Going away?

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I might be going overseas for three months. I'm waiting for confirmation. I hope it happens but it's out of my control. The departure date though, if confirmed, is January 1 which doesn't give me much time to prepare. It's not the packing that I'm concerned with. It's making sure that everything at home is in working order, that our pet supplies are sufficient and that we have enough medicine for them, that our computers and my MacBook Pro are running well, that I have all the computer programs that I might need while away, that my camera and lenses are in great condition, that the rest of our family know how to do the things that I'm normally responsible for like changing the water filter, that… You get the idea.

One of the things that I had to do in preparation for this trip was get inoculations. Surprisingly, the Hong Kong government has a great service for people planning to travel. The Travel Health Service keeps current information about diseases in various parts of the world, and can supply travelers with the medicine and inoculations they might need for that particular trip. You need to make an appointment, but it's quick and easy. My appointment was yesterday and when I arrived at the Kowloon office, I was surprised to find it very quiet. Apparently, most people either don't know about the service or they balk at the basic consultation fee of HK$310.

The doctor asked me about where I was going, explained the diseases currently in effect for that region and then prescribed the medicine for me. All up, I received tablets for one disease and inoculations for three others; I have two sore shoulders today! They also gave me a booklet with a record of the inoculations I received. The total cost was just HK$780; very reasonable.

Let's see if any of you can guess where I might be going. The tablets were for Malaria. The inoculations were for Tetanus, Typhoid Fever and Hepatitis A. Two other diseases that might exist in my target region but for which no inoculations exist are Cholera and Dengue Fever.

I'll reveal the secret destination if and when it's confirmed ;-)


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16 Responses to “Going away?”
  1. sapphire says:

    Some 3rd world countries...I'd guess.
    Anyway, have a safe trip.

    Take care!

  2. themamakcorner says:

    Perhaps countries like Cambodia? Vietnam?

  3. Julie says:

    India? You seem like to sort of person who would find India fascinating.

  4. David Copperfield says:

    Which MBP model are you using? I bought a Macbook Pro in October, just before the release of Leopard. Leopard is OK for light users. I find that Leopard is quite buggy, and crashes sometimes. Furthermore, not all softwares are well supported. So I intend to use Tiger for another 2 or 3 months, and then do the switch at right time.

    My MBP is 17' with 2.4GHz CPU, 2G RAM, 256 Graphic RAM, 150G HDD(7200rpm). It is fast and powerful enough for normal development. However after I install Ubuntu on a partition, and boot into it, the CPU runs very fast and is very noisy. Do you why this happens?

    You are the only artist I know so far who develops his own website from scratch. I am glad to know more about your Mac experience.

  5. Keong says:

    South East Asia??!! Then we might bump into each other. The country im living in now has Dengue Fever.

  6. cathryn says:

    Hi Greg,
    Glad to read your blog again, and now you are going away, I still want to read more and more, so write a lot when you return, and Have a wonderful time. I GUESS YOU ARE GOING TO AFRICA? AM I RIGHT?

  7. themamakcorner says:

    I hope we dun have to wait till you come back. Hope that u'll keep on update us while you're away.

  8. 4th time visitor says:

    A group of Hongkie stars are here now in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe you are one of them. However with all the vaccinations you have to have, it will be somewhere worse than Malaysia. Just a wild card. Phuket island. Phnom Penh. Manila. Bali. It has to be somewhere in South East Asia. Have a good holiday. At this moment, you are playing the part of a diamond agent in one of the Hongkie T.V. series here. Not sure the English title. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  9. Kee Kee says:

    is it india? or pakistan or bangladesh?

  10. BM says:

    Africa? most probably.

  11. themamakcorner says:

    ooh boy, i'm hoping it's not Kuala Lumpur. Cos i'm from Malaysia... well, altough i realli hope that u'll drop by KL for some shows.

  12. Chi Kwong says:

    Dear Kwok Wing:

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    As spelled out by its name, it is a non-profit making center catering for dogs and cats that now mounted to 280 pets. Recently, the center is forced to close down due to complaints from local populace, and all the pets would be expatriated. So we need rally public concern and launch publicity to promote urgent pet adoption. We know you like dogs very much, and hope you could help us for some photo taking that your posture and public image would push our adoption campaign. Please kindly contact us at catcat799@yahoo.com.hk, and we would arrange you a site visit in Yuen Long to understand our situation.

    Please kindly help us, and your help is very much appreciated for thesee miserable pets.

    Mr. Man

  13. Maggie says:

    Hi, any news to your trip? Looking forward to hear from you again. I am more interesting in the purpose of the trip rather than where, ha ha!

    Anyway, wish you have a happy 2008. Expect you to show up in the theatre again cos I couldn't go to your show last time (i actually bought the ticket but had to give up due to some urgent office stuff).

  14. Gordon says:

    I know I know. The answer is Shenzhen.

  15. Helen Yeung says:

    Take care of yourself. Hope you will renew your blog soon!:)

  16. Anne says:

    To Happy Holiday:
    Just a piece of well-intended advice. Refrain from using the word "Hongkie" ; firstly it is an non-English word; secondly, it is not polite to call a Hongkonger as Hongkie and well, Greg is regarding himself as a Hongkonger, not Hongkie. Sorry I have to be franked to you and I believe you do not mean it, though. I am just amuzed by this local term created by either Singaporeans or Malaysians.