1202. For those who care.

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In my home, we have a table, a chair, a bed, a sofa, a refrigerator, a television and many other household articles. If I hit them, they don't feel pain. If I drop them, they may break but they will not be aware of it. They are simply material objects.

In my home, there are five people. We eat. We live. We cry. We laugh. If someone hits us, we feel pain. If someone betrays us, we hurt. If we are injured in any way, we know. We are aware.

In my home, there are eleven dogs and one rabbit. They feel joy when we return home from a day's work. They feel hunger before a meal. They feel lonely when the people are not home. They feel apprehension when they have done something wrong and see me approaching. They envy those who sit close to us. They speak. They cry. They even shed tears.

There is very little difference between people and animals, yet there are many people who treat animals as objects, as tables that can be bought and sold, born and killed, and all without any feeling or sensibility whatsoever.

In Beijing, the authorities in a bid to control an outbreak of rabies are killing all dogs with a shoulder height taller than 50cm. The fear is that these dogs may catch rabies and become a mortal threat to the humans around them. But it is senseless killing, and devoid of the only thing that makes people special: humanitarianism.

Rather than require that all dog owners arrange rabies shots for their pets, and rather than test for the presence of rabies in the dogs before killing them, the Beijing authorities have chosen the simplest method. Their people are simply catching every dog they see and killing it on the spot. It does not matter if the dog's owner has a license for the dog. It does not matter if the dog is healthy. It does not matter that the dog is an animal, with feelings almost identical to humans. It does not matter. The authorities are even encouraging residents to report relatives, neighbours and friends who may own a dog. It's early communism all over again.

It wouldn't even be proper to use the phrases "put them down" or "put them to sleep" because the government people are striking the animals to death with long rods, in the streets, in plain sight of everyone around.

China is rapidly becoming a modern country. Unfortunately, modern does not equate to civil. While technology can be learnt very easily, humanitarianism; the understanding and caring of life in general; takes a very long time to learn and appreciate.

China is not the only criminal though. Back in January of 2006 in a bid to prove to the people of Hong Kong that they were actually working hard to prevent a bird flu epidemic, the Hong Kong government sought out and killed every domestic chicken owned and cared for by common people all over the territory. There was no testing, no proof of theory, and no mercy. Commercial people; i.e., people with money; were not sought after, only the common people. The unfortunate reality though was that chickens growing up in the back yards of common people were far healthier and far less likely to get bird flu than chickens in the commercial people's overcrowded factories. But the Hong Kong government did not care. Their only concern was that the Hong Kong people felt that they were doing something. Politicians are so superficial.

From what I've heard, the Hong Kong government's theory at the time was that migratory birds carrying the bird flu virus may fly over the common people's homes, depositing contaminated bird droppings into their yards. The chickens in those yards would then walk on the droppings and consequently become infected. Possible but extremely unlikely. This theory was truly a load of crap.

Today though in Beijing, dogs are being senselessly slaughtered and their owners are suffering. To show our support for dogs and their owners in Beijing and to be an example for other Chinese people in China, people here in Hong Kong who care for animals will be holding a vigil on Saturday, December 2 at 6.30pm outside the government building in Chater Gardens in Central. If you share our care for animals, please make an effort to come.

One day, it will be proven that those who have money and power will never be as strong as those who have heart.

More about the vigil:


鑑於近日中國各地所發生的大規模殘殺狗隻情況,以及其所採用的不人道虐殺手法,本小組聯同將於二零零六年十二月二日晚上六時半,在中環遮打花園舉行名為「1202 關注中國犬隻哀悼晚會」活動,為近期在中國死去的犬隻舉行集體悼念儀式,藉此宣揚愛護動物的正面訊息。

由於 閣下一直 對推動愛護動物的事宜不遺餘力。現本小組誠意邀請閣下出席是次活動,一起為動物盡點綿力,令是次在中國發生的不人道對待狗隻事件能夠被廣泛關注,並籍此提高公眾對動物生命的尊重及愛惜。




日期︰ 12月2日 (星期六)
時間︰ 晚上 6時半 至 9時正
地點︰ 中環遮打花園



詳情請瀏覽﹕ http://www.agfasia.org/1202/index.html


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12 Responses to “1202. For those who care.”
  1. Mark says:

    Communist China equates inhuman, uncivilised, corruptive, brutal... Current killings of our canine friends is just one of the many evil deeds they do, both to human and animals. Current regime deserve the world's condemnation and, if possible, to be overthrown! Thank God we live in this 'still-free' part of the country, otherwise your blog will be blocked, my URL tracked down and I, like Ching Cheong, put behind bars!!

