Games from the Past 從前的遊戲

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Back in my early days at TVB, I used to pass some of my waiting time playing with a Game Boy. I've since given the Game Boy itself away to a relative, but still have 21 games, which is weird. 21 games but no Game Boy. Guess it's time to auction them off on eBay.

在TVB的早年等埋位的時候,有時候玩玩我的 Game Boy 過時間。早幾年已經把 Game Boy 機送給親戚。奇怪。有21個遊戲卻沒有機!唯有把它們放在eBay。

21 Game Boy games


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2 Responses to “Games from the Past 從前的遊戲
  1. Roger says:

    Good times, where everything was simpler back then.

    Btw, your cartridges and manuals are in top notch condition!