A Prisoner in My Own Home

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The benefits of this play are many.

After completing part two of an interview with 大公報 at lunch time, and filming 奸人堅 today at TVB in the afternoon, and having 'dinner' at Starbucks this evening, I returned home with a goal in mind, one which I wasn't really sure I would actually complete. I often have goals in mind, and more often than not, they evaporate. This one actually happened: weight-lifting!

It has been years since I weight-lifted, but my dance routines in the play will look better if my tummy is flatter and stronger, and certain steps involving lifting Sompor 蘇芯寶 will be better performed if my muscles are tuned. I don't need nor desire big muscles. I simply need muscles adapted to and ready for rapid and strong movement.

If you've ever seen movies or television series involving prisons, then you've probably seen scenes involving the prisoners working out with weights in a gym. I felt a little like them tonight. While I was only lifting the lightest weights I have as opposed to the big heavy superhuman weights the prisoners are usually lifting, I was in fact in a virtual prison.

Here at home, we have three sets of foldable fences used to keep one or more of our kids separated from the others during meal times. Without the separation, the kids tend to noisily guard their food or try to steal food from others. The other guy's dog food always tastes better, or as they say in Chinese, 隔離飯香, so the fences are invaluable during breakfast and dinner time, and serve to keep the troops at peace.

Our kids love me, big time, and they'll lie, sit or stand by me and paw me or snuggle up against me or rub their heads against me or perform some other affectionate motion any chance they get. Some of my favourite memories involve lying on the tiled floor just outside our flat in the warm afternoon sun with seven or more of the kids lying down next to and around me. It's a wonderful feeling. When I'm weight-lifting though, I can't afford to let the kids near me. They'll either obstruct the weights and disrupt my motions, or they'll get hurt by the weights, so… I erected a fence around the weight-training equipment and worked out 'in prison'. A couple of the kids still attempted to get in or reach over the fence to me but they eventually gave up and resignedly lied down outside the fence, waiting for me to finish and release myself from the prison gym.

High-repetition, light weights. Two to three sets of 30 to 40 repetitions per set. That's a lot of repetitions but it will tune my muscles relatively quickly and help me to burn off more of the fat that I hope to lose in time for the public performance. I'll be sore tomorrow but that's an insignificant price to pay for the eventual improvement.

Those of you coming to see the play will probably get to see me in the fittest condition I've been in for years. From physiological depression in 2001 to this: what a comeback!!!   ;-)


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5 Responses to “A Prisoner in My Own Home”
  1. Francesca Saley says:

    hehe funny the way you said you are fitter than before, do you write and read chinese good now? cos sometimes i see you write lots chinese now than before.

  2. sapphire says:

    因為這裡的一些電視台如:sports/movie channel, Nat. Geographic & Discovery Channel都己經用了HD廣播,我地想一起等埋TVB的節目用HD廣播時換部HD電視機,但等了很久都無下文,好心急呀!請問你知道幾時嗎?

  3. Douglas Shirase Lee says:

    Hi gregory!

    I know that this comment might not 'mix' with what you are saying but i just really want to say that i've been a big fan of yours ever since i was very little and that i think all your work including those at TVB are awsome! I've since moved from Hong Kong and currently live in canada where i'am trying to teach my friend chinese, i have tremendous repsect for you, being able to speak so many lanuages! When i was little i've always thought how i can tell you this but i can finally do so thanks to the internet! I hope that your performances will do well! Wish you all the best!

  4. Christ Follower says:

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Karen says:

    It's not an easy job to being an actor. A talented performer like yourself indeed really hard to find! I enjoy watching all your shows and hope that TVB will be filming one of them at the University of Cambridge(England)one day. You are just awesome! Good Luck!

    Karen from Cambridge