The adventure of a lifetime ends tonight

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Tonight's is the last show. I'm trying not to think about it. I have to control my emotions until after the play. It's not easy to do but I must do it. It has been an incredible ten weeks. I feel like Goku in Dragon Ball coming out of one of his training sessions. The lessons I've learned, the obstacles I've encountered, the victories we've produced, the friends I've made; it has been the greatest adventure of my life and it's almost over.

I've never considered myself lucky but I've never been so fortunate in all my life as I have been recently. Henry and Sompor are amazing people. Henry's an intelligent, forgiving, understanding and patient director. Sompor is an intelligent natural actress with unlimited potential and a personality to match. We encountered many obstacles during the last ten weeks, some of them extreme, but we came through and we produced a wonderful play.

I chose to do the play rather than take a role in the TVB sitcom series that Brian is now appearing in. I don't regret that decision. The last ten weeks have changed me. I'm a different person now. Life looks different now. I can stand tall and be very proud of what Henry, Sompor and I have done together. The only unfortunate thing about the play is that so many people have missed seeing it.

I've made some great friends; Henry, Sompor, Eli, Kin Kin, Charles and others. These are all incredible people with great talent and I feel so proud and privileged to know them.

There will be celebrations and crying after the show tonight.

My parents are here. I've lived and worked here in Hong Kong for twenty years and my parents have never seen my work. This year will be my 20th anniversary in Hong Kong, and I thought it fitting that my parents should see my accomplishment so I flew them over from Australia. It was serendipitous and fortuitous that the play is in English because my parents will be able to enjoy the play all the more. They will be in the audience tonight, watching our final performance.

What comes next? Henry has his company to run and probably another stage project in mind. Sompor has her Master Degree papers to write and a vacation in Europe to look forward to.

But what's next for me? I have no idea but my instincts tell me something great is afoot, something different to what I have been doing for the last twenty years, a new direction, the beginning of a new road to explore and enjoy. In the immediate future, I will spend time with my parents and my wife, and I will need to rest my voice. There will be no singing and minimum talking for the next two weeks. My voice is important to me, possibly one of my most treasured possessions, and being careless with it would be a crime. After the rest, we'll see what happens next. I may return to L.A. to study more with Peisha. I may have a new role at TVB. I may be filming somewhere else. I may even go to acting school again. I'm not sure yet. I'll take it one step at a time.

Life is truly a great adventure if you're willing to take the risk and go where your heart leads you.


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  1. Lena says:



  2. 支持河國榮 says:

    Add oil!....
    I hope you can issue your first personal CD

  3. Shirase says:

    Hopefully everything worked out for the better. ;). You know what I mean!

  4. Dave says:

    Would there be VCD/DVD for the play later on? I did really want to go but couldn't make it these two weeks.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Hello Greg,

    I was there tonight for your last show. It was excellent! You acted and sang very well. Having read so much about the play and about Sompor from your blog, I was finally to see it for myself tonight. Like you said, Sompor acted very well and is a very sweet girl.

    I'm happy for you for being able to follow where your heart leads you. Not a lot of people have the guts to do it.

    All the best,

  6. CC says:

    Hello Gerg,

    I was there, too. Really impressed by your attitudes towards life and the courage to take risk! A wonderful show tonight. Looking forward to your next performance.

    Best wishes,

  7. Lat says:


  8. adamant says:

    I know that feeling of asking what my next step is.
    Although I have my full time job, I am still very interested in any stage performance. I have acted and sung in a musical jointing organized by a group of frd 2 years ago which had been shown in Sai Wan Ho Cultural Centre for 2 days. The feeling was really great and you just couldnt love the moment more.

    It's hard to participate in stage production with a full time job, and perhaps with a master study in uni. But I can surly feel what you feel now. I admire that you are able to devote yourself on the stage for your life (of course, after very serious decision making(s)). You are really a brave man.

    Good Show!

  9. SS says:

    Do you remember being in a tv series called Fate Cast in the Wind 大茶园?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey! You're a pioneer who promote Broadway musicals in Hong Kong. I know it's hard, but someone need to do it and you made it! Keep it up! Would like to hear (of course see is better) you more in other Broadway stuff.

