Thank you 周潤發先生

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In January of this year, I was incredibly fortunate to encounter 周潤發先生 Mr Chow Yun Fat near our home. I wrote about it in my "A surprise encounter" article.

發哥 called me twice after that encounter to arrange delivery of the photograph he had taken while with me at the time. The first time he called, I was watching a movie at APM and my phone was turned off. I was very disappointed. The second time he called, I was in rehearsals for "They’re Playing Our Song (2007)" and again, my phone was turned off. I was irritated and frustrated that I had once again missed his call. This time, 發哥 left a message to say that he had dropped the photograph off at a store in our village. I picked the photograph up the next day.

發哥 is obviously very careful with his photographs. The photograph was hand exposed in a dark room, and then framed in Central using high quality materials. The whole package; photo and frame; is very nice.

發哥 has my phone number. I don't have his phone number. I don't feel that I have the qualifications to ask for it. It has as a result been impossible to contact 發哥 and thank him for the photograph. I therefore wish to do so here.


I tried to scan the photograph but the protective plastic disperses the light from the scanner producing a very blurry picture. In the end, I had to photograph the photograph. Here then is the photograph that 發哥 took of me and five of our kids sometime in January.

Gregory and kids by Mr Chow Yun Fat

Photo taken by Mr Chow Yun Fat, January 2007.

The kids seen here in the picture are Charlie (just in front of me), Joey (in front of Charlie), Samson (sitting down) and Rachel (only her tail is visible).


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  1. 杜格拉斯 says:


  2. C says:

    Yeeeeears ago my father-in-law went hiking by himself. There was this other hiker several meters ahead of him. My f-i-l noticed strangers talking to this guy and even asked for autographs. F-i-l thought the guy's face looked familiar, but couldn't remember his name. F-i-l went up to him and asked, "Who are you? Why are people asking for your autograph?" The man turned around smiling, reached out his hand and said, "你好! 我係周潤發!"

  3. Mark says:

    I also saw Chow during lunch at Festival Walk the passed Monday. He was very sincere, always smiling... Some of his fans asked to take photo with him but I didn't. He's the kind of star/celebrity I like more than others.

  4. Sapphire says:

    雖然是相中相,但都可以見到那條大街道的 perspective 及DoF 拍得好靚呀!順便八下, 發哥用乜相機?Leica?
    Btw, 右下角 "發哥 2007 Love xx" 應該是發哥的筆跡?我都是第一次見,lucky me! Hahaha..

  5. Fiona says:

    This sure is very treasured photo. Hope you and 發哥 will meet again.

  6. Joanna says:

    你好;just a little suggestion. instead of 對我非常特別 ( you want to say it means so special to me right?),may be you can use 對我意義重大? just a thought :)

    Wish you can meet him again.

    it's nice to read your articles.

  7. Ariel Ong says:

    Well, good on you. What I see, he's really a person with sincerity -- After twice failed attempts to get you via phone, he still managed to pass you the photo. Not only the photo means a lot/special to you, but the process itself is very precious too.

    This is definitely a keepsake for life. Cheers! ^__^

    p/s : He composed you & your "buddies" perfectly with the background. Brilliant capture! *winks*

  8. anf says:

    Fat Chow is my idol too!
    He is always friendly to everyone who approaches him.

  9. Daniel says:

    Greg, don't be shy. Next time ask for his contact no. and I think he would give you his since you are both in the showbiz.

    This was a very good and meaningful encounter.

    Did 周潤發 speak to you in English or in Cantonese?

  10. Helen says:

    Sometimes the good memory can be forever in the lifte and you can't forget it. This picture is very precious...

  11. Jeff Lam says:

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  12. SIDE3NET says:

    發哥在攝影界很有名氣的, 日常和他接觸, 談起攝影時, 你根本不會覺得他是"明星", 就像普通人一樣, 會和攝影界的同道中人坐下來吃碗魚蛋粉. 這是他做人處世成功之處.而且他的攝影技術, 坦白說, 較之不少有點名氣的所謂專業攝影師還高超, 他的姊姊也是一名攝影師.

    不知在此應該說什麼才好, 可能太興奮了, 因為終於能找到河國榮的的blog, 哈哈. 在電視上留意了你很多年了. 一直認為閣下才是真正的演員! 那堆少年偶像? 還是回家吧!!

  13. Aragorn says:

    Don't know if you would feel odd as my first comment is to ask you English here~ XD
    As your Cantonese is good enough, so, I don't need to explain the terms I want to know in English as to other native speakers...
    actually, how to say 無聊 and 無品 in English?
    By the way, you are so lucky that you can meet a superstar, and he knows you must be a great feeling that a superstar knows you, right?

