Interview for Made in HK, RTHK Radio 2 (20060630)

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I was interviewed yesterday at RTHK for 李志剛's Made in Hong Kong program. It was a fun interview. Originally purposed to discuss anti-discrimination matters, we didn't talk a lot about anti-discrimination because I haven't personally experienced very much discrimination in Hong Kong at all, more than likely because I've given a lot of effort to learning the local language. Communication is the key to a harmonic society.

If you missed the interview, it's available online at RTHK's Made in Hong Kong 李志剛, (20060630). The full show is 2 hours long. My interview is in the second hour. If you're using RealPlayer, the link for the second hour is Made in Hong Kong 李志剛 (20060630) Part II.

李志剛 is a rare, nice and funny guy!


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10 Responses to “Interview for Made in HK, RTHK Radio 2 (20060630)”
  1. shaw_mag says:

    Greg, nice to hear this interview. Better than the one you have earlier this year (or last year), 万王之王。

  2. iawongwongwong says:

    I totally agree with you! The best thing to avoid discrimination is to get ready to change ourselves so as to have effective communication with others.

  3. MY says:

    I sure learnt a lot from your interview. You did a great job!

    That's a smart way to pick a mango without climbing the tree. I never would have thought of that.

  4. hetti says:

    What a great interview! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I, too, am also in a "中西" relationship - a friend of mine actually wrote an article in the Toronto Star that touches upon such biracial relationships, and their subsequent biracial/multi-racial offspring. It's an interesting read:

    hope the long link works!

  5. MY says:

    Thanks for providing that link, hetti. That was a very interesting article.

    It seems that most people are mainly concern with skin color and facial features when it comes to mixed races. In my opinion, I think the language should be the biggest barrier. A foreigner has a better chance of being accepted in a country if he/she learns the local language. I believe the same goes for an offspring whose parents come from two or more different races. Learning the languages and being able to communicate to both sides is important. There are many people who do not speak and were never taught to speak their own language. Even though they are not mixed, a lot of times they are not well accepted by their own kind.

  6. Doris says:


  7. kelvin (ckw) says:

    Hello Kwok Wing!

    I live in Norway.
    I listened to your interview few days ago!
    It was funny!

    I have noticed you many years earlier on the TV (TVB).
    And I have known your name already at that time.

    I am looking forward to see more of your acting on the drama series.

    Best Regards,
    kelvin (ckw)

  8. Jo says:

    I have posted a suggestion at

    I hope the TVB management will think seriously about this issue.

  9. Boo Loo says:

    Hey, you're that guy that I always see on the chinese channel!
    Haha, awesome chinese speaking skills. You speak better (and probably write better) than me, and I'm asian too. xP

  10. piuxiu says:

    hello 國榮,
    我都好欣賞外國人講中文架, 覺得佢地真係好叻, 雖然唔同文化背景, 但都可以在電視上融合一起, 真係好難得..希望你繼續努力吖!!