  11. edward says:

    this is the first time I visited

    I do think you are a good actor

    I always stand by your side.

    work hard and work out your dream you deserved

  12. ah wen says:

    Hi Greg

    I was actually there last Sunday afternoon. I've never been to that studio and was suprised that I could watch your musical so closely.

    Another thing which suprised me is that I think your acting in the musical is much better (more natural) than the way you acted in those TVB series.

    And your singing and dancing surprised me too. Your effort put in learning them finally pays off.

    Congratulations!!!!!! :-)

  13. Sabs says:

    Congratulations on your achievement, keep up your good work, looking forward to seeing you again on TV. Any chance of you coming back to Sydney in the near future, would love to meet you in person.

  14. Ellis says:


    It's me again. Happy to see you have so many fans (supporters). After I saw your show last Sunday afternoon, I missed your show every 8:00pm (the show time) until Friday. Unfortuantely, my dad was in hospital after finishing surgery ... if not, I really want to see again your show again.

    Add oil ar...


  15. Cow says:

    Hi Greg,
    I hope you can understand my poor english.
    I have seen you since my childhood. I wonder how can you speak a fluence cantonese without english accent. I know you love pet very much. Please keep it. And i will support you because i think you are a professional actor. Hope you have a bright career.


  16. Julie says:

    hi Greg, I was there last Tueday, the show was brilliant, but like you said, pity it didn't reach more people and so few people knew about it. Both your singing and acting was good, but like I commented about your singing before, when you;re singing high notes, you're perfect, but you seem to struggle a little with lower pitch. Sompor was briliant in her role, really sweet, really funny, but her singing wasn't so great, her voice is just not big enough, I could hardly hear her some of the time, and when you were singing duet together, all I could hear was your voice .... ?

    Nonethelss, I'm really pleased that I had the chance to see such an excellent production, thanks! Keep us informed if there are more such plays to come!

  17. michael says:


  18. 河國榮 says:



    “皺紋” — 沒辦法。我已經不小。

    “你已經陪左我地好耐” — 在TVB已經19年了!

    “張相影得好型!” — Thank you!


    everything turned out fine; a little complicated but fine nonetheless ;-)


    no. I explained the situation in Thank you all (a later article). Please take a look.

    Lorraine and CC,

    thank you both for coming. I really appreciate it. ;-)

    London is my next goal. It's scary; very scary, but it's something I need to do. Hopefully, they'll accept me. We'll see.


    I'd like to sing with singers I really admire, singers who can sing ;-) including 張學友 and 周華健. Maybe one day I'll get the chance.


    I'm brave (perhaps) but I'm also lucky. I wouldn't be able to do most of what I'm doing without my wife's support. "Behind every great man is a great woman." I believe my wife is the great one, not me.


    my first TVB series was 「大茶園」, filmed in 1988. Why do you ask? Have you seen it? I'd like to buy it if it's available on DVD, etc.

    (no name),

    "pioneer who promote Broadway musicals in Hong Kong" — we want to do more too ;-) but future productions will probably be in Cantonese. Unfortunately, Hong Kong people apparently are too apprehensive of English to make an English production profitable.

    Ah Wen,

    thank you for coming. We worked hard. I'm glad you liked the show.

    "more natural"? possibly because we rehearsed so much and had time to digest the play and the characters. And the script is very 'real'.


    I hope you Dad is recovering well.


    your English is fine. I have no problem understanding it.

    thank you for your support.


    Tuesday, we were having technical problems with the microphones. Both Sompor and I had to use our full voices for most of the show. After a while, my voice tired which resulted in weak lower notes. Sompor's voice also weakened a little as she tired. It was a hard night for both of us.

    But I'm glad you enjoyed the show.


    I wasn't in 公子多情. The only time I have worked with 發哥 was many years ago when he filmed a beer commercial. I have a photograph somewhere but can't seem to find it.

  19. yue says:

    i am a editor of a china monthly magazine,would like to interview you shortly,pls tell how?