Squat and active

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One bird in particular didn't seem to be so shy. He flew around, sometimes very close to me, going about his business, pecking on the tree trunks, pecking through the scrub and generally being a happy bird. I've also seen him or one of his kindred near our home.

His motions are very quick. He almost never stays anywhere for more than a second. He's a rather squat little bird and his beak is remarkably straight.

What kind of bird is he?

squat and active

Common Tailorbird 長尾縫葉鶯

(Orthotomus sutorius)

Date: 25 January 2006, Location: Clear Water Bay

For a closer look at the bird, click here.

Now that I have "The Photographic Guide to the Birds of Hong Kong", it is no longer necessary for readers to help me name the birds I show. However, thank you to everyone who helped me with the names of the birds prior to my book purchase. I truly appreciate the effort.


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  1. ellypiggy says:

    Kwok wing and Bonnie,
    Gong Hei Fatt Choy!Wishing the both of you good health and prosperity


  2. sapphire says:


  3. 河國榮 says:

    hi Rachael,

    we wish you the best too. hope everything's great at home and in the hospital.

    hi Sapphire.

    that's not a 相思雀. I know the one 老三 is talking about. they're greener, slightly smaller, the beak's not quite so straight and there's a distinct white circle around their eyes. we have at least one pair of them in our neighbourhood. I've seen them often; even have a couple of photos of them. they're very nice birds and have a surprisingly pleasant song.

    take care,
    (drinking coffee from a special cup this very moment ;-)

  4. zuesel says:

    Hi, I think 相思雀 is called Love Bird? I have a one at home. Has white circle around the eyes. I wish Canada has as many kind of birds as in HK. We get an awful lot of crows and seagulls and pigeons. That's about it!

    Happy New Year to all of you!

  5. sapphire says:


    我說:算吧!可能是他"眼花"認錯,不過他要我替他上訴,我只好照做,免得逆長輩的意思。Btw,我們日前在後園也拍下一對鳥兒,牠們的顏色是啡/白/橙,我覺得身型似白鴿,但老三說應該是 game bird 的一種。牠們雖然有翼,但從來無見過牠們飛,次次都是行路及跳來我們後園,就好像雞走路一樣,身型"肥嘟嘟"很攪笑。後來我終於在網上找到答案,牠們真的跟你家附近那些會飛及唱歌的雀有很大分別,牠們是一隻未成年的??? 你經常考我們,今次輪到我們考番你啦!(哈..) 我己經把鳥兒的相片link 到這裡放在 album 內的第一張 "who am I"。

    >>"special cup">>
    全家說:Our pleasure! :-)

  6. Morpheus says:

    Hi Gregory,

    He looks like a grey headed flycatcher.

    P.S. Very nice pic!

  7. Phoenix says:

    its quite fun to find the birds names out actually!!n i just realise how beautiful birds are~
    urbaners like me always pass over loads of wonderful things around us...thanks to u ;) wake my awareness up!!!
    now i am actually having a crush on birds:P i keep looking at web site which is about birds n bird watching :D

  8. 河國榮 says:


    he's a common tailorbird. we have a couple of pairs of them here. I recognise them quite quickly now. they're very very quick in their movements and turns, and they're actually quite cute.

    the Chinese Bulbul (on another post) is like a flycatcher, and the Grey-chinned Minivet (on yet another post) is like one too. in fact, I spent a couple of hours that day watching both of these birds fly up into the air to catch flying insects in mid-air and then come back down again to watch for more insects. very entertaining and extremely interesting. I wish my skills were fast enough to get photos of them in mid-air. maybe one day...

  9. 河國榮 says:

    Sapphire, where's the 'who am I' album? I looked but couldn't find it.

  10. sapphire says:

    Sorry, I forgot to unlock the "who am I" album. It's okay now. Please try again.


  11. Michelle Ong says:

    Hi, I am a chinese in Malaysia. I watched your interview with Scoop, Hong Kong recently. It is really touching to know a person who is an animal lover for ten dogs. I am really happy that whatever I did before is never been a mistake in my life. I always leave packs of dog's food and cat's food in my car. I will stop my car anywhere, just to feed the strayed dogs and cats whenever I see them. Strangers look at me with funny expression when I feed them. I don't know why but I feel satisfied after i have fed them.. at least I help them to fill up their hunger and able to let them to live for another day :D

    There was an incident whereby I saw a cat being knocked down by a car. However, it was too late when I got to the scene. I was also shocked that I never thought my in-laws followed me from behind as they were afraid I might danger myself in order to save the cat in a busy street. When I knew the cat was already dead, my tears rolled unconsciously.

    My husband always tease me for being over animal lover. He.. he..he.. he keeps saying to invite the tv station from Animal Planet to join me for a day with dogs and cats.. but I believe this reward should goes to you.. You are the greatest to me.. :D

    Anyway, keep it up, my friend.. I hope your role model can educate the youngs and olds in the world. People should cherish their loving pets and not abandon them on the street ... just because they are difficult to train and take care. Pets are like children.. they need love and care from us.

    Regards Michelle Ong

  12. jayne says:


    I was word-searching Aussie on Blogger and, surprise, surprise, your wonderful little blog came up first on the list!

    Amazing stuff matey and as a fellow Australian (admittedly from an Asian background) I have to say that I'm impressed with your bird recognition skills. Me, I'm just point and say: "pidgeon" even if it pointedly is not a pidgeon. Either that or "Ibis".

    I live in Brisbane, such bird watching skills are required if you want to keep your lunch as yours.


    cheers and great blog!

  13. 河國榮 says:


    my bird recognition skills are only just being developed. it'll be a long time before I can recognise a reasonable number of birds although I've already come to realise that there are at least 15 varieties of birds in my home area alone. btw, a good bird book helps ;-)

    keeping your lunch in Brisbane? Magpies... wonderful singers and very cunning birds, also very talented at pecking people's heads when they get too close to the magpies' nests.

    Ho Kwok Wing

  14. sapphire says:


    It seems something unusual with your site these two days. I can only see the col-layout on the left-hand side every time when I click into your site. It's all blank for the layout in the middle and right-hand side. I've tried three different browsers, all with the same symptom. Is this a new design or something wrong with it?

    Btw, long time no blog. Are you okay?

  15. sapphire says:

    It's back to normal now. Might be something wrong with my....

  16. Phoenix says:

    hey sapphire, dont worry that happened to me as well ^^

  17. Bill says:

    That is a really good picture of that bird. I love birds. I wish I could fly as they do.

  18. spinner says:

    How are you doing? My name is Spinner Fok from Hk. I am proud of you man. I am living in LA trying to get a agent for singing and acting. May be we will meet one day.