In L.A. again

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It has been a very busy past week or so, and I haven't had time to update the blog. I apologise for that.

The big news is that I'm now in L.A.. I arrived on Monday afternoon. I'll be studying singing with Peisha (she has a new technique to teach me), and scoping around for an agency to represent me too.

In addition, I'll be performing at one of Peisha's Cabaret showcases. I'll be performing with three other cabaret students this Saturday evening (June 21, 2008), at the Gardenia Restaurant and Lounge in West Hollywood. If you'd like to come, you can probably buy tickets at the door. If you want to be sure, then send me an email and I'll hold tickets for you. The fees will be $15 for the show and a minimum cover charge of $10 for food and drinks (note though that you don't have to order a meal if you don't want to; a couple of drinks would be fine).

Show times will be at 7pm and 9pm. If you plan to have dinner, be there by around 6pm and 8.30pm respectively.

The Gardenia Restaurant is located in West Hollywood at 7066 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90038.

If any of you would like to meet with me, please send me an email. I'll be here until July 3.



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16 Responses to “In L.A. again”
  1. ryan says:


  2. Pegasus@Taipei says:

    How I wish that I could be there ~ pity that I am a half of earth away T_T


  3. tora_cat says:

    Nice to hear from you again. :-)

  4. K says:

    Nice, I may have to take a trip to LA to check out your gig. ;)

  5. Yan says:

    Hello, it's my first time visting your blog. You are one of my favourite actors in TVB, i love your performance. I am very happy that I am now here writing to you.

    I appreciate you very much, your Chinese is very well. Reading from newspaper, I know you want to further your performance outside HK. ADD OIL!! I will always support you and i am waiting for your movies =)


  6. Megka says:


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  8. sky says:

    Hmm... is she the one whose daughter won the runner-up of American Idol? If so, based on her daughter's achievement, I think you could be the next hot one. :) Good luck with your performance!

  9. Jefferson Chu says:

    hi~Gregory, my name is Jefferson, you can call me Jeff .
    i am a form six student in hong kong, and i watch your film since i was a baby .
    this is my first time reading your blog , and my first time leaving a comment to you ~
    your blog is a really good study material for my english , and i will keep reading your blog ;-)

    it's sad that you leave HK and not intend to make a film for us ... which means we have less chance to see you on TV.
    anyway ~ i hope you have a great success in L.A. ~
    work hard !

  10. Jay says:

    Hi Gregory,

    Just discovered your blog today and it sure is informative. Good to see that your career is expanding but too bad you're not with TVB anymore. I am just wondering, as I'm trying to get some work as an extra in Hong Kong are there any agencies that you know of. It seems finding an extra agency is rather difficult. I hope to hear from you. Thanks and all the best.

  11. i-Joel says:

    Good morning Mr Rivers. This is my first time to leave a message in your blog. I'm a Chinese born in Hongkong and become a Kiwi in New Zealand more than 10 years. So I know about you by hiring video tapes.
    Here's a link from a HK forum about you:

    The one who make this title receive lots of replys and you'll find that you become a beloved HK star in this generation of young people. Hope you remember Hongkong when you have time.

    Wish you get another great leap forward to Hollywood!!!

  12. 河國榮 says:

    wow! thank you for that link. 83 pages!!! it'll take a while to read.

    very encouraging indeed ;-)

    please note though; and you can tell others if you like; that I'm not leaving Hong Kong. I love it there, and it will continue to be my home. I'm simply setting the pieces in place so that acting for Hollywood studios also becomes a possibility. now that I don't have a contract with TVB, I'm free to act for anyone I like including Hong Kong and China film and tv productions, and Hollywood. who knows? I might even release an album in Cantonese and Mandarin!

    take care,

  13. i-Joel says:

    Thank you very much! This is a big surprise that I received your reply. And I already reflected back to the one who build up the link and share this surprise to him/her too!

    With all the best wishes to you!!!

  14. DSvT says:

    I love to watch all your movies. So glad to know your blog at Wikipedia. All the best in LA, I think you should left LA right now.

  15. Jackie Cheung says:

    Hi! I remember watching you in sooo many TVB series as I was growing up. I'm an Australian too. I'm 20yo now and I spent 17 years in Australia. I'm extremely curious about acting, and I'd really like to try it, but there's almost no community theatres in Hong Kong, and I'm not sure how my Australian accent will do - I know HK people usually prefer American or Brit. I've had no experience acting whatsoever, but I'd like to try! I've joined the HK acting meetup group, hopefully I'll meet some people soon. Is is possible to get into TVB without going through their acting academy? I speak native Canto and English. Oh, and what you said about how TVB was taking you forgranted, I've thought the exact same thing for a long time. The only two Canto-speaking Caucasians that I can think of are you and the plump guy with the beard, haha. Well, good luck with everything!

  16. Edward says:

    呀!!!激死我啦!!! I haven't been checking the blogs for some time and I missed this article. I actually LIVE in the hollywood area and would have totally went to the show. I hate myself...幾時會再過來美國...?