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As some of you might be aware, the notification system I was using before wasn't working very reliably. I personally had two different email addresses registered with the system but rarely received a notice whenever a new article was added to my blog. Not good!

So I did some searching and found a plugin for MovableType that adds notification capabilities. The plugin is called MT-Notifier and while it's not perfect, it's still very good.

After installing MT-Notifier and testing it a little, I copied the email addresses from the old Bloglet subscription list and added all of those addresses to the new notification system. If you were on the Bloglet list, you should have received a new Notifier confirmation email sometime today. Simply click on the confirmation link in the email and you'll automatically receive update notices in the future.

One of the nice things about MT-Notifier is that you can now subscribe to a single article and get notices every time someone (including me) writes a comment for that article. I think those of you who like to comment or question my articles will like this function. To get notices whenever new comments are added to an article, simply turn on the Receive notices whenever new comments are added to this article checkbox at the bottom of the comment form before you submit your comment.

If any of you have problems or suggestions regarding the new notifications, please email me.


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13 Responses to “New Blog Subscription Options”
  1. fiona says:

    greg, as i haven't received any notifications of new posts for a long time, i thought you must have been very busy filming, or maybe (touch wood) had accident or have been sick. good know you're well and happy. keep up the interesting posts, i admire your enthusiasm for a 40yr old (not that you're old!)

  2. Gnap says:

    Here's to confirm, yep, I got the notification and it works this time.

    And btw, men at 40 onwards, are only just starting to look good. I should know. Cos my husband is many yrs older than me - just turned 42 and he has never looked better. :P

  3. Amy Kit-Yee Chan says:

    Hi 河國榮,

    just stumbled on your weblog. I remember you from an Andy Lau video about Heros and you were a cop or something. I have been growing up watching you and Andy Lau. I am mostly an Andy Lau fan but i really think its really cool that you know so much Chinese stuff. I have a friend that is Italian and loves the Chinese Culture also but he is having problems trying to find work in Hong Kong and planning for the future there. I told him if he really loves the culture that he should study more and take time slowly but he wont listen to me. =-T Do you have any advice i can give him?

    NYC, USA

  4. Edward Ng says:

    Well done.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    There is an article on you at

    They also have quite a number of pictures of you and your furry friends :)

  6. season says:

    So, you are the 阿Sir I always see in TVB series. I alwaz tot u r from UK, and surprise me that yr aussie. We work closely with our counterpart from Melb, Austereo.
    Anyway, happy studying in LA and best of luck in wazever you do.


  7. Emily says:

    I saw you in TV just now !!!
    You acted as a Father in a church..I screamed out and my mom laughed...hahaha...

  8. Kayin says:

    I subscribed ^^

    I just finished watching Face to Fate, by the way ^^ The turban was uber cool, ha ha ^^ Come to think of it, all the costumes in this series was weird! Only Nancy Wu and Raymond Lam had nice costumes (I still can't get over Raymond's eyeliner in some of the last scenes ^^)

    Oh and I saw you in War and Destiny ^^

  9. Farmer says:

    Hello from Los Angeles. It was just maybe 2 weeks ago that I saw you on TV and I said to my friend, hey it’s that guy again. And my friend said, he is everywhere, he is Australian, do you know that? And then a few days ago, I was looking up TVB stuff on YouTube and one thing led to another, I stumbled onto your blog. I have been busy reading all the posts. Checked out the links to the various RTHK interviews. The 萬王之王 one was just hilarious. RTHK has an excellent website by the way, what with the easily navigable pages, the diversity of programming and the incredible one year archive. I check out Albert Au’s show every week. Hey, maybe you can be a guest on the show?

    Well, like someone said here before, I find your Cantonese “funny, yet accurate!” Do not lose that Aussie accent! And would you please put up a recording of yourself speaking English, in your native accent? Maybe you can just read from a book, or something. Interesting how after listening to all the RTHK interviews, I know how you sound in Cantonese, but I have yet to hear you speak a whole sentence in English, not even half a sentence!

    Maybe you have already done this, or thought about doing this, I don’t know. But I am thinking maybe you can do something like Huell Howser’s California’s Gold but instead of showcasing California, you can go around Hong Kong and do the same thing, in Cantonese and in English. I for one would like to see more about Hong Kong, and seeing it from “an Aussie in HK” perspective would make it all the more interesting. Low budget production would be fine, put it on the web and get some advertisers ... sounds easy ha? Well, what do I know. Enough of my rambling.

    Anyway, glad I found your blog, will be coming back to see the beautiful pics you took and to read about your thoughts on all things Hong Kong.

  10. Krys says:

    Hey, I know you filmed War and Destiny last year. I am watching it now and your role in the series was a priest in the Safety Zone in Nanking. Almost all reports have said that the Japanese did not kill any civilians in the Safety Zone, but TVB depicted the scenario otherwise. I was wondering how you feel about this. Is TVB trying to exaggerate the "rape of Nanking" to promote nationalism against the Japanese?

  11. alexandro says:

    hey are u really greg help me to go tvb please i just came to hk 1 motnhs ago and i dont konw how to come there

  12. Edward Ng says:

    Emily wrote on Fri, October 6, 2006, 23:01

    >I saw you in TV just now !!!
    >You acted as a Father in a church..I screamed >out and my mom laughed...hahaha...


  13. Shu says:

    Hi Greg! I knew you when we were residents at International House back in UNSW. Have been working and living in HK since 1994. Read about you often. Great job you have done so far. And you look as young as ever!