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Sometimes you get lucky…

After the interview at RTHK yesterday, I walked through the RTHK car park back to my car and was attracted by a dragonfly. I'm currently trying, although not overly conscientiously, to photograph one of these in flight. It's not easy but it is possible. It's a matter of watching their flight pattern and hoping that they pause near you long enough to direct the camera, focus, position the subject and shoot.

While trying (unsuccessfully) to photograph the dragonfly, and getting curious looks from other radio visitors and employees, I suddenly became aware of bird sounds that I hadn't heard before. I do a lot of digital hunting by ear now and I needed to see what kinds of birds were making these sounds. I walked on over to where the sounds were coming from.

Instead of a new variety of bird, I found a couple of very feisty magpie robins. They were making quite a ruckus and they usually only do this when there are young around. So I carefully peered around the trees and suddenly saw her; a baby magpie robin. The new sound I had heard was in fact the baby, calling her parents for food, quite loudly too. The parents were making a lot of noise because the baby was in a tree near the entrance to the car park where a crowd of ten or so people were standing, hoping to see a glimpse of a pop singer currently being interviewed in the station. Bird parents really get nervous when people get too close to their young.

Fortunately, I had my 350D ;-) with my new 70-300 DO IS lense. At least one of the photos was quite acceptable. I hope you enjoy it. My wife has already asked for a desktop version.

Baby Magpie Robin

I was lucky. She was perched nearby at eye level. It's very rare that you get to photograph a bird at eye level. You're usually photographing upward at them high up in the trees and the results are more often than not non-ideal.

For a 750x500 version, click here.

Mummy Magpie Robin

Daddy was in the same tree, well camouflaged by the branches. Mummy, seen here, was having a breakdown with all the people nearby. I was making it worse for her so I took my photos and left her alone.

By the looks of her, she's not young. She looks ragged and thin. Age… it gets to all of us eventually.


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  1. Francesca says:


    You sure like to take pics, sometimes I always carry my camera around and take some special picture but i'm not using the professional one, just the canon light one, easy to carry around. I love to see your pictures too!!

  2. iamwongwongwong says:


  3. MY says:

    Wow! Great pictures. I'm sure you weren't that much of a disturbance. You must have been very quiet.

  4. Kayin says:

    Such pretty pictures! Don't you have a big version of Mummy bird?

  5. Kent says:

    I listened to RTHK that day, so put your personal website to my xanga. ^^

    I hope I can make friends with you, not because of your fame, but your nice feeling~~

    You seem like my lecturer Dr. L. Ramsden. He can also speak Cantonese, you two are so nice~~

  6. Eunice says:

    I'm now listening to your radio interview, and wow, your cantonese is near perfect! Even better than mine! I'm ashamed to call myself a cantonese. Well, probably cos I stopped speaking it after I started kindergarten. I'm now trying to learn it again, and it's so difficult to! How long did you take to learn the language?

  7. sapphire says:

    very nice bokeh for second photo.

    sapphire from Dijon, France

    july 19

  8. jon says:

    i'm a relative newbie to china, and my imagination has been captured by watching the dragonflies here. i went to huang shan in anhui province last year, and the dragonflies in the mountains there, if you're on the grond between them, fly about 20 feet above your head in a thin cloud much. it's really one of the more amazing things i've ever seen.

    cute birds.

  9. Billy says:

    The Picture looks very nice!!
    Only found out about your site today, not enough time to go through it all, continue tomorrow.
    Great pics

  10. Vincent Tong says:

    Wau! Great photo, and Rivers you use Canon camera? Coz I saw U at Canon C.S.C at 20 Jul 2006! haha!

  11. jiro says:

    nice pics!!!

  12. Raven, Canada says:

    nice pictures =)

  13. Joe says:

    Hi Greg, just found your site today from reading people's biography @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregory_Charles_Rivers

    I watched some of the TVB series that featured you as either dirty police, or nasty foreign boss (TVB should cast you for a more involve character)
    From your blog I can see you are a very down-to-earth person, and I admire your courage of immigrating to a totally foreign country, and even learn its language. As well, the love photography, nature and animal are very similar to my interests.
    Keep up the good work Greg! Hope to see you in more TVB series soon. Take more photos of your dogs and post on this site.

