娛樂直播 Interview now online!

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I'm back ;-)

I apologise for being away so long. A lot has happened in the last two months (not London though; more on that later) and it can take me a while to 'recover' after a period of serious mind work (such as writing the new Blog Comment code).

My gift to you today is the 娛樂直播 interview that TVB graciously gave me on 19 March 2007. I hope you like the interview as much as I do. For one short time, I truly felt like a star. Thank you TVB.

娛樂直播 Interview Part 1   娛樂直播 Interview Part 2


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45 Responses to “娛樂直播 Interview now online!”
  1. Rennie says:

    I actually watched that interview when it was broadcasted in the states. I remember my parents saying "Look! He's not Chinese but his Chinese is so much better than yours!"

    Have you ever checked out http://www.alivenotdead.com. I think you should!

  2. sapphire says:

    Thank you for the video. Hope to see more postings and photos from you soon.
    Take care la!

  3. 杜格拉斯 says:

    keep it up, you effort will pay someday.

  4. Abbie says:

    Support you!!

  5. Christ Follower says:

    Glad to hear from you again after your long silence. Thank you for the videos. It's a bit disappointing that the interviews did not include a few shots of your show. When will you appear in TVB's drama series again?

  6. John says:

    In the interview, you don't regard yourself as an idol as such. However, you are my idol. I admire your courage and determination to drop everything that appears logical and "safer" to pursue your dreams. To hear this inspires me to do the same thing myself to pursue my own dreams. Thank you very much for sharing this with all of us.

  7. Kent says:

    hey, do not see you type your article for so long, I misunderstand you do not type it forever. HAHA~
    I am pleased that you still type it.
    let me see the interview now~

  8. Keong says:

    Hi Greg, i was facing some trouble in my work today. I decided to rest for a while and check my mail, thats when i received the mail from your blog, knowing that you were inverviewed.

    I can see that you are really happy. And somehow i fell kind of relieve after seeing that show. I was inspired by what you said: "We can never hope for something, we can only be prepared, and grab the chance when we have it".

    Eventhough you said that you still dont know what is the next thing you hope to do, but i wish you all the best, and i believe that you will be successfull in your future attempt.

  9. Keong says:

    Oh, by the way, is there anyway i can get the song from your play. There is a link on your blog, but my computer just cant play it.

  10. 河國榮 says:

    Keong, which song are you referring to?

  11. 河國榮 says:

    I'm editing a recording of our show for our personal records. I might put part of one of the scenes up later on ;-).

    TVB? I've begun filming 金石良緣 but I don't know when it will be broadcast; probably not for another year or so. apparently, some of my other series are being re-broadcast so you might still see me yet.

  12. hyn5 says:

    Wow, I always thought that your name 國榮 is derived from Leslie Cheung, but never knew it is from the pronunciation of your English name, Gregory.

    I was a little surprised when I watched the interview. You seem to be more fluent in Cantonese when you are just having a normal conversation. For some reason, you don't seem as fluent in series. I wonder why? Is it because of the dialogue?

  13. Kevin says:

    Hey Greg! I have been watching you on TV for a long time. I think that you have a lot of potential as an artist. I'm sure you've heard about the lack of creativity in TV shows nowadays. I hope you'll get a chance to act in roles that you've never done before, and at the same time, is fresh for many TV audience. I support you all the way, Greg! Good luck!

  14. Tora_cat says:

    Long time no see. I really enjoy your interviews, very inspiring.

  15. Terry says:

    You can't say 溝女 on TV, can you? I laughed out loud when I heard this. You are so funny. It was a very good interview.

  16. stanley says:

    you didn't write your blog for a long time.
    i am happy to see your new article and always support you.

  17. jingjing says:

    Hi! first comment here : D I�ve always admire your acting in the series

  18. asget says:

    Hey, good to see you're back :)

    My mum just told me that one of her customer's brother knows you, he went to the same school or university as you or something. It was quite surprising to hear...~"It's a small world after all"~

  19. cliff says:

    There are a few Cantonese speaking Aussie in Australia including the very few that I'd worked with, your Cantonese is pretty good compare to them!

    I actually didn't know who you were until I saw you in YouTube! And you reminded me about this blond twins American born and grew up in Hong Kong at my school many years ago. They spoke just like a local, in fact, they couldn't speak English at all! I wonder what happened to them now?

    Anyway, Good On ya!

