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I'm guessing it's the hair spray from last night.

A few minutes ago while I was attending to Rose our new companion after reenforcing a suspended cupboard in our kitchen that didn't want to stay suspended, a bee started flying around my head much closer than I would deem normal. If you don't aggravate a bee, it won't generally sting you so I stayed still and let it be, thinking that it'd fly away. I was wrong. Instead of flying away, it settled on my nose! After walking around there for a few seconds, it took off, flew around my head a few more times, landed on my ear very close to my ear-hole, took off again and then landed on my head, just above my hairline. I then walked into the house with a bee crawling through my hair.

I was rather astonished at how sticky his feet were. Many insects use small hairs on their feet to adhere to surfaces. Obviously, those hairs work really well. They were so 'sticky' that they almost stung as he walked around up there.

I walked back outside the house and he flew off again, this time far off into the neighbouring trees.

But now he's back! While I'm sitting here typing this, he's (from memory, all worker bees are male) flying around above my head making a very loud humming sound.

Now he's at the door and Siu Bak 小白; our second dog, our first bitch; is very intent on catching him as he flies by. She's already made several attempts to catch him but without success. He's a little too high up for her.

It must be the hair spray. I was filming last night at TVB and didn't wash my hair afterwards because very little hair spray was used. Apparently, bees like it. If he comes back again, I'll be forced to wash my hair, even though it's only two in the afternoon. Who'd have guessed that a bee could compel someone to take a shower???


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7 Responses to “Hummer!”
  1. MY says:

    Ha! Ha! I thought you were going to say that your next vehicle was going to be a Hummer ( Raymond Lam mentioned in one of his magazine interviews that he was interested in the Baby Hummer, hmmm...something that wouldn't be too well suited for parking in HK.

    Geez, man! You're brave enough to have that bee crawl around you??? Yah, your right about the hair spray. I read somewhere that bees commonly mistaken the scent from any perfumed products as nectar. But you're lucky not to get stung.

    It seems that you are really quite a nature person too. First that green snake and now the bee. Now you never bothered to take a close up photo of that bee? (Just kidding!)

    Are you also an underwater person? Here is a site created from a guy who loves photography and diving. The site has a collection of colourful photos from his diving trips Enjoy!

  2. sapphire says:

    Me too! I thought your article’s talking about the expensive Hummer when I first saw the heading.
    It didn’t surprise me that the bee was attracted by your hair spray.
    I’m more prone to reactions from mosquito bites than other male members in our family. They told me that insects are attracted to smells, so they advised me to avoid wearing fragrance and hair gel etc. outdoor in summer.

  3. Daphne says:

    It really took me by surprise that you actually blog. I am impressed by your website. It's fun to read what you have to say. I am sorry that what I have to say is off-topic. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs ...

    Helsinki, Finland

  4. Kayin says:

    Ha, well I had no idea what a Hummer was anyway, so yeah. I had absolutely no idea what you were going to be talking about. Anyways, I think you should take a shower. If it accidentally flies into your mouth or something ... but then again, it might be attracted to YOU and not the hair spray. Ha ha, just kidding! You know, today after my Dad dropped me off, a big bug landed on my chest when I was walking to the school gates. I would've screamed, but I was scared that it'd fly into my mouth so I just gave it this horrified look and then sort of swung my hand at it. And it flew away over my head! But I was scared it landed in my hair so I went and had a look in the mirror. Thank goodness it wasn't in there, LOL!

    MY -- MY? Oh, hi! Are you the MY I think you are? I'm Winter_Stargirl! Hello!

  5. yinyin says:

    wa... sorry man, havent been here for ages....
    Stupid school certificate which starts on monday.... Damn.... Scary....
    haha, it seems wing you have interact with animals all the time... ten dogs... Hey, i never know you have a bitch called siu bak... I was wanting to call Rose, sui bak, but anway...
    Some imliar story happened to me.. Wel. i take argirculture at school, and then i was try to get some whatever you call those leaves for the silk worm, but when i was busy getting these leaves in my school farm these stupid sheep was licking my leg. Yuk... Not very yuk, it would be much better if that is that is a cute looking lamp, but sadly, that sheep is one of the oldest sheep in the world... Like she have a broken mouth which means that she got to be around eight yrs old and her sliva made my leg itchy for whole week.
    Any way..
    regards Yin ^_^

  6. MY says:

    Hello Winter_Stargirl! Fancy seeing you here too! Yup, it's the same MY. Hmmm...I wonder what gave it away? Could it have been the mentioning of RL? Hehe!

  7. Kayin says:

    Yep! It was the mentioning of Raymond. I just saw Ray's name, then I noticed yours and I was like, hey, I know you! Ha ha. Hello!