this song. cool! robotic-melody songs don't interest me much at all. neither do songs whose melodies feel clumsy to me although that sometimes indicates that the music is more advanced than my understanding of music.

    from a musical perspective, I prefer Mandarin songs. Mandarin gives you freedom to experiment with the melody. there is no such freedom with Cantonese. the underlying tonal characteristic of Cantonese doesn't allow it, but I still have my Cantonese favourites :-)

  26. 河國榮 says:

    wow! you people have amazing memories! I can't believe that you remember my performances.

  27. 河國榮 says:

    who was in the movie? was it a movie? or a TV soap?

  28. Min says:

    I've been waiting for you to make an entry like this since I listened to those singing clips you uploaded. I know you have enough requests =x but I guess when you have the time, I'd very much like to hear you sing Oasis - Don't look back in anger

  29. Ben Wong says:

    but 孤枕難眠 was a big hit!! maybe more so in the Mandarin speaking world......10 years ago.

    Anyway, some mandarin songs suggestion will be 手放開, 男人ktv(originally a mandarin song by 胡彥斌), 蕭敬騰的原諒我也不錯。

  30. 河國榮 says:

    I had no idea that 孤枕難眠 was a big hit. it was simply a song that I liked very much :-)

  31. Pamela Yu says:

    It is a famous Chinese movie in the 60s by an Asian movie queen, Lynda 林 (I forgot how to write her Chinese first name. ) People over 50 years old may know.

  32. Pamela Yu- says:

    I think the fist couples of words are 忘 不 了 , 忘 不 了

    It is in Mardarin. Beautiful song.

  33. Pamela Yu- says:

    Is is the theme song from a very famous Mandarin movie by Lynda 林 (I forgot how to write her first name) The first couple of words are 忘 不 了 , 忘 不 了
    Perhaps someone over 55 will remember . The name of the movie is 不 了 情

  34. shanwang says:

    Look for a star (by Garry Mills)

  35. Stephen says:

    Carry On Till Tomorrow by Bad Finger. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to it now. I heard you sing it in a TVB drama series called "Healing Hands III" I believe. That's when I was prompted to find this song for I didn't know it was a popular culture song for I thought it was a Christian song.

  36. Lila says:

    Here's the song on youtube, by Linda...林黛. Only reason I know is because I heard Theresa Teng's remake.