  20. Ryan says:

    Thank you very much for the videos
    I will support you all the way!

  21. Keong says:

    Glad to find out that you responce to my comment!!

    Actually i do not know how many songs are there in the play. There are some listed on your blog, This is the Moment, For Once in My Life, Should I, i just cant open any of them. I was wondering if there is any problem with my codec.

    By the way, you sang a short part in the interview. That was nice, i see that you really put in a lot of hard work in singing, vibrato, a technique i tried to learn for years. I hornestly think that you are better than some of the Pop Singers nowadays. Its just that there a few people now who really judge a singer by their singing skill, rahter than something else.

    Really looking forward to hear you sing the complete song. Hope to hear from you soon.

  22. Keong says:


    I finally got to hear the songs posted on your blog. It is very nice! My favourite is This is the Moment. I can feel your passion in it. And the chinese song, Should I. Not to mention that you have a funny slang on the pronuntiation, despite of that, everything elase was great.


  23. Keong says:


    I finally got to hear the song posted on your blog. I used the computer on my company..

    I like This Is The Moment. I can feel your passion in it.


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  25. Keong says:


    There are some photos on your blog with the tittle perfume. Looks like a musical play. Mind to share more about it??



  26. Christine says:

    Hi, Greg. I enjoyed watching your interview. In fact, i had a crush on you 20 years ago and always thrilled to see you on TV. I used to wonder to myself how on earth can i get to meet you in the flesh. Anyway, i think i got to know more about you reading your blog and shared a lot of your views and values. I could not agreed with you more on the issue about plastic surgery. I used to live in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay area too and love it a lot. I know exactly what you meant when you described going for walks on hills behind your house because that't what i used to do all the time when i lived in Pak Tam Chung. Too bad i missed your show and hope you will have another one soon. Keep up with the good work. By the way, my husband is an Aussie too but he can't speak Cantonese like you do.

  27. Him says:

    Hi, Mr. 河國榮
    How are you???
    Will you keep this poor 金毛尋回犬???
    I don't think that he's a bad boy... he tried to protect his dog brothers... or can you help him to look for family??
    Thanks Him

  28. Randy Chan says:

    Good interview. It gives us more details about yourself. I will always support you! you have a great acting skills.

  29. Alan says:

    Support you.
    I really like you very much,加油!!!
    Shall i make friend with you?

  30. Daidai says:

    Greg, your Cantonese is very fluent during the interview and much better than when you are acting in drama. This is interesting.
    Your passion to entertainment business should be rewarded soon. I know you enjoy so much in it. Keep up your good work! You are the best!

  31. yinyin says:


  32. video conferencing says:

    Thank you very much for the videos

  33. 翕懿舢 says:

    之前在圖書館見到u 有您的專訪,

  34. Pegasus@Taichung says:

    Dear 河生:



  35. sapphire says:

    Miss your updates and photos very much!:(

  36. yinyin says:

    yeah, whats happening? hehe probably you have been busy for the past months. Hope every thing is fine. take Care ^_^

  37. Jackqueline Lou says:

    Hi there!
    Gmail directed me to your site. Great blog! We are actually similar in some ways. I am an Australian living in Malaysia, your neighbor...I guess thats where the similarities end cause I'm a Chinese Australian woman, but eh.

    Please check out my blog: http://www.jackquelinelou.com

    Thanks! :)

  38. Jason says:

    Hi gregory. I've just watched your TV interview. Wow, I admire a lot you because you've held on to your dream and made it happen, I believe not many people would have had the courage to do that. Also I could see that you are very dedicated to singing and performing, and you love what you do. I really think that the hong kong entertainment industry need a lot more people like you.

  39. Speed Dating says:

    Hey Greg! I have been watching you on TV for a long time. I think that you have a lot of potential as an artist.

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  42. Sagaladoola says:

    Nice to know that you have a blog now... Welcome to the blogging world.... ! Malaysians watch a lot of TVB series. All of us know who you are but none of us know your name and such ... Keep on posting.. Oh yeah, can you just create some biodata thing about yourself and all those old projects you have been involved with?


  43. Sagaladoola says:

    Oh yeah, not forgetting .. More pictures too... on your travels and shows.

  44. MMA says:

    tq very much for ur info, it's very good , make me happy, and best wishes to u :)

  45. fdsd says:

    tq for ur shearing , it is very good