  2. 河國榮 says:

    The U.S. government is also guilty of many inhuman crimes, to both its own people and people around the world. Iraq's a great example of their arrogance and selfishness. China's inhumane actions are just more obvious.

    But there is a general lack of care in China. People don't know how to care. Hopefully, the population of people in China who do care; for both their fellow man and for all living creatures; will continue to grow, as they set an example for others.

    Currently in China, the only example that matters is the example of people with money and 'success'. For most people in China, the goal is to become rich, no matter what the cost or incidental harm they cause to other people. They don't realise how empty this goal is, or that it will in the end give them no fulfilment or meaning at all.

    Unfortunately, examples of care in Hong Kong won't affect people in China if they are blocked from the China public press. China will need a long time to improve its sense of humanitarianism.

    Overthrowing the government is not the answer. To be fair, the government has a very difficult task governing so many people of such limited knowledge. The presence of corrupt officials in all segments of the government does not help matters either. China's hope lies in the next generation. Each generation is rapidly learning more than the previous generation; learning about values other than business and money; and as they take their place in managerial and leadership positions throughout the Chinese government, they will begin to affect the country as a whole. This will unfortunately take a while to happen because generally speaking, China's government officials have to die before they vacate their positions for someone else.

  3. Mark says:

    Greg, I ain't as optimistic as you are. China won't change in the way and pace we hope if successors to government officials all come from the communist camp. The Qing Dynasty reigned China for 2.67 centuries. Nobody knows how much longer the Communist would dictate...

  4. Mathieu says:

    Might sound silly but Since I'm not entirely sure:

    I would love to be there at the vigil But me not being a permanent resident yet, I'm worried and belive I shouldn't come for they(immigration) clearly mention that I am forbidden to take part in any political protest and such...

    As for our dear Furred friends, I totally agree.

    If you have time, own a pet or even just care about them, you should go.

  5. May says:

    wow, that's absolutely horrifying. i didn't know this type of thing was going on. thanks for informing everyone, i'll definitely help spread the word!

  6. yinyin says:

    It is quite depressing when i saw this article.
    It is the natural that created us, but now we selfishly destroying the natural that bless us and make we what we are today.
    Well i guess the human right is still a major issue in CHina, but Like Gregory said, without this harsh control over population, it is always impossible to manage this nation with the rapid increasing its population. It is just that some of its actions are a bit extreme!

  7. Fiona says:

    I'd be surprised if China do not treat animals as objects. Don't know if inhumanity is in their blood or is it just the result of being locked up from the outside for so many years.
    Mainland Chinese residing overseas are very noticeable as they are rude and loud, basically socially uneducated.
    I very much encourage participation on 2nd Dec, unfortunately I don't live in HK.

  8. alexandro says:

    hey greg how i can get a contract with tvb today i i was in TVB but they dont let me in please help me i want to be a actor greg aswner please

  9. 河國榮 says:


    you need to write to them. going to the office won't help you at all. they don't let anyone in except employees.

    write to them. if they don't respond, write again, and again, and...


  10. alexandro says:

    thanks so much Greg for asnwer me!! im your big fan when i was a child!! ok i will do that i was write to them once i will write to them again!! and i sent them tvbpeople aplication form i hope they can pick me!! THis is the address greg

    TVB City
    77 Chun Choi Street
    Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate
    Hong kong

  11. Alexandro says:

    today i write to them!! i hope they can respond me!! thanks Greg! ^^ im your fan!! i wish someday can know you!! ^^

  12. Rabbie says:

    Hi Greg, have u seen this video issued by East International Care for the Wild International Association whereby they did an investigation into animal cruelty in various parts of China. They posted this video showing how various animals, like mink, dogs, rabbits, foxes...basically any animals that have fur are being killed in an absolute inhumane cruel manner - all stunned with a blow to their head then stripped off their skin from its legs to its snout WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE and then left to die. .............i watched it once and could not eat proper meals for like 3 days. its soooo scary. I really hope people in the entire world can stop buying fur..........