903 radio interview tonight

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To help get the word out about our play, our marketing person arranged for me to have an interview with the 叱咤 903 radio station, but the interview is part of a program called 「有耳喱民」 in which they talk about weird behaviour and ghost stories. I was a little hesitant about it but the producers and hosts (亞喱, 詹志民 and 有耳非文) made me feel at home as soon as I arrived. Knowing 有耳非文 from way back in 1997 when we performed 「上海之夜」 together helped a lot too because I suddenly had a 'friend' with me, and so the interview turned out to be a very fun one.

The interview will be broadcast tonight at 12 midnight. If you don't have Hong Kong radio access, you can listen to it via their web link. I think you'll enjoy it ;-)


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  1. Mei Lai says:

    ♡╭--╮  ╭--╮  
    (  ╭★--★╮  ) ♡ 
     ╰-┤●  ●├-╯ 
     ♡ ╰○--○╯  ♡  
        ╰○○╯     ADD OIL !!!

  2. ada says:

    it's coming! work hard on it ^^
    One of the DJ in that programme was my Uni-mate. He definitely can make you feel like home. ~~

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Greg, add oil and relax. Your show would be a successful one. No matter what, it would be a life time memory for you. ^^ God Bless~

    btw, I've bought tickets and looking forward to a good show ^^

  4. kalokjai says:

    hi, chris!
    i'm a hongkonger.
    i'm happy that i can hear ur voice in the radio, since i only saw u in the TVB dramas!
    i have great esteem for ur striving for ur dream, althought the desity not so good.
    however, the things wt u did for ur dream must become a model of us, who also wanna make our dream come true, and become the people having "soul".
    anyway, i hope u'll still persist in ur dream and get the harvest. haha!

  5. Alison says:

    Hi greg! Wishing you all the very best in your first show tonite. Stay cool, relax n enjoy the show yourself. You have already come so far and u have already succeeded, no matter what! Don't give yourself too much pressure. You have already done way more than an actor should have. Got tix for your last show on the 23rd. C u there! :-)

  6. Clement says:

    So bad I'm not in Hong Kong. Break a leg anyway!

  7. Jevons says:

    hi there,

    I went to your show yesterday and I love it!!! :D

  8. Ellis says:

    I am not a dramma lover but do appreciate what you have done for "They're Playing Our Songs". Therefore, I invited a partner to go with me to support your performance this afternoon (18th Mar 3:00pm).
    What make me surprised was: though it only had about 30 audiences but you and Sompor did an excellent performance that brought us enjoyable and memorable 2 hours.
    Expecting you'd say something with the audiences after the show but you didn't, I'd like to suggest u to consider this point at your future performance as it's important to communicate with audience and get their comments.
    Anyway, I can say, you did good job. The response was not as bad as what we expect as the marketing job was really poor, moreover, the focus now is all at the Art Festival.
    Wanna tell you that your show make me feeling interest on seeing drama... looking forward to see your coming show.


  9. Little Wing says:

    I went to watch the show last Saturday night after you had a radio interview with CR2 on last Thursday. It was a good show and you have done the good performance.

  10. dreamzz says:

    hey greg, just watched d interview of u in e-buzz over in my country ..

    admire ur courage in pursuing ya dreamz yrs ago..

    alwayz wanted to pursue my dream in hk too but dont know how to start... n im not young anymore..

    can you share how i can go about doing it??

    hear from you.

    all d best in ya career..=)

  11. overseas Chinese says:

    Hello all the way from Borneo,
    Are you really the one who appear in many Hongkies' t.v. series ? We have those here and many overseas Chineses here enjoy these shows. I have one question which I want to ask you. Why are you not in Hollywood ? Cheers !

  12. Jessica says:

    I listened to the radio program, and I think it's really fun.

    Really look forward to your play!