Three more shows to go!

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Just in case some of you don't know or have forgotten, "They're Playing Our Song" is now performing at the McAulay Studio theatre in the Hong Kong Arts Centre in Wanchai every night at 8pm until Friday night.

My first leading role with singing, dancing and acting. Even my parents are flying in tomorrow to see the show, the first time they will have seen me work since I arrived here in Hong Kong in 1987!

Don't miss out ;-)


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5 Responses to “Three more shows to go!”
  1. wcoco says:

    good luck!

  2. Chris and Rebecca says:

    We saw the show on Sunday and we thought it was great! The singing classes in L.A. were well worth it.

    Good luck with the last few shows :-)

  3. FUNG says:

    On the Tuesday,
    My mother open the Tv,TVB visit for you
    I have on the Internet search about you,to discover youself of BLOG
    you really stay in Hong Kong so long,because I remeber to show on the ETV in my childhood,that right?
    are you really know me write chinese about?lol
    ~FUNG~ :D

  4. Franklen says:

    Dear Gregory,

    I watched your show yesterday night. Although there were only a few audience, I must say it was a memorable experience. I can imagine the hardwork and challenges involved, with only 2 actors singing, dancing and acting for the whole play virtually non-stop. But you have made it, and made it very well.

    Thank you, Gregory and Sampor, for delivering the night.

    best wishes

  5. mh says:

    hi, Gre, your performance on last Sunday afternoon was really impressive. u 2 were amazing. i really enjoyed it. it was my second time i had watched the plays these years. your performance really aroused my interest in plays , hope that u will have more good shows for us. regards, MH