Article in 蘋果日報 Apple Daily (20061120)

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I received a call today from a reporter at Hong Kong's 蘋果日報 Apple Daily newspaper. She had heard my songs and read about my broken toe.

She then told me that there will be article about these various things in tomorrow's the Nov 20 (Monday) edition of the newspaper. So if you are able to buy the newspaper, take a look, or you can check it out online at 蘋果日報 Apple Daily's web site.


The article is not there yet. I've asked the reporter and she told me that it will be published some time this week. I'll let you know once it appears, or perhaps you'll let me know ;-)

Update (24 Nov 2006)

The article has been published. You can find it here.


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  1. sapphire says:

    Definitely I will. :)
    I'm an online subscriber.

  2. alexandro says:

    hey greg, i have a question, im from venezuela, but im chinese, how i can get a contract with TVB i want to be actor but im foreign in hong kong

  3. 米蘭 says:

    Alexandro, Gregory has already answered your question here:

  4. Yanni says:

    Hi, i have just listened to your songs today (it didn't work on my old computer before, but today I'm using the school's computer :D)

    And it just occured to me that maybe I should ask you to become involved in my thesis project. I know you are busy and occupied with work and most probably can't help, but I got nothing to lose by asking, right? :)

    I'm an MFA student at HKBU, and my thesis project is a short 5-minute animation. The dialogues, song and narrations (everything is in songs~!) are in English. It's about an ugly doll (Catherine) who doesn't have any self confidence, until she meets a happy frog (named Todd) who takes her to see the world (a.k.a. the garden next to her house) and a bunch of a cappella crickets. When it was time for the crickets to perform, one of their solo singers became sick, and Catherine helps by singing, and was applauded by the audience. Catherine then realizes that looks didn't matter, as long as she is willing to open herself up to the world, she can have any friend she wants.

    Would you be interested in being Todd's voice? :P

    The whole script is here and latest updates on progress of the project is in my blog

  5. Helga says:

    Hi Gregory,
    I originally posted this comment under your September blog by accident because I don't know I should have posted under your updated blogs and I'm afraid that you didn't see this so forgive me of re-posting this comment in November.

    I discovered this blogsite by accident when I checked something from google. I know you as an actor from TVB way back in the 90's. I remember you were in one of the "表姐你好野" movie series and also in a TVB's travel programme of China couple of years ago. That was a funny programme because I've never seen a non-Chinese took part in any travel programme before . Your fluent Cantonese is the main reason TVB chose you. I also saw you in many T V series. It's always difficult to have a 外國人 who can gain a prominent role in Hong Kong as an actor. Well, I guess so far you are the only non-Chinese actor HK ppl are familiar with. Thank you for being loyal to your career in HK and TVB.

    The recent TV series I saw u on was 刑事情報科. The others 寫意人生, 突圍行動, and 賭場風雲 are not yet available here in California. Btw, I am from HK but live in USA. Though I am not in HK, I can still you all the time..........on TV. Hahahahah!!!

    I went to Sydney once in 1995. It sure was a very beautiful city. I always wanted to visit again.

    Good luck with your trainingin Hollywood. You sure could sing. Amazing........ I never know you could sing until I saw this blog.

    PS.. Your fluent Mandarin will definitely make many HK ppl ashamed. Hahahahaha!!

    Posted by: Helga | Mon, November 13, 2006, 17:50

  6. Richard Lai says:

    Hi Greg, I'll keep an eye out for the online article.

    By the way, do you recall being interviewed by a Sacha Baron Cohen (now better known as Ali G and Borat) from what used to be "Pump TV"? I know the chances are very small, but you are the first person I thought of when I saw this clip (between 06:15 to 06:43):

  7. Clement says:

    Sacha Baron Cohen is going to play Pirelli in the movie version of Sweeney Todd the musical, coming late 2007, just so you know.

  8. Richard Lai says:

    Clement: That's awesome! When I last checked it was quoted as "in discussion". Pirelli is a funny character (although he dies horribly in the end...) and I am sure that Mr Cohen will do a great job, especially with his amazing ability to adopt accents. I hope he will sing in the movie too!

    BTW have you watched the clip in the link I posted above? Do you think it is Greg?

  9. Clement says:

    It is him, right? It's back in 1995/1996. It's possible.

  10. sapphire says:

    Mr. Ho,

    Please read today's Apple Daily. Your article is already there.

  11. MichaelC says:

    Hi Kowk Wing,

    FYI, both of your RSS and ATOM feed are malfunctioning. Please check. I just realized I have missed to read your latest articles because of it.


  12. Cynthia says:

    Hi Grey,
    Just wanted to let you know your article was appears at Apple Daily on Nov-24-06.

  13. Sarah says:

    Hello Greg,

    I knew about this site from your interview published in Appledaily today! I didn't know you can sing that well, haha! I truly love your acting and hope to see more in the future! Best of luck in your career.

  14. Sarah says:

    Hi, I think you have to make a backup of the article in Appledaily because after the day of the posting, you may not be able to access the article free of charge.

  15. Eileen says:

    saw your interview today, it's great :D happy for you!!!

  16. yinyin says:

    Ya... i visited apple site, but you have to be an online subscriber to get access to the site~ T.T
    I recently just watched 刑事情報科 and saw you acted as this police or something/ That character is quite amazing~

  17. sapphire says:

    Hi yinyin,

    I'm good.Thx!
    Glad to see you here again. How's your school life? Busy busy busy?

    Mr. Ho,

    Sorry! I know here's not a private chat room. Hehehe....
    PS. We bought an EOS 5D+lens recently with a X'mas double rebate of C$700 from the manufacturer. Will show you some pics later. It's time for you to check it out with your HK dealer for any X'mas special offer. ;)

  18. Yvonne says:

    I think I know the guy you're talking about with the Sacha Baron Cohen video. I think it's Sacha's Pump Co-Presenter Nick Harding, the hair's completely different, but the facial features are the same. I can see where you're coming from though.

  19. Tommy says:


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