    Joe from Canada

  14. Richard Lai says:

    Never knew you're a photographer too! I swear by Nikon cameras and I've been playing with my school's D50 in England for almost 9 months. Now it feels really weird not having a big camera around, so I gotta save up for my own one for university. (I've just finished secondary school, waiting for my A-Level results)

    Have you got an online gallery somewhere?

  15. firthette says:

    Hi Greg,
    Just watched an old series 刑事偵輯檔案1 and you were one of the victims in a case ;-)

  16. super fan says:


    "Very cute,very YOUNGER",真是"金句"!!!...*LOL*

  17. Lucia, Macau says:

    Hi Greg,

    Popped into your site by chance... was a great surprise to see it being one of my search results for materials for an academic powerpoint presentation! Very much attracted to the site indeed, very interesting, informative and also inspiring... Very happy to see that you have a blog online as well... So glad to have a chance to know you better other than your name and face which are so familiar to me ever since I was young... You're just so very charismatic and professional an actor and performer, wish you every success and happiness in your career!

    P.S. Your photos are superb...

    Your fan from Macau

  18. Hing says:


    I'm commenting about another topic "The Road to Acting" here since I thought this comment would reach to you sooner than if I had commented there.

    I am wondering how selective TVB is when selecting "extras". It seems there are many supporting cast members who have recurring roles in drama series aren't really such good actors. Is it because they have connections and that's how they get in?? Sometimes, I really wonder. The ones I'm talking about aren't good looking folks either.

    I think after this comment, I can never be an extra for TVB.. =(

  19. Betty Ng says:

    Hey Greg!

    Oh gosh. I've watched almost every series you have been in and it never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful actor you are. LoL, I think your Chinese is better than mine. Wow, I hope I can visit Hong Kong soon. It's such an interesting an exciting place to live and I've only been there when I was a young child. I never knew you had a passion for photography but it's so interesting to know that now. Well, good luck with your career both in TVB and photography.

    - I'll continue to cheer everytime I see you on screen. :D

  20. J says:

    u do good with pics man!!!

  21. dont says:


  22. Jack says:

    Hey, just saw the advert for CIB, and you are in it! Can't wait to see it as soon as possible. How many episode are you in?


  23. Bibi says:

    Hi, Mr. Rivers, I enjoy watching your TV acts. The most recent one I saw you was from the TVB program 心驚, 心慌, 逐過捉. I really hope that the TV director can offer you a better character to let you appear more in the show. You know what, it is hard that there is a westerner who can speak fluent Cantonese but is also good actor in Hong Kong, so you must keep to it!

  24. Jack says:

    Oh my god... A game show? You are full of suprise!!

  25. Jack says:

    Dear all Greg's fans/friends,

    Greg is on the game show '15/16' with his co-stars in CIB. The show usually runs a week with the same group of guest so you still have a few days to catch him in action.

    I know my post sounds a bit fan-message-board-ish... but I think a lot of you would like to know! ;-)

  26. Your super fan says:

    Mr Ho,

    How's everything? Vacation is never long enough? I have to go back to work next week afer a long long....vacation too.

    Hope to see your update soon! Take care!

  27. Candy Yeung says:

    Hi! Your Cantonese is excellent!
    You know that many teenagers have a 懶音 problem these days...sigh.
    I think I am having some 懶音 problems too.
    I knew that you learned Cantonese from a book. Do you think these books will help us correct our 懶音 problems?

  28. Stacy says:

    Oh my God!! I found your blog accidentlly and I even forget you can write that good Englsh!! haha, I've watched your TVB series when I was a kid, in fact I just saw you in TV today again. I think you are native HK!! Not to mention your medicine degree, you are really surprised me!

  29. Bibi says:

    Hello Charles, how do you feel of the death of Steve Irwin? I am quite upset of the news indeed. He is an Australian too and a TV showman. I always like to see him play against crocs because it reminded me of the movies the Crocodile Dundie. It is a shame that he died.

  30. Mike H says:

    hi gregory i love your photo they look so pro i think you should take more photos of the wilderness

    P.s i love your acting i think your very talented i live in vancouver canada and currently one of the tv drama that was filmed last year is on tv its called gateux affair and i love your acting in it yopu make the character believable

  31. Karen says:

    OMG! VERY nice pic! I've only known you as that 'gwai lo who speaks excellent chinese and is more hk than I do (I'm in Canada)' but by accident I bumped into your site (it's showing up on my gmail) - good to know your other talents. Honestly I am very surprised. Your site is very interesting and informative. Hey keep up the site, I'll visit again =)