  14. Sammo Li says:

    You are the luckiest guy in the world!!
    I don't even have a chance to see him on street or in event!!
    But you got a photo that taken by him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (But yeah...I remember I meet you once on street...ha ha)

    BTW...I am a die hard fans of Mac and Linux...nice to meet you~~

  15. Kenneth says:

    Dear Greg,

    It is so amazing for you to meet 發哥, as it is so amazing for me to meet you in the Sky Plaza today (30/3) during the dinner.

    Thank you for your warm smile & greeting~!


  16. Amy says:

    this isnt really about 發哥...but just wanted to know your opinion...

    You probably have heard the story about a female fan from Lanzhou, China named Yang Li Jian that is a 劉德華 fan who's father has committed suicide...

    i have read some 劉德華 news and many in the HK Entertainment business has supported 劉德華 saying that he is the victim since that fan's mom is asking for 500,000 rmb.

  17. Aragorn says:

    Many thanks~
    ah~~ maybe I should also leave you my blog, though I rarely write it...
    sometimes I may post some comments and recommendations about my readings~ rarely anything about movies or acting, so, don't really think you would find interest in it...

  18. 河國榮 says:

    I couldn't agree with your more ;-)

  19. 河國榮 says:

    what can I say? the man is amazing.

  20. 河國榮 says:


    I didn't get time to examine his camera but it was a 5" x 4".
    and you're right about the signature ;-)

  21. 河國榮 says:

    thank you for the tip. You're right of course. I'll make a change.

  22. 河國榮 says:

    we chatted in Cantonese.

  23. 河國榮 says:


  24. 河國榮 says:


    yes, it's quite a buzz to know that a superstar knows you!

    無聊 — silly, stupid, senseless
    無品 — that's harder. "without quality" in terms of personality. need to think about this one.

  25. 河國榮 says:


    Sky Plaza, at the airport? what a coincidence! We were having dinner before my parents took the plane back to Australia.

  26. 河國榮 says:


    I read a little about the story in the newspaper but I don't understand it, so I can't comment on it.

  27. Rob says:

    I'm sure that Mr Chow will appreciate you getting his number to thank him. So I really encourage you to try and get it from him. Send him a thank you card or something. It should not be so difficult to find out where he lives. He could be wondering whether you have picked up the photo or not. Why leave him in suspension?

  28. 李佐滋 says:

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  29. Angel says:

    Hello there,you're lucky because you can talk to Chow yun fat, you know what i'm live in Sydney and my hubby is Aussie too, he love Chow yun fat very much and of course i love you too, have a good day.

  30. Mark Loh says:

    Hi Greg! It's nice sometimes when I manage to get off work to see you as Paul in "Love lost in Black Forest" the show about the cake shop Gateaux(?)... anyways my two cents ... 無品 refers not just to quality but to character in terms of taste (tasteless)

    Good luck with your projects!

  31. Jerry Ong says:

    Hey man! Always see u in HK movie/drama... suprise to see you blogging too~ cool.... i'll share tis wif my mum :)

  32. Anna says:

    I've heard so many nice things about Mr. Chow, I miss his HongKong series, does anyone know if he has a blog?

  33. Anna says:

    By the way, nearly forgot to comment on the black&white photo of you & your dogs. The photo really shows the stolen moment. Seems like you're a great pack leader for your dogs.

  34. mike7 says:

    haha.... very nice photo! ;-)

  35. SEO says:

    Hey, nice to see you have a blog. I like watching you on TV. Keep up!

    Fat goh is very nice person indeed, and he is my No.1 Idol.

  36. Bing Chan says:

    Hi Gregory,
    I'm in Toronto, Canada.
    Please give me your email address so that I can write to you.
    You can reply by using my email address.
    Thanks mate

  37. Bing Chan says:

    I haven't met Chow Yun Fat yet. He filmed two films here in Toronto, Canada in the 90's but I didn't go to meet him.
    He signed my 5 DVD sleeves and returned to me by registered mail last year. He was so nice and the only actor to have done that.
    Ah Fat Gor is my favourite actor in Hong Kong.

  38. Sebastian Svensson says:

    Hi THere, Great Blog you have.
    I might have a proposal in regards of collaboration. Please send me an e-mail and we can talk about it.

    Kind regards


  39. Lisa says:

    Wow, it is super amazing that Fa Gor, as being one of the most famous Asian artists in the world, is actually a nice and professional photographer in HK. I wish that I can meet him in the reality and ask him to take some b/w picture for me too!

    I saw your website when I was searching for good cake shop in HK from a search engine. It's indeed a very nice homepage and it's my first time to leave a message on an artist's homepage. I know you do read and response us!!! I am getting excited to see your response!

    Nice meeting you and have a great day!