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For those of you who find it difficult to remember my web site's domain, I have registered another one. You can now use either or Both domains work equally well for web and email (although the RSS feeds will always refer to for the time being).

I have applied for yet another two domains. I'll let you know when they've been confirmed; quite possibly next week ;-)


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  1. Francesca says:

    hehe no problem, i always receive your update reminder, just click on the site is good. Here is my blog and I always like to share things with my friends,and if you are free just leave me message there too! Thanks.

  2. Christ-Follower says:

    What really matters is that you post your articles frequently as I take great pleasure in reading well-written English that few of us (learners of English as a second language)can achieve.

  3. Aimee Butler says:

    Dear Gregory,
    My name is Aimee Butler and I accidentally found your blog. I have recently moved to Hong Kong from South Australia. I am actress and would really appreciate a contact email address from you, as I have a few questions to ask you. How do you get acting tv & film work here in HK? How do I promote myself? Thankyou for your time,
    Aimee Butler

  4. kenny says:

    hi dude,

    my colleague has just undergone an interview with you today. we were deeply impressed by your story. your faith has brightened up us. never give up and always support!

  5. Miss Milk says:

    What a nice blog! I think you are not only a talented artist but also aware of your surroundings. Keep going. Always support you!

  6. Saffyireis says:

    Hi Gregory,
    Greetings from Malaysia :-)
    I had always wondered about you (been watching TVB dramas), and was delighted to stumble across your interesting site and to find that we do share some of our bigger interests: Leslie, photography (especially nature) and animals (especially dogs). I love reading about your animals rescues in particular. My particular breed of interest is the Cocker Spaniel (English); I have 5 currently plus 4 cats. Please do visit my site and leave me a bark!